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Creative director Christian Manz recently explained at London's VFX Festival some of the creatures that did not make it into the Fanatstic Beasts and Where To Find Them movie.

  Accio Quote:
Scrapped ideas included a tree-forming lizard, which saw hundreds of small reptiles forming and reforming large plant-like structures (an idea tried out at the visual effects stage) and a deceptively good-looking fish, which actually held a secret...

  Accio Quote:
“We came up with this idea for a fish that looked like a beautiful fish – and then it leapt out of the water and you realise it’s a bit of a crap-looking fish, but surrounded by beautiful fish that are making it look like a big one,” Manz recalled.

  Accio Quote:
“The ice turtle – another thing of trying to explain away natural things as, maybe that is hidden under there,” Manz told the crowd.


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