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   Rowling discusses formation of LUMOS0 Comments

In a new interview with The Sunday Times, J. K. Rowling discusses how seeing images of children in cages in the newspaper in 2004 led her to take action.

  Accio Quote:
JK Rowling was reading The Sunday Times one weekend in 2004 when she came across a picture of a child looking distressed, perhaps screaming. She doesn’t think she registered immediately that he was caged. Revulsion made her turn the page — then a sense of shame made her turn back. If the story was half as bad as the picture, she told herself, she would have to do something about it.

  Accio Quote:
After reading about the caged boy, Rowling ripped the page from [t>he Sunday Times. Next day she photocopied it 50 times and wrote letters to anyone she thought could help: Scottish MEPs, the Czech ambassador to Britain, the Czech prime minister. She talked to Baroness Emma Nicholson, who had set up a charity in Romania, where children’s homes ‘were like Hieronymus Bosch’s vision of hell’, and accepted her invitation to the launch of a lobbying group in Bucharest. Then she took her husband, Neil, a doctor, for a long walk.


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