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   Birthday Wishes!5 Comments

TheSnitch would like to wish Harry Potter producer, Mark Radcliffe, who celebrated his birthday on October 7th a happy belated birthday!

And a very happy birthday to Ian Hart, who played Professor Quirrel in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone.



Posted By: RaadhikaPosted At: 05:17.43

    Posted On: Monday, 08th [08-10-2007]

Happy Birthday to Mark and Ian!! (Is Mark related to Dan?)

Posted By: Birthday Wishes! [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 07:11.16

    Posted On: Monday, 08th [08-10-2007]

Quirrel...I wish we could have gotten to see more of him actually teaching (in the movies, I mean). All we see is him holding an iguana (I think that's what it is).

Posted By: Sweet Sophist #1 [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 18:46.24

    Posted On: Monday, 08th [08-10-2007]

Happy Birthday Mark and Ian!!! Ahh! I love how their ages weren't displayed =)

(3 Bri

Posted By: Bri_Bee [R] [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 18:18.11

    Posted On: Monday, 08th [08-10-2007]

First of all: Happy birthday to both of you

No Mark Radcliffe is NOT related to Dan; Mark?s american (I think)

Gary..Thank so much for getting rid of those spammers...I couldn?t believe it when I saw those "comments"

Posted By: Sonja [R] [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 18:12.25

    Posted On: Monday, 08th [08-10-2007]

To the spammers of this news post, I have blocked your IPs and have contacted both BT and Tiscali, and have given them the content you posted here, your IPs and time of activity so they can very accurately tell who you are, your actions will not be tolerated here, that kind of language is disgusting and will be taken very seriously by us, this site is visited by small children and we will not allow them to be subjected to people like you. Your ISP abuse department will be in contact with your parents very soon I am assured.

Posted By: Gary .:Webmaster:. [R] [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 18:05.23