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   Promotional Images of Knight Bus in France2 Comments

In addition to Juan's newspot about the Knight Bus touring France, UHP have sent us the following promotional images including the ticket you receive when you board the Knight Bus and a poster!

The final Harry Potter novel will be released in France on October 26th!

Merci, UHP!


Posted By: RaadhikaPosted At: 05:15.44

    Posted On: Monday, 08th [08-10-2007]

It doen't look like this is an actual triple-decker bus. I hope it's not just a double-decker bus with painted on windows.
Speaking of France, the All Blacks lost, damn!

Posted By: Callan. S [R] [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 09:06.03

    Posted On: Monday, 08th [08-10-2007]

It would be cool if it really had 3 stories...but, then again, it would probably make the bus tip so never mindstill wish I could see it though

Posted By: Sweet Sophist #1 [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 18:50.54