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   50+ Pics of France's "HP"-Themed Train2 Comments

Thanks to St?phy from Le Chicaneur, we have tons of pictures of the Harry Potter-themed train that is currently touring France! Over fifty photos, in fact! Just click the images below to view some of them, and you can have a look at them all via this link!

You can see more photos here and here, thanks to UHP!

And thanks to Harry Potter Forever for letting us know of more photos here, courtesy of Gazette Du Sorcier. There are also more photos here and a video (in French) via this link!


Posted By: RaadhikaPosted At: 18:04.41

    Posted On: Tuesday, 19th [19-06-2007]

I have been waiting to see these for a while, and I have to say they look very good, I checked out the site to see if I could see the great hall, but they didn't have that shot, but all the others were really good. I'd love to walk along this train.

Posted By: Elaine44 [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 21:05.01

    Posted On: Wednesday, 20th [20-06-2007]

Yes, it looks like they did a really nice job putting this train together!

Posted By: ***Raadhika*** [R] [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 04:15.40