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   New Pic of Alec Hopkins (Young Snape)5 Comments

A photograph of Alec Hopkins, the actor who will be portraying "Young Snape" in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, has made its way online!

You can check it out right here:

Thank you, Severus Snape.org!


Posted By: RaadhikaPosted At: 17:21.01

    Posted On: Sunday, 27th [27-05-2007]

Raadhika,how are you?

I think this guy will portray a nice Snape.
Even though we know the scene is merely one minute long.

Btw,Raad, do you know if the running time of 138 minute sincludes the end credits?
Probably not.

Posted By: john [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 18:04.41

    Posted On: Sunday, 27th [27-05-2007]

Hi, John! I'm doing well, thanks! And you?

I think Alec Hopkins has a good look for Young Snape and can't wait to see him in the film!

And that's a good question about the run time including the end credits, so we will find out and post as soon as we know!

Posted By: ***Raadhika*** [R] [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 18:25.59

    Posted On: Sunday, 27th [27-05-2007]


Raad, do you have msn?
You know in order to speak.

Well,do you know if there is a chance of changing the running time?
And is there a chance of it not being official?


Posted By: john [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 18:28.09

    Posted On: Monday, 28th [28-05-2007]

Anyone out there that listens to the Plain White T's will get deja vu looking at this guy.

Posted By: Pirate Attack [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 13:49.44

    Posted On: Monday, 28th [28-05-2007]

WOW Alec really dose look like a young Snap, He is exactly the vision I had when reading the book. The casting department is Rocking Hot as always.

Posted By: Elaine44 [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 15:35.17