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   First Low Quality Look at Trailer16 Comments

If you just can't wait for the trailer to officially air, then thanks to peter394 from potterweb.cz and harrypotter.sk who sent us the link, you can have a look at the International Trailer for Order of the Phoenix already!

This is the version that aired on Japanese TV and is a very low quality, and partially dubbed, but all impatient peeps like myself won't be able to resist having a look!

Click here to launch video!
Or Click here

Thanks Peter!


Posted By: JessPosted At: 14:00.01

    Posted On: Saturday, 21st [21-04-2007]

eeek!!!! thanks!!!

Posted By: nuikki4dan [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 14:11.33

    Posted On: Saturday, 21st [21-04-2007]

I must be a impatient peep! I couldn't help myself! Even though it's very low quality... it looks so good! I can't wait to see a better version... I have watched this version about 15 times now!

Posted By: Lewis [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 14:16.58

    Posted On: Saturday, 21st [21-04-2007]

O....M....G! ! !

Thank you so much!

Posted By: Hanna [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 14:17.28

    Posted On: Saturday, 21st [21-04-2007]

that's all right

I?m from Slovakia and your page is fantastic! I work on www.potterweb.cz & www.harrypotter.sk as redactor. You?re the best!

Posted By: peter394 [R] [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 14:22.37

    Posted On: Saturday, 21st [21-04-2007]

Thanks again, Peter!!

Posted By: ***Raadhika*** [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 16:21.10

    Posted On: Saturday, 21st [21-04-2007]

Thanks much for the nice little teaser before we can get our grubby little hands on the real thing!

Posted By: nik [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 16:37.00

    Posted On: Saturday, 21st [21-04-2007]

Do you mind if I "Squeeee" myself senceless...??????


think I just lost my voice

Posted By: Sonja [R] [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 17:22.26

    Posted On: Saturday, 21st [21-04-2007]

It looks great, can"t wait til 13th july!!!!!

Posted By: Tracey [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 18:04.02

    Posted On: Saturday, 21st [21-04-2007]

I cant see it describe it for me pleaase

Posted By: Norman Bates [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 18:15.49

    Posted On: Saturday, 21st [21-04-2007]

I never really thought about the part where Fred and George leave, but we kinda got our first glimpse there and i'm really excited!!!!

Posted By: ~Lauren~ [R] [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 18:30.10

    Posted On: Saturday, 21st [21-04-2007]

That looks amazing!

Posted By: so cool trailer! [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 19:03.17

    Posted On: Saturday, 21st [21-04-2007]

Now that is a trailer! It looks fantastic!!! Man this really is going to be a summer to remember!!!!! BRING IT ON!

Posted By: Brad [R] [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 21:38.12

    Posted On: Sunday, 22nd [22-04-2007]

Ummmmmmmmmmmm... I would love a english virson of the sneek peek not Japan langue. thank you

Posted By: The WANDERer [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 01:04.58

    Posted On: Sunday, 22nd [22-04-2007]

Well well, I wild outbreak of excitement is what this trailer will bring!!!

Posted By: Callan. S [R] [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 02:49.56

    Posted On: Sunday, 22nd [22-04-2007]

omgoshhh it looks so intenseee!
i cant wait

Posted By: HP Lover [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 06:16.35

    Posted On: Sunday, 22nd [22-04-2007]

the trailer is so cool i have seen it ten Times i am lookng forward on seeing it in english version this is going to be a really great suuuuuummmmmmmmeeeeeerrrrrrr

Posted By: Rami [R] [ ***.***.***.*** ] Posted At: 09:04.12