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.: Week Twenty Five :.


Is this Fred and George?



Dear Viji

Gred: No this is Gred and Forge.

Forge: Although, the names do ring a bell.

Gred: That's because I heard there are amazing, fantastic people with those names!

Forge: I don't think we need to help this muggle.

Gred: NEXT!

Yours truly,
Gred and Forge


Dearest Fred and George, Hello Fellows, whats going on?

You see I'm a Ravenclaw and I just transferred from Paris by the way Par Le Vous Francias, Mosenpha?
(Do you speak French, Hotties? )

Anyway, my younger sister, Colleta, has a huge crush on you George. She's a, ugh, Slitheren. Please, I desperately need your help, Fred!! I'm the older of the two of us, just like you, I know how stupid younger siblings can be. I should know, I'm the oldest of three kids.


~ A Ravenclaw

Dear A Ravenclaw

Fred: Je ne parlez pas Francias. (I don't speck French)

George: A Slytheren as a crush on me?! That is just disgusting! I have a solution; hex her! And then hex her again, and then, just for fun, hex her again!

Fred: And we'll join in!

George: But don't get caught!

Fred: Or we'll be in trouble!

George: And if the Hexing doesn't work. . .

Fred: . . .Just use your fist!

George: And remember to have fun!

Fred:And to tell us how it goes!

The Hexing Duo
Fred and George


Hi Fred and George,

Firstly, you are both cute.

Secondly, as you two are boys, you will be able to help me with this. I fancy this really popular guy at school. I'm really good mates with him but I don't know if he fancies me! I'm worried that he's going to find out that I fancy him and start telling all his mates and they will start laughing at me.

Should I flirt with him or not?

Please help!
Love you both loads,

~ Devon_Murray_Fan

Dear Devon_Murray_Fan

George: Whose Devon Murray?

Fred: I think he's an actor in one of Harry's films.

George: When do you think the Muggles will be making a movie about us?

Fred:Soon. Although I don't know how they will find someone as attractive as me. You're actor will be easy to find.

George:You do realise we're identical twins don't you? (Even though I am cuter)

Fred: No your not!

George: Oh yeah, the question, just go for it! If they laugh, then laugh at them. And use "Up, Up and Away!" (one of the products from our store) And then they'll see whose laughing!

Fred: Noooo! She should use "Tickle Me Silly"! The one that makes people giggle in hysterics when there's nothing funny happening.

George: Either is good.

The Cute Twins,
Fred and George.

Dear Fred and George,

First of all, I'd like to say you guys are AWESOME! My best friend and I nicknamed each other Fred and George. I'm George (sorry Fred). Anyway, I have a problem, there is this kid who is always bugging me and is always saying he likes me, even though I don't think he really likes me. He may like my best friend which doesn't bother me. But some people say he DOES like ME. I try to get him away from me but he is so clingy! How do I get him away?

~ Confused George wannabe

P.S. I can't hex him so if you suggest that then you would be so unhelpful and I would be sad.

Dear Confused George Wannabe

Fred: You must be confused to want to be a George wannabe...

George: Fred, don't be so childish!

Fred: I don't know what to advise becaus we can't advise him to hex the kid!

George: Hmmm. We'll have to think about this one. . .

*5 Minutes later*

Fred: I got it!

George: What?

Fred:I forgot. . .

George: Oh well done, clever clogs! How about I give you a quick whack, eh?

Fred:A whack? That's it George! Hit him! As you cant hex him, hit him! That should work!

George: It worked for us in the second year. A first year wouldn't leave us alone, even after we hexed him!

Fred: He did leave us alone after you hit him though.

George: I thought you hit him?

Fred: I thought you did?

George: Oh, maybe I did. The point is, it worked.

The real deal,
Fred and George


Hey Fred! Hey George!

You know you two are my favourite characters! Anyway, I need advice because I want to become an actress and wanted to ever since I was 5. Problem is, every time my parents say they'll put me in acting school they never do and figure I'll just drop it, and I get mad. Anyway, your so cool!


~ Star in waiting

Dear Star in Waiting.

Fred: Why don't you talk to your parents about becoming an actress?

George: Yeah! They'll come round. I know Mum did after we told her about the joke shop.

Fred: Yep! Stay determined. You know George; I never did understand what all this fascination was about acting. All the young Muggles seem to want to do it!

George: I know! Have you seen the boys who act as us? They are no where near as good looking as us!

Fred: Well that's become no one is as good looking as us!

The hottest twins around,
Fred and George

Dear Fred and George,

I have a problem. There is this guy I like, but the problem is.. .well there are two problems actually.

He is my brothers best friend.

He has a girlfriend.

I really like him and have for a while now. Everyone found out and started to tease meabout it but I chose to ignore it and deny that I liked him but I really do. I don't know what to do...I wish I had asked him out ages ago but I thought he'd say no and now It's too late! What can I do? Help!!!


~ Hear

Dear Hear

Fred: I know! Hex the girl! Then she'll forget that she ever went out with him!

George: Yeah! Then hex the boy, so he forgets about her!

Fred: Then make a love potion so that he loves you.

George: Then hex everyone else for the fun of it!!

The Hexing twins
Fred and George.


Dear Weasley Twins with hair so bright,

If a train leaves San Francisco, California going east at 60 miles per hour, and a train from Little Rock, Arkansas leaves going west on the same route at 60 miles per hour, how long will it be until the trains meet?

Sincerely yours,
~ Cellogirl, the mathematician

Dear Cello Girl

Fred: I think this is why Hogwarts doesn't teach math's.

George: Yeah

The Confused Twins.
Gred and Forge.


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