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.: Week Twenty-Four :.

Dear George,

Now that I know that Fred guy is your brother, I have to say, this makes me lose faith in you. I'm sure you could stand on your own without some stupid tag-along brother. Frankly, I enjoy your advice much more. If you could just get rid of some baggage, a wave of George fans would come pouring in to read your column. I really do hope you make the right decision *poke*. If you know what I mean. *gestures inconspicuously at wand*


~ Alex

George: Oh! I know what you mean but I can’t get rid of me er… Fred as he is more intelligent, handsome, hardworking and likable than me if you know what I…

George: Yes he knows what you mean. Sending me out saying that mum called was a pretty dirty trick. I am disappointed.

Fred: Oh yeah like I care. I just wanted to get you out of this guy what’s his name *sees the e-owl* oh yeah Alex’s mind.

George: As if you can do that with my fans. I like reading their e-owls. Anyway we are not here to fight; we are here to solve Alex’s problem.

Fred: And how do we do that?

George: Easy! *fires a number of hexes and jinxes at an unexpecting Fred* Hope that takes care of him and hope you.

Always ready to help
George and who-else?


Dear Fred and George

How can I get into Hogwarts can I contact the Headmistress or Headmaster in any way and how do I get into Diagon Ally I need some supplies. Hope you have a good holiday remember I am your biggest fan.

George: To get to Hogwarts you need to get a letter from the Headmistress or Headmaster of Hogwarts. And about getting to Diagon Ally ask your parents to take you there.

Fred: Don’t forget to visit our shop. We have lots of stuff for all. And one more thing we only answer e-owls on WWoW so please do not give us private e-owl Ids.

Your Harryly
Gred and Forge


I need advice from a guy so I have this ex-boyfriend right and this new guy that likes me but I'm torn between the 2 ok and I still love my ex, Kyle, but always will we went out for almost 6 mouths and he was my first boyfriend . Want to move on because I like this other guy, Tyler, so I don’t know what to d o I need help this is big for a 13 year old middle school is sooooo complex

George: If you ask us dump both of them.

Fred: We are available!

Yours handsomely
The dudes


Hi pranksters

Well here’s My Problem, I’m Love Struck Beyond belief. I have had this huge crush on a red haired boy in my year in school, but every time I get the courage to ask him out I just... stop... I guess you could call me shy. He probably wouldn't know who I was if I didn't sit beside him. Well. There's also the problem of him being a trouble maker. Always Plotting Pranks. How will I ever be able to handle him if we do go out? Ps. I could really use some good advice yours truly.

George: Hey Hermione! Yes we know it is you. Don’t worry Ron is also what-was-that *look at the e-owl* oh yeah Love Struck Beyond belief too.

Fred: And for the second part of you e-owl why hit on a boy you can’t handle?

Your prankyly
The pranksters


Dearest Fred and George,

Hello Fellows, What’s going on? You see I'm a Ravenclaw and I just transferred from Paris by the way Par Le Vous Francias, Mosenpha? * Do you speak French, Hotties? * Anyway..... My younger sister Colleta has a huge crush on you George. She's a ugh..... Slitheren..... Please, I desperately need your help!


~ Alloetea Madeline Inkheart

George: For your first question no we don’t speak French. And about your sister having a crush on me *blushes* she can join my fan club. Girls from all houses are welcome.

Fred: That was about the question but can you please tell us what do you need help with?

Yours truly and falsely,
George and Fredric


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