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.: Week Twenty Two :.

Dear Devilish Weasley twins, I am scared. I have to sit on a table full of dumb girls and stupid guys in science. I'm really unlucky because most of my friends are in other science classes and I only have one in mine. But they kind of, abandoned me. All the kids on my table totally stitch me up and make fun of me. I'd be able to handle it if it was once a week but it's every day. For two years. I'm thinking about moving classes but do you think it's the right thing to do?
Love from

~ Severely distressed Gryffindor at heart

Dear Severely distressed Gryffindor at heart,

Fred: If you are a Gryffindor then definitely you are definitely a Hogwarts student.

George: ….and you ought to know that there are no ‘science classes’ in Hogwarts.

Fred: I am sure this is a muggle trying to make a fool of us.

George: Right you are bro.

Fred: Still, we do help all those people who write to us so… All we have to say is that, how has it taken you two years to realize that you don’t fit in those classes?

George: I agree. The right thing is to change classes.

Fred: And if your friends do not care about you don’t care about them.

Yours truly,
Devilish Weasley twins


Dearest Fred and George, I really really love Harry potter. You people are always fighting Voldemort and yet he doesn't seem to get the message to just like bog off! So I was wondering if there was any way I could help you magical lot out to get rid of him one and for all! Please tell me and don't be scared of a name it is kind of childish. No offence like!

~ Jennie

Dear Jennie,

Fred: Just because you changed your name and sent us an e-owl doesn’t mean that we don’t know it is you Ginny!

George: We are your brothers.

Fred: We know that you are more scared than us in speaking out his name.

George: There's no way we're going anywhere near You-Know-You with your childish plans in our hands! Try some other fools.

Hope we helped,
Fred and George Weasley


Dear Gred and Forge, I like this guy in my class, but my friend likes him too. She says that it doesn't matter that I do because he feels "a deep, needy love" for her. Apparently, last year, he told her that he likes her but it doesn't seem like it to me. What should I do if it turns out that he likes me instead of my friend? BTW, I'm a Muggle, so I can't do magic and hexes and stuff.
Love y'all!

~Confused in 7th grade

Dear Confused in 7th grade,

George: Isn’t it obvious that your friend wants to get you out of the way so that she can have this guy all for herself.

Fred: As you are so confident that she is lying why don’t you ask this guy yourself.

George:*surprised* I think bro that we just gave a serious advice.

Fred: *shocked* I never realized that we had a serious side too

George: Now that we have discovered a new talent of ours lets do what this girl asked me to do….

Fred: Excuse me! She asked me to hex you

George: She said “HEX FRED” I am sure it means that George should hex Fred.

Fred: Does not

George: Let’s duel and decide

* Both hex each other and are knocked out cold*


Dear George, I was just wondering, who's that other guy who's always answering questions with you? He's kind of weird, you know? He's always hanging around, ruining your perfectly good responses to the other hopeless people, like myself. I think, seeing as he's so unwanted, he should go away. I only want to hear from you.


Dear Alex,

George: I completely agree!

Fred: George!?

George: Well all right I’ll introduce you to my assista….*Fred glairs* my twin brother Fred. He helps me answer fan mails *Fred rolls his eyes* and makes wonderful pumpkin juice!

Fred: Well I think that answers you questions

George: What was it by the way?

Fred: Anyway forget it

Hope I *sorry* we helped
George and his assistant


Hi guys!!!, My sister*twin sister* has a bit of a problem, she’s obsessed with George. I happen to fancy both of you myself, but she only likes George, how could she choose between you two unbelievably cute boys? That is what I want to know. Fred, you are in my favor.
Thank you boys.

~ Aurora

Dear Aurora

Fred: Another fan of yours!

George: Well I do have many of them!

Fred: Puh-lese

George: We are here not to decide who is hot but to help the girl solve her problem.

Fred: That’s easy I am the hot one

George: Judging by the number of e-owls I get I can say confidently that you are WRONG.

Fred: Well nothing but a good duel can decide this

*This is happening for the second time now but the boys have again knocked each other out*


Hi Fred and george,

Could you just help me with something? I really fancy Devon Murray (Seamus Finnagon) and its taking over my life. i need help..................................i'm desperate Thanks so much.

Love you both loads,


Fred: First of all, how can you love us and Devon Murray (whoever he is)?

George: Are you sure you aren't just infatuated with him?

Fred: Where did you learn that word?

George: When mum was teaching us about proper speech. Didn't you listen?

Fred: No, not exactly.

George: There you have it! Well, anyway, Devon Murray fan,

Fred: Do us all a favor,

George: And forget about him.

Fred and George



I'm a guy and I have a girl next door that is a prissy prat. She is 12 and I'm 13. She goes to my school. She gets horrible grades and has been ineligible for the last year. This time she is not and just got so close to be ineligible so now she is eligible. She is going to be on the school basketball team to show off that she is not ineligible, she is also doing it so she can show off to her bro.

She is so annoying and vain! I want to ... argh! I hope you understood everything.


Fred: Nothing's worse than a know-it-all!

George: Especially if they are not smart.

Fred: And it's useless to show off.

George: Unless you are a good looking, smart, handsome, a great inventor, a joker,

Fred: I think Jake has the idea, George.

George: And the best person on the earth, no, The UNIVERSE!!

Fred: Okay, Okay, Shut up already!

George: Just tell her to stop showing off and work on her school work more.

Fred: Except she might get very mad. Women are touchy sometimes.

Good Luck,
Gred and Forge


Fred and George,

What would you do if you forgot to do your homework and the teacher that gave you homework is like majorly strict and now it's her lesson you did not do your homework. What would you do?

Fred: Why don't you try writing down your assignments?

George: Yeah, good idea Fred, he can remember to do the work that way. How do you do it? Do you get this from a book or something?

Fred: Nope! I most definetaly DO NOT!

George: Okay.


George: Righto!

The Original Twins,
Fred and George Weasley


Hello Fred and George,

Do you remember me? I was "Griffindoor Being Tortured". Just to tell you I have another problem. It's just that WHY WON'T HARRY GO OUT WITH ME? I've tried asking him to the Yule Ball with me and he said "no". Now I've been trying to ask him for the past 2 years. Will you ask him to go out with me please?

By the way you guys are hot!

~Griffindoor being tortured AGAIN!

Fred: Hmm, this is a tough one.

George: Griffindor, we don't know how to tell you this,

Fred: But Harry likes Ginny.

George: Yes, and he won't go out with anyone else.

George and Fred


Hi Fred And Gorge!

I need some help, I really like my best friend but he likes my other friend and she likes the guy that likes me!!!!

Im confussed and nead major help.

~-stressful Ravenclaw

Fred: What? Now I'm confused!

George: I think that Stressed Ravenclaw has two friends, one of whom she likes.

Fred: Okay!

George: And her other friend also likes the same guy as Stressed Ravenclaw.

Fred: Now I understand. So, why dosen't she just hex her friend and ask the guy out?

George: Hmmm. Yea you're right! Hex them!

Happy Hexing,
Gred and Forge


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