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.: What We Know About The Order :.

.: Jack Siddons - Aged 13 :.

Hi Harry Potter fans! In this in-depth article I’m going to talk about everything to do with the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Film; from what we know, don’t know, and what I’m guessing. I’m also going to have a look at what scenes from the book should stay for the film, and what should go. So read on fellow Potter fans.

First things first; what we already know about the OotP. Well for a start, we have heard that Warner Brothers are thinking about filming it in the Czech Republic, due to tax and money reasons. We have also recently found out that director David Yates is planning a high speed broom race down the river Thames, looking at all the famous landmarks. I assume this will be the scene in which Moody, Tonks, Lupin and the others come and rescue Harry from the Dursley’s. Why it’s a high speed broom race, I cannot say, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon. We also know that it will be directed by David Yates and that it will be released in 2007.

So now lets move on to what we don’t know. Well, there is a lot we could fill in this section, but I’m just going to cover a few things. First things first; which Actors and Actresses will be staying for this film? We’ve had confirmation that Dan Radcliffe will be appearing in the next film, but as for the other two making up the trio, we don’t know. According to the IMDB website, the only actors actually confirmed for the Order of the Phoenix are Dan Radcliffe and Jason Isaacs, who will be playing the Death Eater Lucius Malfoy. So do we think that Emma and Rupert will return as Hermione and Ron in the next film? We have no idea about any of the teachers or other characters either. But, let me remind you all that Warner Brothers are still in the early stages of this film, as are we about what we know.

Now that’s that out of the way, lets look at my predictions for what scenes will stay in the film and what scenes will be cut from it. If we look at the first few chapters, from Dudley Demented through to Grimauld Place and Harry’s Hearing. At first, I would have thought that the dementor scene could have been cut, but, then Harry wouldn’t have had his hearing and then he’d never spot the door to the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic. So I’m thinking that scene will stay. So bearing that in mind let’s take a look at how the film could start:

I think it should start above Privet Drive at night, and slowly lower down to the road, like it does in PoA. We should then see Harry and Dudley walking down a street, talking to each other. I then think they should feel cold, everything turning to ice and the street lamps then should go out. We should then be able to see Harry and Dudley both looking scared. They should be back to back turning round. I think Harry should then get out his wand and head down the alleyway, closely followed by Dudley. Then a Dementor should draw in behind Harry and try to do the kisses of death that we all know they do! Harry should then blast his Patronus at the Dementor and it would float away, and then Mrs. Figg could enter the alleyway, take them back to number 4, Harry gets his Ministry letter and then Uncle Vernon could get very angry with Harry; lock him up in his bedroom. Harry should then look scared lying on his bed; letter clutched in his hand and then it would go to blackout and the titles. I also feel that it would then go to the next evening where Uncle Vernon tells Harry they are going out to the ‘Best Kept Lawn’ competition. Then they can go, Moody, Tonks, Lupin and the others can pick Harry up and then it really would get started!

So that’s how I think the beginning should go. This way it shows everything that happens, but in a quick way so that the film doesn’t last all day. I think the same should happen with the Grimauld place scene. Some scenes will have to be sacrificed, however good, but let’s hope the film will be just as good as the rest. From Jack, that’s goodbye for a while, but I’ll be back writing more In Depth articles for you’re pleasure.

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