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.: Week Twenty-Three :.

Hi guys,

Who wrote the music for Harry Potter?

Fred: I have no idea… George?

George: Nope, not a clue… Fred?

Fred: What did I just say?… halfwit…

George: I find that very insulting.

Fred: And your point is? Anyway… using that Muggle thing, called the Interweb… I think that’s what its called… the composer is called John Williams.

George: Very interesting… how do you use the Interweb, because I don’t know…

Fred: *sighs*

From the genius.. And not so genius..
Fred and George


Fred and George,

I don't know why anyone thinks your hot 'cause you're so not! I have a really big problem. Me and a friend where passing a note around in class and our teacher found it and read it to the entire class!!! The note was about my crush! The problem is I sit with him on the bus and everyone is making fun of me! I really think it's my friends fault because she started the note but she keeps telling people it was me! And now she keeps punching, hitting and kicking me! I really don't know what to do, I tried getting revenge but it didn't work she just kept hurting me. I'd just like to apologise for what I said before about you guys not being hot but I think Harry is way hotter then you two. Now about my problem I'm also a Muggle so I can't jinx her, curse her or charm her! (which totally sucks!). All my friends make fun of me but it's weird cause my crush doesn't he just acts like nothing happened! Can you guys help me out of this situation? Thanks a bunch!

~ Bruised-but-in-love

Dear Bruised-but-in-love,

Fred: I can’t believe anyone would say that we’re not hot… we’re like-

George: George! You are so vain, I mean like not everyone is going to find us attractive, I mean, some people actuallyfind Malfoy attractive!

Fred: Yes, but I always assumed those people were blind. . .or were being paid by Malfoy Senior.

George: Well anyway, I think that you should just ignore it.

Fred: Yeah, I know that’s really hard and that we never did that, but it is truly the best thing to do

George: If you leave it, then it’ll probably die down, people don’t make fun of people that ignore them

Fred: As for the boy, give it time, I’m sure he’ll ask you out, if not, he’s not worth it

Fred and George


Dear Mr. and Mr. Weasley

Hey, I go to Hogwarts or I should say did go. We don't know if it will re-open. I had to give up someone very important to me just because of her safety. You know her very well. I am sure you are well aware of Voldemort by now and his powers. I don't want to give her up though, what should I do? Maybe you could talk to her? I mean she does live with you.


~ H.J.P.

Fred: Hello Harry!

George: Well we could, but it’s not up to us, it’s up to Mum, she wants to be with you though.

Fred: But I wouldn’t worry, Mum will have you over soon, no doubt about it.

George: Yeah, she simply adores you! Can’t stay away from us!

See you soon!
Fred and George


Dear Fred and Fred's twin (whats his name again? Bob?),

You see I have a problem I'm evil henchman. But I don't want to be!!!!! I don't how to quit without getting killed!!!!

Please help!

~ D.M.

P.S. I think Pansy Parkinson is WAY hotter than both of you combined


Fred: Yeah, but thanks for remembering mine

George: and I’ve seen Flobber-

Fred: George!

George: errr… earthworms that are better looking than Pansy Parkinson

Fred: Now, to your problem.. Seeing as I was never evil, I don’t know haw to help you, and neither does George, right?

George: Well, you could start off by being very nice, and join anti-you-know-who groups

Fred: Yes, let us know if that doesn’t work out

From the GOOD (not evil) twins
Fred and George


Dear Fred and George

My mate likes my boyfriend and there is her ex boy friend who fancies me. Me and boyfriend really love each other and don't like either of the people who fancy us the problem is, we do not know how to stop them fancying us please please help!

Love from
Love triangle

P.S. Neither of you are cute. My boyfriend is cuter than you.
P.P.S But if i had to choose then it would totally be Fred.

Fred: Well my advice would be to actually tell them what you think, I mean you can’t leave them to think that you love them.

George: Yeah, because when they find out, on their own or through gossip, they will be even more hurt than if you told them yourself.

Fred: They would also be very embarrassed if it somehow got out.

George: It really is amazing how our minds just interconnect Fred, don’t you agree?

Fred: Yeah, you must get it from me!

George: Whatever…

From the interconnecting twins,
Fred and George


Dear George,

I love you dearly, but I really think that you should look at what you're typing. Don't you realize how many spelling/grammatical mistakes you've made? I know you're not stupid, so prove it.



P.S. Sorry if I sounded mean. I really do love you...platonically.

Fred: You sound like Hermione.

George: Grammer this, punctuation that.

Fred: Do you know how confusing it is to type on a keyboard?

George: Well, yea she probaly does, considering that she wrote us that e-owl.

Fred: But that's not the point. No one is perfect, not even that prat who is our brother.

George:Everyone makes mistakes.

Fred and George


Dear Fred and George,

My problem is huge! My ex-boyfriend doesn't like me anymore! I know that I dumped him in front of the whole Gryffindor house but I still love him yet he is in love with a poofy haired know it all toad who thinks she is the best! Well, she's not! I bought my ex-boyfriend a wonderful Christmas present, it was a necklace that was gorgeous so why doesn't he appreciate me!

How do i get rid of the stupid know-it-all and please don't tell me to hex her because she is very clever and will probably hex me back!I hate her! I hate her! (My friend said to forget about him because he is ginger but i thought that was very offensive and told her gingers are fab!) Just like you!

Love from:

~ L.Brown of Gryffindor tower!

George: Lavender,

Fred: Yes, we know it's you.

George: When you dump someone, you're saying that you don't like them anymore.

Fred: And if you do like them, you're sending mixed signals.

George: Ron couldn't possibly figure that out,

Fred: Or girls in general.

George: Isn't it obvious, that after weeks of dating, that Ron is, well,

Fred: Very nieve?

George: Oh, and we're sorry about the accident.

Fred: It's a bummer you had to hit your head and think you love Ron.

The Twins,
Fred and George


Dear Fred and George,

I think that you should come with some kind of device that flies, cooks, saves phone numbers, does your homework for you, is an mp3 player, can watch movies on, turns into a laptop, can play any video game on, turn into anything, knows every prank and updates itself, and can watch TV on. Basically it can morph into or do anything.


~Evil WItch

PS I love the pranks you pull on Umbridge in the 5th book and keep the long hair it is hot.

Fred: Thanks a lot. I knew our wonderful fans would love the haircut I chose.

George: What do you mean, you chose our haircut?

Fred: I did, really!

George: No, I did, of course!

Fred: Never mind George, let's answer Evil Witch's suggestion.

George: How do you answer a suggestion?

Fred: Good question. Well, thanks for the idea, Evil Witch, but that awesome idea would apply mostly to Muggles.

George: Yeah, but it's a good idea. Anyone who wants to send a sugestion, send an owl to our shop in Diagon Alley.

Thank You,
George and Fred


Hello guys!

You might remember me its Aurora! My question is for George, I'm a Ravenclaw, if you did not know and i can't get Fred to notice me, can you help?? I hope you can, love you lots!



Dear Aurora,

George: Fred isn't really avalible right now, he's going out with someone. Don't mean to crush your spirit or anything, but that's how it is. I'm the better twin anyway, so it's not really a loss.

George Weasley


Hello Frederick and Georgie,

This is NOT you're younger sister and this is NOT about somebody who's initials are H.P.

Anyway I know this guy (WHO YOU DO NOT KNOW) and well we broke up but it was because he loved me (AND IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH PROTECTING ME FROM HE-WHO-MUST-NOT-BE-NAMED) and I REALLY want him back but how can I get him to take me back? PLEASE HELP! Talk to you later (I WISH BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW YOU),

~Winny Geasly

P.S. I Don't get why you fight over who's hotter because YOU'RE TWINS!!!!!(but Georgie is cute)

Fred: Ginny, have you been sneaking into town again to use the library's computer?

George: Mum will be furious with you.

Fred: Ginny, I wouldn't try getting Harry back.

George: No matter how much you love him, that won't stop You-Know-Who from getting to you.

Fred: Harry is very hard-headed, so he definetely won't listen to you.

George: Listen to your much wiser, more mature older brothers and let Harry be his bigheaded self.

Fred: We don't want anyone else to play any tricks on you.

George: That's our job.

Your Brothers,
Gred and Forge


Dear George,

So, if that guy is your assistant, why is he still answering questions? Shouldn't he be answering phones or doing paper work? I still think he should, well, you know, go away forever. And if he doesn't go away, I think using force would be in order. *cough* If you know what I'm saying. *cough*

Lots of Love,

~ Alex

Dear Alex
George: I very well understand and agree with you!

Fred: George. . .

George: Ah! Well, Alex I got a bit carried away and said er. . .wrote that he is my assistant. He is actually my employee.

Fred: NO. Alex I want to clear this once and for all that I’ am not George’s assistant neither his employee, I'm his twin brother who maintains this column with him.

George: You know it's no good you saying that because my fan club who simply refuse to believe that an fool like you is my brother!

Hope that helped
George and a-person-who-is-against-George’s-fan-club


Hey Fred and George,

I was wondering how you deal with bullies like how do you control your anger because there is this bully in my classroom named Ricardo and I really want to do something to make him shut up once and for all and by doing this I want to pull a huge prank on him but thing is I cant think of one can you help with some ideas if you can.

Thank you.


~ Girl trapped in the eighth grade.

Dear Girl trapped in the eighth grade,

George: You have come *Fred gives a fake cough* sorry, written to the correct place *Fred coughs again* people.

Fred: *grins* What he said. . .sorry, wrote

George: We never control our anger, we just let it flow out in the form of hexes and jinxes.

Fred: As for dealing with bullies, we get angry if anyone tries to bully us and well you can guess the rest!

George: Try our way, it hasn’t failed yet!

Fred and George


Dear George and Fred,

Me and Malfoy are going out and he is being mean to Harry. Hermione is my best friend and she keeps telling me break up with Malfoy and I cant. I’m in Gryffindor not Slytherin I hate Slytherin. My question is should I break up with Malfoy?

George: Oh well at least she knows her problem.

Fred: And all we’d like to tell you is that HOW CAN YOU BE SO FOOLISH TO GO AROUND WITH MALFOY?

George: Calm down bro. It’s just a silly mistake that the girl’s made.

Fred: Oh well sorry. Lost control.

George: *bangs fist on table* How can Ginny consider us foolish enough not to recognize her handwriting even if it’s an e-owl!

Fred: I know. So now she knows we are not foolish.

George: I hope.

Hope we helped
George and Fred


Dear lads,

As a fellow twin I'm hoping you'll do me a favor. GET HARRY FOR ME! (That or get me Ginny's number) I want Ginny!!! Tell her she's not un-loved! Please! I don't want to spend my life alone!! It's not too much trouble! Just a slip of the hand and BAM!!! Harry's out and Ginny's free to love me.

Yours hopefully,

~ Vin

Dear Vin,

George: Does seem to be pretty violent.

Fred: Yes he does.

George: I don’t know about Ginny loving you but I'm sure that the people who love Harry will definitely be after you blood!

Fred: You-know-who would like this.

George: Yes but sorry dude! We can’t make anyone fall in love with someone.

Fred: It just is wrong!

George: But you can do that *winks*.

Hope we inspired
The lads


Dear The Best Twins In The World,

What would u do if u forgot to do your homework, and the teacher that gave you homework is like major strict and now she has come in class and she is looking at the home works of the students what would u do???!!!!

George: I would turn the teacher into a goblet.

Fred: I would stupefy the one sitting next to me and present his homework as mine.

George: That’s stealing *stares angrily*.

Fred:OK OK. I think the right thing to do would be taking a skiving snackbox.

George: No. The correct thing would be doing your homework in the first place.

Fred: *whispers* We never did our homework.

George: *whispers* I never said we did correct things!

Gred and Forge



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