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Name: Sarah
Location: Ohio, USA
Format: PC Overall Score: 8/10

Gameplay: The gameplay is much harder, and it has a challenge, so it takes awhile to get to the end. Moving is a bit smoother, and the spells and stuff are the same. It's pretty fun and very challenging, but you want to keep playing, as it's not drawn out as much.

Graphics: The graphics are somewhat rough, flat, and uncurved, but more detailed and easier to look at. Some of the things, like the fire-crabs, have a bit more detail than nessesiary.

Sound: The sound has a wider variety than it's predessior, like the fire, but it is repetitive enough to annoy you.

Value: It was well worth the money, about $20.00, even though the graphics are not as good as others.

Personal Opinion: This game is fun and hard, but easier if you have done the first one. Some stuff is rubbed in your face, and the storyline is less about the story and more about making it through the obstacles. Overall, this game is fun and great for video game fans.

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