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Name: Jack
Location: Manchester, UK
Format: PS2
Overall Score (/10): 8

Gameplay: I enjoyed the gameplay for this videogame, since it was not just based on Harry, but also the other two of the trio. I had to play the videogame combining each other the trio's skills, in order to advance.

Graphics: The graphics are amazing as there is a lot of precision to detail. Also, the characters are looking more like their movie counterparts, which I think is good.

Sound: I loved the music, since the music helped to form the atmospheres and moods of certain stages in the videogame, for example a battle scene had music that made the atmosphere feel intense and so forth.

Value: This videogame was well worth the money I paid when it first came out and as it is now cheaper then it is certainly value for money!

Personal Opinion: Overall, I loved this videogame and believe that it is more of the better ones. I even think that it is better than the Goblet of Fire videogame!

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