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Name: Sarah
Location: Ohio, USA
Format: PC Overall Score: 6/10

Gameplay: The game is kind of rough and moving the characters are difficult sometimes as trees and such sometimes get in your view, but other than that the game is fun. Moving your characters with the arrow keys makes movement rough, so you run into things frequently, unless you get really used to it. Compared with the others this is probaly the worst, but it is the first of all of them, so they have something to work on. It is very much like the book in the important places, but focused more on the game than the story.

Graphics: The graphics are very rough, with no curves or anything round. The trees, grass, and other things that arre supposed to look natural have a cut-out-of-paper look, but it still is not flat but more 3-d. The secret doors and passageways are visible becuase they have lines and breaks in the walls.

Sound: The sound is sort of tacky. The voices are pretty good, and the music is nice, but it gets old becuase it is played over and over again.

Value: At $20.00, it was expensive becuase the graphics, sound and such is metocre, but they needed to make a profit to sponser the next games.

Personal Opinion: I think the game is fun to play if you are bored and have nothing to do, but if you like video games it's not entertaining becuase it is very easy. You can spot the secret doors too easily, and the spels are automatic with just the click of a button. After a while you want more of a challenge.

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