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GameBoy Advance

To get 10 extra lives enter the following while playing:
Select, B, A, B, A, B, B, A, A

Mix the ingredients mentioned below in the following order, to gain the corresponding potions:
Antidote: Collapsible Cauldron, Bezoar Stone, Aconite, Boomslang Skin
Herbicide: Copper Cauldron, Dried Nettles, Porcupine Quills, Snake Fangs
Wiggenweld Potion: Collapsible Cauldron, Silver Unicorn Horn, Wolfsbane


To turn on the "developer" mode, press the TILDE key and type "set engine.playerpawn bcheatsenabled true" and then enter any of the following:
Gain ## beans -- givebeans
Gain all normal cards -- giveallcards
Kill everything -- killall
Suicide -- killharry

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