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Name: Garry
Location: Luton, UK
Format: XBox
Overall score: 7/10

Gameplay: Being the latest game in the Harry Potter series you can tell how far they have come, if you compare this to the first Harry Potter game. The game plays very smoothly and takes you pretty much through like the film/book. The cut scenes are very well done and the narrative is also very good. Actual in-game movement is ok. I found the characters a little un-responsive at times as you have to move around a set enviroment but this is made up by the ease of casting spells, which is the main element of the game.

Graphics: Very nice indeed! On the Xbox the frame rate is very smooth compared to PS2 version. The character modeling is great and the effects (especially while casting) are great.

Sound: Excellent. The voice overs are excellent and the sound effects during gameplay is great. Nice music too!

Value: I always say the same thing about new releases - can we have them a tad cheaper? The game has probably got about 6-7 hours worth of total gameplay which isn't really worth the Ł29.99 tag (unless your a hardcore Harry Potter fan).

Personal opinion: Overall its a very nice game. Plenty of spells to cast and its stays in keeping with the books and films. The ability to play 3 of the characters at the same time so you can get a couple of mates over and throw yourselves into it is fun. Personaly I think the best of the games so far and if your into this type of game or you like your Harry Potter then go for it. The only negative I can give is the gameplay is a bit linear and restrictive when roaming around but other than that its a good experience


Name: Sarah
Location: Ohio, USA
Format: Nintendo DualScreen
Overall Score: 9.99/10

Gameplay: This game is awesome! You can move and cast spells easily, and when you fight monsters on the touch screen it is like you are jumpning into the game. Since you can switch characters, and they have different stregnths, it never gets boring. Sometimes the game is long and drawn out, but it tells the general story a lot. it is challenging but fun.

Graphics: The graphics are great! The wizard cards are very lifelike, just like the characters. They are somewhat flat but very 3-D and fun. It's almost like pictures.

Sound: The sound is great and realistic, especially since the fire sounds real, like the voices.

Value: It was well worth the $25.00 paid for it, and it's interactive, so it's kind of expensive but worth it.

Personal Opinion: I love this game! It is hard at some plalces, but you get through it. Anyone will enjoy it, especially the mini games.

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