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Name: Mark
Location: Birmingham, UK
Format: Nintendo Wii
Overall score: 9/10

Gameplay: The gameplay on the Nintendo Wii is great, since the actions with the Wii mimicks the actions of a wand; this allows the player to actually feel like they are a witch/wizard. In saying this, response times can be slow, which can get frustrating.

Graphics: The graphics on the Nintendo Wii are very detailed, due to the fact that the videogame characters resemble their movie counter-parts. The scenery used for this videogame is also very detailed as Electronic Arts has had the schematics from Warner Bros., in order to make the videogame's likeness the same as the movie.

Sound: The sound is amazing, since Electronic Arts. has gained many of the movie characters to voice their own parts. The music is absolutely stunning too, since it changes when the mood of the videogame changes, instead of being looped like in the previous videogames.

Value: Retailing at around Ł35, one must consider that it is quite a steep price, however it will come down in price as time goes on, hence meaning it will be more accessible to people.

Personal opinion: Overall this videogame is the best one that Electronic Arts has made so far. Free roaming, the ability to do mutiple missions and the fact that there are many references to the Harry potter novels and movies ultimately means that this videogame is the king of kings!

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