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To unlock the trophies within the videogame, simply do the following:

Architecture Cup - You must find all twelve Hogwarts emblems

Characters Cup - You must talk to all of the characters within Hogwarts

Defense Against the Dark Arts Cup - You must cast each defensive spell in at least six duels you undertake

Exploding Snap Cup - You must defeat both Exploding Snap champions

Explorer Cup - You must explore each area of Hogwarts to 100%

Famous Witches and Wizards Cup - You must find all fifteen wizard plaques

Friends of the Year Cup - You must complete the videogame, specifically finding Luna Lovegood's lost items

Golden Gobstone Cup - You must defeat all four Gobstone champions

Grandmaster's Cup - You must defeat all three wizard chess champions

Homework Cup - You must complete all of the sub-quests that the professors give you

House Ghost Cup - You must find all four Hogwart's ghosts

Nature Trail Cup - You must find all of the animal footprints

Ornithology Cup - You must find all five flying animals

Portrait Password Cup - You must find and use each of the twelve portrait passwords

School Pride Cup - You must complete all of the sixty-six chores that are available to be completed

Secret Statue Cup - You must find all twelve of the wizard chess statues

Smuggler’s Cup - You must find all twelve of Fred and George’s secret hidden packages

Studious Success Cup - You must receive the highest grade possible in each lesson

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