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Would you like the chance to win a High-Definition version of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix DVD?

If so, then this webpage will allow you to do just that,
all courtesy of Warner Bros.

.: The Prize :.

1st Prize:
A High-Definition copy of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix DVD.

PLEASE NOTE: This copy of the DVD will only work with DVD players in the United States and Canada. To enter another competition whose prize may be compatible with your DVD player, click here.

.: The Task :.

To enter this competition, simply answer the following question - the answer judged to be the most creative will be the winner:

What would be the best or worst holiday-themed Every Flavour Bean? Tell us the name you come up with, along with the color and ingredients of the bean!

.: How To Enter :.

To enter this competition, simply send your question followed by your name, age and location to

.: Deadline :.

This competition will commence on December 19th at 00:01am GMT and will cease on January 4th at 23:59pm GMT.

.: How The Winner Will Be Chosen :.

The winner will be selected by TheSnitch's webmasters Raadhika and Stefan; their decision is final.

Only one entry is allowed per person and multiple entries will result in all of your entries being void.