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.: Trelawneys Predictable Predictions :.

Ah my potter attics, and I mention the ever mesmerising Trelawney and I can hear you all sigh in expectance of another opinion regarding her not so foreseeing eyes. However, I believe that you all will find this opinion vastly different to others portrayed of her. Have we all considered that even though Trelawnley knows that she cannot predict anything as simple as the weather the next day, she may actually have seeing abilities that we see as a joke? Besides the prophecy and the trance into which she fell to foretell Harry of Voldemort’s movements, we all see Trelawney as a huge fake. We are going to revisit the predictions she has made over the past 3 books to see if we can be convinced otherwise.

In book three, Trelawnley predicted that ‘… around Easter one of our number will leave us forever..’ Although she optimistically hoped that Harry would die and she would have been the one to predict it, her prediction still came true. With Hermione’s dramatic exit from Divination, Trelawney’s prediction became a reality, though not as full of death as she had wished. I am not as excentric as Lavender and Parvati as I am not worshipping Trelawney and believing everything she spits out. Instead, my theory is that there are two types of predictions that a seer will endure. The first is the most common form of prediction, where seers don’t see the whole picture, but rather pieces of the puzzle which they have the duty to attempt to make sense of. The second type of prediction is where the seer enters into a trance-like state in which they don’t have pieces of a puzzle but the whole story. Perhaps Trelawney has a vivid imagination, and she uses that to constantly predict Harry’s death after reviewing the pieces of the puzzle of the future.

‘My dear,’ Professor Trelawney’s huge eyes opened dramatically, ‘you have the Grim.’ Trelawney obviously loves drama, and what better way to fulfil her passion for it than by creating it and scaring her 3rd years half to death? I believe that Trelawney did see a big shaggy dog, however she mistook it to be the omen of death, when instead it was actually the foreshadowing of Sirius’ animagus form crossing Harry’s path. But another possibility is that Trelawney did actually foresee death in Harry’s future. What we don’t really realise about predicting the future is that we have no real time limit in which it should fulfil itself. Perhaps Harry will die in the seventh book, which I have previously predicted, and we as an audience and judge to Trelawney’s predictions, have not given her a fair chance as we have not allowed for the prophecy to fulfil itself.

There are also minor predictions that can help our opinion be swayed.
She predicted correctly that Neville would be late to his next Divination class. ‘Oh and dear… you’ll be late next time, so mind you work extra hard to catch up.’ And surely enough Neville was late. I believe that Trelawney made sense of a small mystery regarding Neville’s future, as she didn’t know Neville that well, she had never taught him before to realise his clumsy nature.
Although predicting the weather for the next day presents a rather large challenge for Trelawney, she did predict some things correctly on Harry’s first day of Divination. ‘..Incidentally, that thing you are dreading – it will happen on Friday the sixteenth of October..’ I know that this little prediction is very controversial (like most of Trelawney’s predictions), but keep in mind my theory about seers seeing only pieces of the puzzle. Perhaps Trelawney saw a date in the future that would bring pain to Lavender, but made up her own tragic conclusion, and came up with the idea that a terrible thing would happen on the 15th of October, and hoped to make it more relevant by saying that she was dreading it. The dates are too much of a coincidence to discount this as a prediction.

There are two major predictions.
The next prediction that Trelawney made did actually fulfil itself. "It will happen tonight. The Dark Lord lies alone and friendless, abandoned by his followers. His servant has been chained these twelve years. Tonight, before midnight, the servant will break free and set out to rejoin his master. The Dark Lord will rise again with his servant's aid, greater and more terrible than ever before. Tonight... before midnight... the servant... will set out... to rejoin... his master..."

Does that ring a bell? Trelawney’s prediction this time was not discounted because the events were predicted in an accurate manner. This is what the second type of prediction, whereby Trelawney received the whole prediction by entering into a trance-like state. This prediction was less contested because in the eyes of the audience, this was a possible, if not very likely outcome, and this idea therefore was not pushed to the back of our minds. However, because the former predictions seemed to be made with the audience being her class anticipating it, it was discounted as a merely fraudulous claim. However, it seems that perhaps it was simply only just a bit ‘off’.

We now move onto what Dumbledore sees as Trelawney’s second real prediction. She foretold the prophecy which would tell the tale of Harry Potter and Voldemort; the prophecy that drove Voldemort to search for the one which he would unknowingly mark as his equal; the prophecy that is the basis of the whole Harry Potter series. This prophecy is the very being of my existence (ha-ha only joking!). If this prediction doesn’t convince you of Trelawney’s seeing abilities then I am afraid nothing will.

In my closing argument (yes I like to argue officially and thus is the basis of my quest to be a solicitor), in my eyes, Trelawney is capable of making both the first and second types of predictions. Just because Trelawney doesn’t enter into a trance every time she predicts something doesn’t mean we can discount her seeing abilities all together. Instead Trelawney uses her vivid imagination to put together the puzzle of the future that she sees. My word of advice to you all is to pay closer attention to the predictions the ever mesmerising Trelawney tells, as they may just come to play a bigger part in the series than we think.

Until next time my Potter-Attics.

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