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.: Trelawney -- Contains Spoilers! :.

Trelawney has been made out to be the crux of every joke. But I firmly believe that there lies something far beneath her magnifying glasses and drapes of shawls. First of all, it’s not easy been a Seer, or Psychic/Medium, or however you wish to deem it. Most of them are among the most confused in a society in which ghosts don’t exist really, or at least that’s what they choose to tell us. I am psychic to a small extent, and I know that right off you really don’t know what you’re seeing half of the time. You only really know when you see it. My Great-Grandmother used to read people’s Tarot. She stopped after a while because she couldn’t stand telling people all that she saw.

This is why it’s understandable that Trelawney is, as a character, a recluse. She so rarely comes down from her tower. When she does, it is only with empty sherry bottles in her hands and a wild look about her. Why is she always predicting poor Harry’s death? Well, let’s face it, Harry has been surrounded by death almost from birth. She sees the Grim following him, who turns out to be Sirius, who also turns out to be not long for this world.

Granted, not all of her predictions have turned out to be accurate. After all, if Harry was going to listen to her he would have turned into an “extra-concentrated ghost”. And then there are the infamous questionable Prophecies. First one witnessed by Albus and partially by Severus, second one witnessed by Harry alone. She did successfully predict Hermione’s departure from the classroom. Of course, she’s rather naďve in saying that she knew all along, because she herself doesn’t always know what she’s seeing. But, let’s just give her the benefit of the doubt. She drinks cooking sherry and lives in a perfumed room. We already know that she’s not running on all four cylinders here! Albus likes her though. He encourages her to make that grandiose trek down her ladder. We know she can’t be eating much. Tealeaves only provide so much sustenance. We know she nicks her sherry bottles from the kitchen, and probably also the occasional biscuit or whatever when she has need.

It is very likely that Professor Trelawney has read many a deathly prediction book, which is why she sees death omens everywhere. Remember when they sit at the table and she can’t sit there for then she would make Thirteen, but Dumbledore says it’s okay.

I like it in the Order of Pheonix when she says that she was in fact wrong about Harry’s dying. That he’ll grow old and have Twelve children. Of course it was Twelve right? Couldn’t have been Eleven or Ten, it just had to be Twelve. And, hopefully, she will be right! Heheh! And marry Ginny with Uncle/Father figure Snape?! Okay, throw me a bone here people! I can dream can’t I?

You really see how important she is to Hogwarts when Evil Witch Umbridge tries to throw her out. She says that she’ll seek her fortune elsewhere. Dumbledore stops her. He begs her to stay. We know why: Voldemort would kill her or just torture the brains out of her to find out what that prophecy said.

But will Trelawney leave now that Dumbledore is gone and Hogwarts may be dissolving? I don’t know if anyone else in the world knows how important that Prophecy is to Voldemort other than Harry. Maybe McGonagoll? Maybe Severus? But who will be there to stop her now from “seeking her fortune elsewhere”? Harry maybe? Doesn’t he already have enough on his plate?

The sad part of it is that Trelawney has no idea how much danger she is in. And who could sit down and tell her? McGonagoll only mildly tolerates her, although she was very sweet to her when Umbridge tried to throw her out. Would she listen to Harry? I think she would. She’s a sweet lady deep down underneath all of those shawls. She doesn’t deserve to be tortured like the Longbottoms. And she also seems lonely and at times desperate. The only thing that she’s clung to over the years is that Dumbledore hired her, so she must know something. Look at Pavarati and Lavender? They even brought her REAL flowers after the awful Umbridge incident. Maybe they can convince her to stay. She’s a lot like Hagrid when you think about it. Her only real tie to the place through the years has been Dumbledore. And loosing him will be devastating for them both. Where will they go now? What will they do?

I had a thought that I’d like to share. Trelawney, being a Seer, means that she can see the supernatural, meaning ghosts, in ways that most can’t. So if Dumbledore, Sirius, Cedric, or even Harry’s Parents want to offer Harry a little advice, she might be his Medium. So he’s not really alone.

We also know that she already has a history of temporary “possessions” for isn’t delivering a Prophecy like being possessed by a spirit and doing his bidding? For, she doesn’t remember it. She doesn’t even know that it’s happening. It’s not coming FROM her, it’s coming from somewhere else.

But where is it coming from? Think of all of the people that Voldey has killed over the years before he met Harry. Who would want to ensure that he would meet his downfall?

What about R.A.B.?

Another thought is Dumbledore. If wizards can divide their souls like Voldemort, they should be able to exit their bodies, enter into a semi-ghost-like state, and enter someone else’s body. So maybe Dumbledore chose Harry himself that fateful night with Trelawney knowing that Severus was listening. The fact that Severus was listening at that exact moment is too big of a coincidence to be a coincidence. What if Dumbledore himself SENT Severus to Voldemort? This would make the Longbottoms and the Potters in grave Danger. But, the Potters had a Secret-Keeper, which SHOULD have kept them safe, had Pettigrew not been a spy.

The plan went awry, BUT Voldemort was temporarily thwarted. Dumbledore was happy about that even thought it came at such a cost. And out comes Harry, and how could he not feel guilty?

So maybe, Dumbledore died for Harry, not because of him, FOR him.

He was old, wise, powerful, and magnificent. Harry was his favorite pupil even though they had barely talked. He had to be because no one can deny Harry’s courage, strength, and heart.

If this is true, Trelawney got more than she bargained for that fateful night. So did Harry.

On a lighter note, here are Nikcole’s College Rules (if you don’t like it, don’t read it. I have two degrees. I do know what I’m talking about!):

1. Worship Crayola Erasable Highlighters as the little drops of gold from heaven that they are.

2. When in doubt, read a Harry Potter book or watch a Harry Potter movie. Daniel Radcliffe will always cheer you up.

3. If you’re going to make-out with a guy, he’d better at the very least be cute.

4. It’s perfectly okay to wear pjs to class, as long as you’re not in a baby doll.

5. Professors, Doctors, and Parents may act like they know everything but they really don’t.

6. Order a pizza whenever possible. You never know where your next good meal is coming from.

7. It’s perfectly okay to want to marry your favorite pet. They’ll probably be better than any man that you’ll ever meet.

8. People who get Straight A’s in everything have their own special circle in hell, so don’t envy them. They’re evil. And Hermione doesn’t count. She has gotten less than an O before.

9. Please pick a major that has classes in it that you actually like. College is one of your few opportunities to choose something you want, you might as well enjoy it.

10. Gen eds are meant for daydreaming and sleeping.

11. It’s okay to voice your opinion. It’s a good way to startle people.

12. Never ever trust floppy disks nor hard-drives. Print out copies of your important papers as often as possible. A paper trail is often more reliable than a computer.

13. Best Hangover Food = Cold Pizza

14. Best way to prevent hangover: Drink Plenty of Water

15. Do Not Disturb signs are more useful than you think.

16. Always try to have a clean bathroom, underwear, and socks. The rest is permitted to go you know where whenever necessary.

17. After 4 espressos, they start canceling each other out.

18. Whenever possible, take in Garfield’s Crito: Eat Lasagna, Sleep after eating lasagna, loathe work, question anything that’s too annoyingly cute, and Hate Mondays.

19. Some days, you only get through it because a cup of coffee is firmly planted in your hand at all times. Never forget the coffee!

20. Be kind to those students without cars, for you never know when you’ll be stranded.

21. Twinkies, pizza, pop-tarts, and goldfish each make up their own individual very important food groups. After all, a pop-tart is always a better option than mystery meat.

22. Always have a clean extra set of sheets and towels handy just in case.

23. RA’s may try to impress upon you the importance of dorm rules, but don’t listen. Most of those rules were made to be broken.

24. Never become an RA who has to enforce such stupid rules. Like No Cohabitation in dorm rooms.

25. It’s okay to leave a bad roommate behind.

26. Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s good or even advisable.

27. Most music that most young people listen to is simply awful.

28. Have fun. It is College after all. Who wants to hear about the whiny student who never went to a party?

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