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.: The Truth Behind Luna Lovegood's Madness :.

.: By Shauna Hatch - Aged 12 :.

Luna Lovegood was introduced to Harry Potter by Ginny Weasley in Order of the Phoenix and has had a reputation as 'loony' ever since her first day at Hogwarts. Luna, who has been seen wearing some outrageous jewellery including a butter beer cork necklace, is completely different from any known student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her appearance, which is described in Order of the Phoenix as "a girl with dirty blonde hair and silvery grey eyes always keeps her wand behind her ear for safe keeping" makes her look even weirder, even more if she is wearing her butter beer necklace! Her beliefs which include Crumple Horned Snorkacks are not believed by anyone at Hogwarts and this adds more to her madness, but no one ever in the history of Hogwarts has asked why she is like this. Why is she 'mad?' This article explains the truth behind her madness.

Luna Lovegood told Harry on the last day of school that she will see her dead mother again which somehow comforted Harry after the loss of his godfather Sirius Black. Harry was the only student at Hogwarts that knew that her mother died when Luna was only nine years old which means that Luna has just put a lot of her trust into Harry, while Harry doesn't even know this. Harry felt comfortable about Luna talking about Sirius seeing that he could somewhat relate to her. He also related to her more when he found out that she could also see Thestrals. She defended Harry many times in front of students and didn't care what anyone else said about her. She relates to Harry a lot and that was what gave her the push to get to the Department of Mysteries. It is fact that Harry is probably the only person that thinks that she is sane, "Harry had seen Luna with a dreamy look on her face many times like she was in a trance." Harry had done this a lot as well when he was thinking about people that meant a lot to him - his mother, his father and Sirius, which explains why Luna does this too. Even though she still has her father she lost her mother at an early age and I believe Luna would always think about this subject. The loss of her mother was a very depressing time for Luna and I doubt that her father being alive has changed anything for her. As her father works for a magazine he works a lot and does not have a lot of time to be with his daughter which I think makes her feel lonely.

Luna Dresses and acts different from everyone in Hogwarts which makes her very special. Many people would think that she is mad but she is really very brave. She is her own person. She dresses how she wants and believes what she wants too. She speaks her mind (which a lot of people don't do) and she doesn't let anyone's opinion of her upset or offend her. She is a brave and a strong girl and is a close female version of Harry who has lost his parents and is also teased and called 'mad.' In my opinion Luna Lovegood is not 'loony' or 'mad.' She is courageous and will go very far in life because she is different!

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