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.: Tenth Prediction: Voldie 1, Voldie 2, Voldie 3... Voldie 7! :.

I welcome you back my dears. Time has went by in this substantial world with incredible swiftness, forcing us to remain apart for longer than I had expected... The outcomes of reading the Half-Blood Prince were not only stunningly hurtful but also utterly unexpected, even to this poor old seer. I mean, come on! Did any of you find out the identity of the Bloody Prince BEFORE he burst out with it? I don't think so... and how come HE was a half-blood? Do Slytherins allow that? Does Voldie allow that? It really got me, I can tell you, I wasn't expecting such an outstanding twist in the plot... My faith in Almighty Jo WAS quivering but she has come back just to shut my tramp. I thought POA's plot-twist was completely unbeatable, and though I still like POA best, HBP was really an awesome job. Fairly different to her usual work, I MUST admit, but what else did you expect? Not only is she changing, Harry is changing too and even we're changing. The fact that Jo took all that into account just comes to prove what an amazing author she is.

Ok, let's get to what most called my attention from the last book, other than plot-twist, and that were the Horcruxes. Almost every human being has a certain degree of fixation with eternity and it's our most common mistake to desire immortality. Think of it. Our finite lives are barely enough to leave a mark in the few people we know... what about making a never fading mark? What about never fading yourself? It would be just the thing to be around here for ever, to the end of time. But we know that's not possible. I suppose that is why we want it so badly, always wanting what we can't have, in this case, Eternity. This has been treated numerous times in mythology and literature; for instance, Achilles or Dorian Grey tried to achieve it in very straight forward ways: Achilles was sank into some substance for making him immortal and Mr Grey had a painting that grew old instead of him (good book, give it a read should you come across it). But you also have examples like Romeo and Juliet, their death implied being together for the rest of time; or come to think of itm any fairy tale ending "... and they lived happily for ever after". They're not so direct, but eternity and stillness, lack of change is still there. Believe it or not, I guess that Lord Voldie's attempts to separate himself from humans were what made him the most human-like, that stupid fixation with immortality and eternity.

Now, back to the Horcruxes, let's recognise that as an idea, it was pretty good. One point for lovely Lordy Voldie poo. But, of course, DD and Harry caught his flaws. Don't you think he is now predictable in a way? I mean, all the mysteriously-bad guy went bye bye the moment we read all those memories. Now we know he was selfish, self-centred and pretty powerful from the very beginning, that his magical nazi attitude ("I'm better 'coz I've got magic and you don't") was always there and that there already were some cases of "morally challenged" people (i.e. evil psychos) in his family (I mean Morfin... I mean whoa, just whoa... that really was a wasted bloke). His cute little mania for Hogwarts Founder's related items also made things way simpler. Except for the diary, the snake and Voldie himself, everything else was related to them... Marvolo's ring, Merope's locket, Hepzibah Smith's cup and that something of Gryffindor's or Ravenclaw's. Personally, I believe it must be Ravenclaw's, but only because he's Slytherin's descendant and Slytherins and Gryffindors have that excruciating rivalry, which is by no means proof enough, though. There we go. We have the seven little pieces of Lord Voldie-poo's soul. The diary is gone, and so is the ring... so now we have only five Voldies to go. Voldie himself and cute Nagini are quite easy to find, compared to the other three Horcruxes I mean, because we know nothing of their whereabouts. Let's go over what we do know about them.

The locket was already taken by some wacko death eater. R.A.B. Why I think he was a death eater? Because he called him "The Dark Lord". Only that bunch of airheads calls him that. Of course, he wasn't such an airhead due to the fact that he discovered the secret and got hold of the locket but he was once a follower. Who? Well, you probably notice the only already mentioned character that seems to fit this description quite accurately. Regulus Black. Sirius' lil' brother. Middle name unknown but could pretty well be his uncle Alphard's. In OOTP they did come across a locket while cleaning the house but that doesn't make it easier to find it. Oh, no... sweet Mundungus took the liberty of stealing and selling almost everything he could get a hold of in the Black Manor. Probably including the plausible Horcrux. And we're not even sure that was the Horcrux or just another locket (Remember Mark Evans, the voices whisper) or even if R.A.B. was actually Regulus. Yeah, he was a death eater, and yeah, his first and last name match but was he sharp enough to get the Horcrux? And according to Remmy, he was just a lower rank death eater, would a mere private be able to get hold of one of the general's most cherished treasures? I don't know about it. He did only last a few days after he had "betrayed his Lord", Regulus that is, while Karkaroff managed to do so for a year (for those of you who remember, I TOLD YOU HE WOULD BE HIDDEN IN A SHACK!! Jo just forgot to mention the teddy and the baby blanket ;-) Who's the Seer, baby?). Would that be because his betrayal was more important that Karkaroff's desertion or just because it was easier to catch the poor bloke? Another thing, does Voldie know that the Horcrux isn't in the cave anymore? How did he find out it was Regulus or whoever it was? Some think the letters R.A.B. stand for more than one person, but I don't think so. In the whole letter always says "I". "I know I will be dead...", "I have stolen the real Horcrux..." and " soon as I can.". If there were more actually involved in the secret, he wouldn't have been allowed to write it like that. You know how selfish those death eaters are. Despite that, I don't believe that he could possibly be there alone, I mean... as tough as he might be, I can't see anyone getting across all those Inferi by himself, if he did, Good Merlin, the nerve he must have had! I think that if Voldie found out of the nicked locket, it was because one of the guys who helped R.A.B. to retrieve it went with the story to Lord Voldie. Betrayal is one of the most natural answers to that. Another thing we don't know is if this guy actually got to break the bloody locket! In the letter he said he would but how could we know? If he did, it would really make things a lot easier for Harry...

The cup... we only know its appearance "...a small golden cup with two finely wrought handles and an engraved badger" and that it once belonged to Hepzibah Smith (probably related to Mr Loser's Lurgy Zach Smith) but after Tommy stole it, there is no more track of it. As for the "other thing" we know even less! We don't even know what it looks like! Things are gonna be particularly messy for Harry next year but the messier, the most exciting the book's gonna be! I can sense awesome adventures and troubles ahead!

Hang on to sanity, my children! I will return with further predictions and something to pass the time until IT comes out! You don't know what to do with your crazy ideas? Throw them to!! Farewell, for now, and until we meet again, may fair fortune be yours!

Joy ^.^

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