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 Friday, 24th

   Trailer for "Paddington 2" released0 Comments

The trailer for Paddington 2 has been released.

The movie features a whole host of Harry Potter alumni including:

^0^ Jim Broadbent (Mr. Gruber)

^0^ Brendan Gleeson (“Knuckles” McGinty)

^0^ Imelda Staunton (Aunt Lucy)

^0^ Julie Walters (Mrs. Bird)

The movie will be released in the UK on November 10th, 2017


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   Gleeson describes starting acting later in life0 Comments

Variety recently spoke to Brendan Gleeson regarding his involvement with the Stephen King-TV-adaptation of Mr Mercedes.

  Accio Quote:
Now on-screen as Detective Bill Hodges in the new Stephen King neo-noir TV series, “Mr. Mercedes,” Gleeson was first noticed by Variety on Aug. 1, 1990, for his performance in Dublin in Keane’s play “The Year of the Hiker.”

During the interview Gleeson describes the impact of starting the acting career later on in life.

  Accio Quote:
In 1990, you were 35 but had only recently chosen acting as your primary vocation.

I was teaching English and Irish at the secondary school level and I actually enjoyed it, but in the summer of 1989 I was working at the Tivoli Theatre and the Olympia Theatre in Dublin, and I was making a little bit of money.


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