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 Sunday, 28th

   "Cormoran Strike" TV series appoints new cast member0 Comments

Variety is reporting that Holliday Grainger is set to star in the BBC adaptation of the "Cormoran Strike" TV series.

Grainger will appear in the 3-hour-long episode of The Cuckoo's Calling, the two-hour-long episode of The Silkworm and the two-hour-long episode of Career of Evil.

Filming across London is set to start this month.

  Accio Quote:
“I’m thrilled to be joining the talented creative team behind ‘The Strike Series,’ especially with the role of Robin Ellacott,” Grainger said. “Her grounded strength and intelligence is going to be a joy to explore. I can’t wait to dive straight into the wit and grit of Strike’s cannily well-observed London.”


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   First look at "Cormoran Strike" TV series!0 Comments

J. K. Rowling has updated her Twitter account as "Robert Galbraith" to show that the first readthrough for The Strike Series has started.

ITV has also updated their website with the first image of Comoran Strike and Robin Ellacott.


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   Filming of "The Cormoran Strike" TV series0 Comments

J. K. Rowling has posted some new images of the cast and crew hard at work on The Cormoran Strike TV series.

It has also been announced on IMDB new cast members, including:

  Accio Quote:
Leo Bill ... John Bristow (3 episodes, 2017)

Kerr Logan Kerr Logan ... Matthew Cunliffe (3 episodes, 2017)

Tezlym Senior-Sakutu Tezlym Senior-Sakutu ... Rochelle Onifade (3 episodes, 2017)

Martin Shaw Martin Shaw ... Tony Landry (3 episodes, 2017)

David Avery David Avery ... Nico Kolovas-Jones (2 episodes, 2017)

Brian Bovell Brian Bovell ... Derrick Wilson (2 episodes, 2017)

Tara Fitzgerald Tara Fitzgerald ... Tansy Bestigui (2 episodes, 2017)

Elarica Johnson Elarica Johnson ... Lula Landry (2 episodes, 2017)

Siân Phillips Siân Phillips ... Lady Yvette Bristow (2 episodes, 2017)

Killian Scott Killian Scott ... D.I Eric Wardle (2 episodes)

Amber Anderson Amber Anderson ... Ciara Porter (1 episode, 2017)

Mario Demetriou Mario Demetriou ... Interviewer (1 episode, 2017)

Kadiff Kirwan Kadiff Kirwan ... Guy Somé (1 episode, 2017)

Bradley Wj Miller Bradley Wj Miller ... Fireman Bradley (1 episode, 2017)

Bronson Webb Bronson Webb ... Evan Duffield (1 episode)


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