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 Friday, 15th

   Burke to star as Cormoran Strike0 Comments

It has been announced that Tom Burke will portray Cormoran Strike in the BBC's adaptation of J. K. Rowling's / Robert Galbraith's crime novels.

  Accio Quote:
Burke, who played the dashing Dolokhov in the Tolstoy period drama, is to play damaged war veteran Strike in a three-part “event drama” based on Rowling’s crime novels.


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   Burke wants to play Strike "for decades"0 Comments

Tom Burke recently spoke to Digital Spy about his involvement with The Strike Series which will return in 2018 for a third installment.

  Accio Quote:
"I hear different numbers all the time," he told Digital Spy. "I had heard seven books, so I don't know. But when I said yes to the job, I was certainly under the impression that it could go on decades... and I was absolutely OK with that."


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