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 Monday, 20th

   New attractions unveiled at WWOHP Japan0 Comments

Two new attractions will be released tomorrow at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in Japan.

Wand Magic:
A special Interactive Wand is now available at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan that offers guests the chance to cast magical spells.
Guests will search for “magical points” hidden in several locations in the area based on the Wand Magic Map. To lead guests to a successful magical experience, Wand Assistants at respective locations will give “personal interaction” to each and every guest.
Guests can enjoy the magical world of Harry Potter by actually casting spells and experiencing the joy when they actually succeed in doing it.

Wand Studies:
This is a show-style attraction in which students of the four houses of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry practice how to cast spells while receiving support from guests.

A video of the opening ceremony can be seen below:

  Accio Quote:
On Wednesday, April 13, 2016, Universal Studios Japan will begin offering new magical experiences—Wand Magic and Wand Studies—for visiting guests to enjoy at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a magical area where the world of Harry Potter is brought to life for fans of all ages. Wand Magic and Wand Studies offer guests an opportunity to practice and cast spells at different locations within the land. Prior to the grand opening, the Opening Ceremony for the new magical experiences was held today, Tuesday, April 12. Harry Potter fans Alice and Suzu Hirose attended the ceremony to announce the new magical experiences.

At the ceremony, Alice and Suzu Hirose greeted guests dressed in Gryffindor robes and each holding a wand, like students of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When they announced that the two new magical experiences at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter would be opening on Wednesday, April 13, the day after the opening ceremony, the crowd was filled with exclamations of surprise and joy. Following the announcement, the Hirose sisters joined other special guests and Harry Potter fans in casting several spells to the delight of everyone in attendance.

After successfully demonstrating the correct way to cast a ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ spell and making a simple feather float in the air, the Hirose sisters then proceeded to cast a ‘Locomotor’ spell which, to the surprise of the audience, resulted in the impressive levitation of the famed Ford Anglia enchanted car seen in the Harry Potter films.

Watching the magical moment, the invited guests let out cries of joy and sighs of excitement. “I could really cast the spell, and it was magical. I am so excited. It was really amazing!” said Alice and Suzu Hirose, who were still filled with joy after their dream-like experience of being immersed in the world of the Harry Potter stories.

Expressing their joy and surprise, guest who came from Fukuoka and cast spells together commented “I was so surprised to see the Ford Anglia levitated in the air. I enjoyed myself very much because I have been waiting for this moment where I can cast a spell just like I read in the books and watched in the movies.” The other guest from Gifu, said “It felt like I was really in the movie. I was moved that I could really cast a spell to levitate the Ford Anglia.”


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   Death Eaters to visit Universal Studios Japan0 Comments

Universal Studios Japan is set to introduce the Death Eaters from September 24th, 2016, as part of their 15th Anniversary Universal Surprise Halloween event.

  Accio Quote:
“Death Eater Attack” joins the line-up as a new piece of entertainment at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. When night falls, this peaceful, cheerful world of magic transforms experiencing moments of darkness. The Death Eaters appear in Hogsmeade wearing black hoods and masks. Guests can experience the thrill and terror of coming face-to-face with the magical might of the Death Eaters, discovering an unprecedented feeling.

  Accio Quote:
During the day, Magical Trick or Treat newly joins the line-up. Guests can experience a new kind of trick-or-treating in which Hogsmeade villagers will be handing out sweets to kids and guests. The village of Hogsmeade will be filled with the smiles of children enjoying the wonderful trick-or-treating.

New Halloween-inspired food will also be on offer.

  Accio Quote:
“Hallowe’en Dessert Feast” selection ranges from mountain-shaped chocolate ganache treats to carrot cake, allowing guests to get their fill of cake and candies.

The spectacular Great Feast, which has been a big hit since its arrival, will also feature in Hallowe’en style. This limited-time special menu serves up a juicy pork rib platter with seasonal dishes for the fall season, including a pumpkin au gratin. Enjoy the high-quality atmosphere that can only be experienced at Universal Studios Japan.



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   New attractions at WWHOP Japan!0 Comments

Starting from September 14th, guests going to the Universal Studios Japan: Wizarding World of Harry Potter will experience all-new magical moments!

Watch one of them below:


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   Christmas is coming at Harry Potter Japan!0 Comments

It was announced on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Japan's Twitter page that Christmas is coming to the wizarding world!

  Accio Quote:
WWOHP is already known for its magnificent wintery landscape—the snow covered rooftops and icicles hanging from the stone-built structure, the warm light pouring out of windows from Hogwarts castle . . . we are certain that this Christmas event will further magnify the beauty of the scenery!

All of the shops and restaurants in Hogsmeade will be adorned with beautiful decorations such as magical ornaments and wreaths (details yet to come), and a large Christmas tree will also be set in the middle of Hogsmeade.

The best part of it all—you will be able to cast a spell and light up the Christmas tree just like a true wizard/witch!

Restaurants are also planning on serving “Christmas feasts” (traditional Christmas meals that can be shared with friends and family) and Butterbeer mugs will also change its design to a Christmas-themed one, and they will only be available for purchase during this event.

It’s almost time for the best season at Hogwarts—and this winter, you’ll be able to jump right in!


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   Halloween returns to "Wizarding World Japan"0 Comments

Halloween will return to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Japan from September 8th to November 5th.

  Accio Quote:
The thrilling Halloween season is coming to Universal Japan’s “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” for a limited time only. (Friday, Sept. 8 – Sunday, November 5)! Once fans pass through Hogsmeade’s arched gate, they will be surrounded by uniquely themed Halloween decorations featuring bats and skulls, and ornate store-front inspired garlands. Even the sweets shop “Honeydukes”, famous for its Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavor Beans, will be decked out in the holiday spirit with many colorful jack-o’- lanterns and decorations such as candies and ribbons at its entrance.

Only during the Halloween season, children can “Trick or Treat” in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Find one of the wizards and say “trick or treat!” for a special Halloween candy. Hogsmeade is sure to be filled with children’s smiles during this special time!

New this fall: Juicy smoked chicken, pork ribs and a pumpkin pasty shaped like a jack-o’- lantern fill this seasonal menu with the taste of autumn.

Finish a magical autumn day watching the “Expecto Patronum Night Show.” Enjoy a one-of- a-kind night show that uses magnificent projection mapping to bring the magic and wonder of Harry Potter to life. Watch in amazement as a group of Hogwarts students fight off a barrage of Dementors who have descended across the Black Lake and across Hogwarts Castle. The large-scale show that features chilling Dementors, brave students and defensive spells will leave fans exhilarated.

“Trick or Treat” Event Summary

Date:10am to 5pm, Fri, Sept 8 to Sun, Nov 5, 2017

Place:The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Age Restriction:children of elementary school age or younger

“Expecto Patronum Night Show” Event Summary

Date: Sun, Nov 5, 2017 after sunset to park close

Place:The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


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   New parade to be featured at Universal Studios Japan0 Comments

Universal Studios Japan will introduce a new large-scale project in 2018, the world’s first next-generation parade, Universal Spectacle Night Parade – Best of Hollywood, which will revolutionize the traditional experience.

  Accio Quote:
J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World and its captivating magic, the Illimination’s “Minions” and their mayhem, theenormous robots “Transformers”, and the realism of the “Jurassic World” dinosaurs come together to be recreated in a continually changing entertainment spectacle. Park guests will be completely enveloped and fully immersed in this brand-new and continually changing entertainment, which far surpasses the traditional theme park parade experience.


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