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 Monday, 20th

   Radcliffe to star in "Jungle"0 Comments

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Daniel Radcliffe has signed up to star in the movie, Jungle.

  Accio Quote:
The actor will star in the thriller based on Yossi Ghinsberg's memoir about his trip into the Amazon.

Ghinsberg, who was the subject of the one-hour Discovery Channel docudrama series I Shouldn't Be Alive, was a young adventurer who went into the Amazon with two friends and a guide in what turned out to be a dangerous and deadly expedition.

How exciting!


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   Radcliffe starves for new role0 Comments

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed how Radcliffe went on an "extreme diet" for his new role in Jungle.

  Accio Quote:
He wrapped the upcoming Jungle at the beginning of the summer after a tough four-month shoot in Colombia and Australia. The film is based on Yossi Ghinsberg’s memoir about a trip through the Amazon that went wrong.

Radcliffe went on an extreme diet for the role to slim down for the look of the adventurer that was lost in the jungle for several weeks. “It was hard physically because I wasn’t really eating. We were doing very long days and I was operating on not very much food,” he said, adding that he had to begin dieting four weeks before the shoot to get the look right.


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   Trailer for "Jungle" released0 Comments

A trailer for Daniel Radcliffe's upcoming movie, Jungle has been released.

Radcliffe stars as the character of Yossi Ghinsberg and the movie as yet does not have a release date.


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   "Jungle" to premiere at film festival0 Comments

Daniel Radcliffe's survival-thriller Jungle will premiere at Miami’s Popcorn Frights Film Festival.

  Accio Quote:
The Popcorn Frights Film Festival takes place in Miami, Florida from Aug. 11 to 17. Jungle screens 11.30pm ET, Aug. 16. Previously announced films being shown at the event include The Endless, Sequence Break, and Super Dark Times.

Check out the Popcorn Frights website by clicking here.


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   New trailer for "Jungle" is released0 Comments

A new trailer for Daniel Radcliffe's upcoming Jungle has been released.

The movie is released across the UK on January 11, 2018.

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   Clip from "Jungle" released0 Comments

Yahoo Movies has released an exclusive clip from his latest project, Jungle.

  Accio Quote:
In the new thriller Jungle, Radcliffe stars as Yossi Ghinsberg, the real-life adventurer whose trip with two friends to the Bolivian Amazon turned into the stuff of nightmares as he ended up stranded in the wilderness (and among some sharp-toothed, hungry threats) for three weeks.


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