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 Thursday, 14th

   Heyman discusses "Fantastic Beast" diversity0 Comments

David Heyman has spoken to Entertainment Weekly about the film's diversity relating to skin colour.

  Accio Quote:
“Like all of Jo Rowling’s works, [Fantastic Beasts> is populated with a variety of people and that will be the same in this series over the course of the films,” Heyman says. “There will be people of various types of ethnicities. In New York in the 1920s, there was a segregation between white and black, the neighborhoods were largely separate, and that is reflected in [the film>. But the wizarding world is a much more open and tolerant society where people of color and different ethnic backgrounds exist harmoniously together. There are people of color filling this world in an organic way.”


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   Heyman to create NBC Universal TV company0 Comments

The Guardian is reporting that David Heyman is set to create a television production company in association with NBC Universal.

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David Heyman, the producer behind hit movies such as Harry Potter, Paddington and Gravity, is to create a television production company with NBC Universal in a move which underlines the trend for big name film-makers to move onto the small screen.

I wonder what TV series will be produced!


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   Heyman to be honoured with the David O. Selznick Achievement Award0 Comments

Broadway World is reporting that the Producer's Guild of America is set to award David Heyman with the David O. Selznick Achievement Award.

The award will be given on January 23rd at the Annual Producers Guild Awards ceremony in LA, America.

Heyman stated:

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I am honored to receive this award, named after such a giant in the industry, from my peers at the PGA. As I look at the list of past recepients I am deeply humbled to join an illustrious group of filmmakers who have been such an inspiration to me over the years.


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   "A whole new adventure beginning"0 Comments

In a new interview with The Telegraph, David Heyman discusses how Eddie Redmayne was their first and only choice and how a new adventure is beginning.

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We’d found that new adventure we were looking for, and our own had begun. For all the enthusiasm we had in revisiting the world of Harry Potter, it did not come without hesitation. We were aware that some might view it as a cynical land-grab to milk an extra buck. No question, the film would not have been financed were it not thought that it might be profitable, but the decision to make it was borne out of a passion for this world and a boundless desire to return to it.


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   Heyman to adapt "The Long Song"0 Comments

Deadline is reporting that David Heyman is set to adapt Andrea Levy’s novel The Long Song into a high-end drama for BBC One.

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The Long Song, which tells the story of dying days of slavery in Jamaica, is produced by Heyman’s Heyday Television, a joint venture with NBC Universal, and will be written by Sarah Williams, who co-wrote BBC One’s Small Island with Paula Milne and ITV’s Case Sensitive.


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