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 Monday, 20th

   Fry backs "Have A Heart" campaign0 Comments

The Shields Gazette is reporting that Stephen Fry has backed St Clare’s Hospice’s latest fundraising venture.

  Accio Quote:
Bosses at the hospice, in Primrose Terrace, Jarrow, asked prominent people, including South Shields artist Bob Olley, to decorate a wooden heart to be sold in aid of the charity’s Heart for the Hospice campaign.

The hearts, which have been created anonymously, will go on display at the Customs House in Mill Dam, South Shields, from November 17 to 22, with South Shields­-born animator Sheila Graber, who worked on the Paddington Bear TV series, compering a special invitation-only preview evening on November 16.


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   Fry to be honoured with "Lifetime Achievement" award0 Comments

Rose D'or is reporting that Stephen Fry is set to receive their "Lifetime Achievement" award.

  Accio Quote:
The award honours and recognises those who have made an outstanding contribution to broadcast entertainment throughout their careers - making Fry a clear choice for 2015. The Rose d’Or, a Eurovision event, is a collection of awards presented for achievement in television and radio entertainment programming for the previous year.

  Accio Quote:
Fry is delighted by the honour. “It does mean a lot,” he said in an interview last week. “Since I can remember watching television, the Golden Rose of Montreux, and occasionally Lucerne, really meant something, and it’s always gone out of its way to recognise this particular kind of television, so if they’ve honoured me, then I feel exactly that - honoured”, Fry said.



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   Don't mess with J. K. Rowling!0 Comments

Someone from Tumblr recently posted about attending Stephen Fry's live comedy tour in Australia/New Zealand and had a funny story relating to narrating the Harry Potter books to tell.

Whether or not this story is accurate is yet to be revealed, however it is a funny little story nevertheless!

Thanks to The Daily Dot for the tip!


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