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.: Seventh Prediction: House, Sweet House :.

Well, hello again to you all. Readers, seers, fans and other people that have nothing else better to do than to read my ramblings, alike. It has been quite a long time since our last encounter, but how are you, my children? Iím fine, in case youíre wondering (and if you werenít wondering thatís just too bad). Luckily I can now proudly state that after all the curricular years of suffering; Iíve lived through school. Yeah, the whole of it. Itís amazing, isnít it? Now I must get a jobÖ that is not that amazing but Iíll manage.

I must admit that today I see school from a different point of view. Especially when it comes to Hogwarts that even though it has not that much to do with my old school, itís students are very similar to most of the schoolís... Except for the whole magic and wand waving part, that is. What I mean is that despite that, theyíre just normal teenagers but what really sets them apart itís the period of time in which theyíre living. Not many of us (I hope), are under a dictatorship or whatís worse, the raising of one. They are in a stage where everything influences them and they start seeing things maybe different than how their parents see them; how their own personality incites them to. This is why Iím going to try and set a stereotype for each house, and base the suspicions of our dear Sorting Hat in last yearís song. Iíll probably try and see what we know about the founders too because no one can know better how i.e. a Gryffindor is supposed to behave than Godric Gryffindor himself. I guess we all kind of know why the houses are going to part. I mean, we all have at least a faint idea of who should be in each house. Some of you, like me, might even play to be the sorting hat and tell your friends in which house theyíd probably be. And I bet all of you know in which house you should be, either because you know it or because you took one of those quizzes. One way or another, we all know that Gryffindors are brave, Ravenclaws are smart, Slytherins ambitious and the rest are Hufflepuffs. But letís dig deeper into that, shall we?

Letís take Gryffindor first. Bravery, Friendship and Chivalry, they would have nothing to envy the knights of old but yet, they tend to be conceited. Of course, Iím talking about something generalÖ itís not Harryís or Nevilleís case. But take James Potter or Sirius, for instance. They would protect you with their livesÖ as long as youíre friends with them. Try being their enemy. Mercy? I donít believe they know what that means! Hexing the living air out of you itís only another way to prove how superior to you I am. To show my bravery by defying you, how I care for my friends by defending them and my chivalry by giving you a quick death! That definitely sounds knight-ly, doesnít it? Of course, this doesnít mean that EVERY Gryffindor has to be like that. Good Merlin, no! Take NevilleÖ heís not conceited at allÖ I seriously doubt he has some self-esteem in him! But who would argue him to be a Gryffindor? Is there someone that cares more for his friends? Is there someone who has shown greater strength and courage than him by just facing his parents? Is there anyone more gentle, kind and amiable than him? NO! Of course not! Heís a very particular Gryffindor and I bet anyone would be glad to have him on his side. Now, the average Gryffindor, these two being the extremes, could very well be a particular mixture of Neville and James Potter. Funny might be at first, but Neville would reduce Jamesí ego and enlarge his heart (symbolically speaking) and James would boost both Nevilleís confidence and nerve. The result? Pretty easy Iíd say, and Iíd also say that you have plenty of options in the books but whoís better to set the example than the boy-who-lived, himself? He fits the description with astonishing accuracy. Or is it not so astonishing? We know for sure that Harry pulled out the sword of good old Godric in COS, so why wouldnít he be the one that most resembles Godric? Iíve read countless fan fictions on the founding of this fair school but I remember one in particular that portrayed him exactly as Iíve said above; as a nice mixture of James and Neville. It was more going on Jamesí side but that could be up to the artistís mind, right? Itís not just black and white, there are plenty shades of grey.
Letís take good old Hufflepuffs next. Theyíre the ones that are the most underestimated by all of us. And letís be honest, how many of us think that itís better to be a Slytherin than a Hufflepuff? Sure, if you think of Hufflepuffs as the ones that arenít either brave, intelligent or ambitious. Letís re-put that. How about if Hufflepuffs were the hard-working ones? The passionate ones? The ones that no matter how tough things are, have some strength left to face whatever may come? Those are the real HufflepuffsÖ They can work so hard, they can compare to Ravenclaws in knowledge, they can be so passionate they can compare to Slytherins in ambition and they can be so positive and pre-disposed to face problems, they can compare to Gryffindors in bravery. Thatís what I think of Hufflepuffs, that with the right incentive and hard work, they can do whatever they want. Oh, you want examples? Letís start with my favourite, Cedric Diggory. Yeah, might have had a cute face, but it definitely wasnít his cute face what helped him to get past that Swedish short-snout. It was his hard work and his spirit. He wanted to do that to get some glory to his house (Slytherin), so he worked hard researching about dragons to know more about them (Ravenclaw) and finally, he just had to face it (Gryffindor) and try and do his best (Hufflepuff). In my opinion, Hogwarts could never have got a better champion for the Tri-wizard Tournament, except, perhaps Harry, but only because heís Harry and we all love him. Cedric would have represented all the houses equally, because for my part, thatís how Hufflepuffs are supposed to behave. Theyíre the average of it all, they can be brave but not heroic, they can be ambitious but not greedy and they can be smart, but not masterminds. They have a tiny bit of everything and a great heart, and thatís what sets them apart. They cherish friendship and anything thatís fair. Even Zacharias Smith, who probably developed his Slytherin side a wee bit too much, has got his loyalties quite clear, it seems to me. As for Helga Hufflepuff, founder of this house, we know nothing about her to help us define a Hufflepuff better.

Now, Itís poisonous Slytherinsí turn. Theyíre easy to find. Purebloods, that care of nothing but themselves and how many galleons they have in their vaults. They will never endanger their precious lives (or even ruin their robes) if they can pay for someone to endanger theirs; even less if itís for someone else that itís not him or herself. Status quo is EVERYTHING. And power, thatís important too. Seems quite simple, right? Well, I think itís not. If all of them were just a bunch of Tom Riddles, itíd be so simple. All weíd have to do is sit there and watch them take each otherís eyes to see whoís Miss/Mister Queen/King of the World. Un fortunately, we also have the goons. Yeah, Crabbe and Goyle for a start. I meanÖ whatís their ambition? To have an individual thought so they are promoted to homosapiens maybe? Or whatís worse, to become the Dark Lordís favourite human rug and be stepped on? I actually donít really know what to say on this one, guys, since Iíve always found particularly challenging to think how brainless twits think, especially for the brainless part. Iím one of those old-fashioned people that think that we all need to use our brain, even though some models, actresses and singers have proven me wrong already, I just canít change my mind. OkÖ now that Iíve officially stated how much I dislike some Slytherins, itís time to see the good side of them. Before you ask, yeah, they do have a good side and that side is slyness. Yup, they have to struggle their grey matter away to get what they want. And itís not the same kind of intelligence that Ravenclaws have. This is more applicable to real life and practical situations. They have the gift to handle people. Little Draco, of course, is the best example of this average Slytherin. He handles the goons but at the same time, heís nothing but a puppet in his dear Fatherís hand, planning to get the power himself some day. Thatís a Slytherin from head to toe, playing always by his own rules to get to the top of the pops, no matter if he has to step over a couple of losers to get there. Thatís natureís rule, survival of the fittest and if someone is fitter than you, get him out of the competition. That last bit is, of course, Slytherinsí rule. But whatís funny about Slytherins is that they cannot be all put into the same bag. I mean, thereís no way of knowing which one of them is going to realise his or her wrongdoing and turn back to the right side. Like, I bet both my buttocks, is Snapeís case. He hasnít lost his cunning mind and acrid sarcasm, heís still a Slytherin but he knows better of what he wants for himself. I daresay heís more Slytherin than all those little Death Eaters under Uncle Voldieís protection; because he wonít take orders from the creepy, snake-looking dudeÖ he thinks higher of himself than to do that. HE WANTS MORE. And thatís the perfect Slytherin to me. At this instance, letís see how Salazar Slytherin could have been. I truly think that he must have started like Snape, a bit too sour and too much of a blood purity fan, who with the passing of time, became a complete psycho that hid a basilisk inside a school. Thereís not too much room for doubt there. I meanÖ come on! The guy was completely off his rocker trying to kill every muggle-born! Thatís not what weíd call sane, now is it?

Iíve left Ravenclaws to be the last because, in my personal opinion, theyíre from the most complex house next to the Slytherin house. Iíll resume how Ravenclaws are more complex by naming two persons that belong to that very same house: Luna Lovegood and Marietta Edgecombs. It was quite clear, wasnít it? The two of them belong to the same house, and the two of them cannot be more different from one another but do try to consider them the extremes. On the one hand, we have Marietta. Always playing by the rules, being what theyíd all call a ďgood girlĒ but so blind by those rules that she forgets about her friends and does not reason by herself to see whatís better. Iím not questioning her intelligence because she probably does just great in all her classes and finds it very easy to learn everything by heart and is gifted with spells and stuffÖ but thatís only one kind of intelligence. On the other hand, and with a complete opposite kind of intelligence we have Luna. She reasons and questions everything, in her own way, completely disregarding all rules ever applicable. Take the nargles or those other creatures she believes in (canít recall the name right now and my OOTP is borrowed *sob*) for example, there is no logical base to say they donít existÖ only the fact that they havenít been seen but what if they were just hiding? She really does have a point, I meanÖ muggles donít know wizards exist but they do! Why canít be the same with those creatures? But wellÖ Iím forgetting my point here. My point is that Loony is not that loony after all. Genius are treated like lunatics most times, and although I donít think Luna is exactly a genius, the fact that sheís eccentric doesnít mean sheís not one of the brightest candles in the cake. Then we have the average Ravenclaw, and that would sort of be Cho. You want the truth? I canít stand her. Sheís such a blind bimbo/drama queen! Cedricís dead sis, I have three words for you. GET. OVER. IT. But thatís just not objective enough for my column, now is it? So hereís my rational taking into the matter. She did try to get over himÖ by kissing Harry *suppresses cry of anger* but she couldnít because sheís a very susceptible and delicate person. *snorts* SorryÖbut even though I donít like it myself, thatís what probably happened to her. Back to her Ravenclaw features, sheíd be the average because although she tries to follow the rules, she does question themÖ a bit. Otherwise, sheíd never have been in D.A. or dragged Marietta to it. Of course, that move didnít actually prove much brilliance, but Iíd like to think that itís just because it was Cho and stupidity is not a feature of Ravenclaws. Mostly because Iíd probably be a Ravenclaw myself if I was sorted.

How about you, my dears? Are you all acquainted to the house you are supposed to be in? Or are you in doubt? I do hope this rambling cleared things out for you a bit and coming up next (I promise it wonít be with this delay), Iíll show you how this houses are going to split and/or join against or with Lord Voldie himself. With all that needed to be said, said, I bid you farewell, my children, and until next time, may fair fortune be yours!

Joy ^.^

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