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.: Predicting the Past: Marauder Chronicles :.

Back I am, my dears, a wee bit before my two-weeks deadline because my love for cliffhangers is only overcome by my love for chocolate and my love for you. I know, I’m sweet but I can’t hide it… you deal with it. Besides, with the HBP release date SO close, I'll have to get on with all my crazy theories before it comes out and Stefan gives me the boot for being a fraud.0_o Ok, forget that... where was I? Oh yes… unveiling the overwhelming mysteries of the past either through careful and minutely precise revision of already stated facts or through the reading of loads of soggy brown stuff a.k.a. tea leaves study. The predicting method is up to you, my children, but you’ll be surprised to see how matching the results through both methods can be.

In my last editorial, we were discussing the controversial conversation between Remus Lupin and Harry Potter that took place in our favourite movie by Alfonso Cuarón, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. What forced my reasoning the most was a particular phrase that implied Lily Evans-Potter being Remus’ only friend for a matter of time. If this is true or not, only Almighty Jo will be able to clear this out for us but while she’s busy with her life (something we will be having to get eventually, specially me), I’ll try to help you out with this, deal?

Ok, the possibility of it being before he started hanging around the school grounds as a fully fledged and very dangerous werewolf with his three little zoological friends was already discussed but what about after that? What if they had a break in their brotherhood-like friendship? If so, how are their bonds still so strong after 13 years? I have some ideas that might turn out to be the answer to those questions. But first, let’s get an idea of the temporal situation of our new theory…

Picture yourselves in VW I… you’re part of the resistance, the Order of the Phoenix. You’re abysmally outnumbered by the Death Eaters, your chances of winning are from slim to none and on top of it, you’ve found out your ranks have a spy. There’s someone among you that keeps telling Lord Voldie all your plans and schemes and who’s with you and who is not. Pretty nasty, huh? Well… they lived through it, or barely… Our beloved Marauders had to wake up every morning knowing that that day could be their last or their best friend’s last day and what’s even worse, that one of the few people they did trust, wasn’t all that trustworthy after all… Personally, I believe the worst thing that a friend can do to you is betraying you. I’d rather have them disappoint me or just forget me before having them killing my trust just like that. That surely explains why I hate the blasted rat so much. Anyways, back to what I was saying… The Potters knew that one of their closest friends was selling out information on them but they didn’t particularly know who it was. Sirius left it quite clear whom he suspected of in POA (the book). He suspected Remus. Otherwise, he would have told him about his little I-am-not-the-secret-keeper-after-all plan.

But what would lead him to suspect of someone like Remus? I mean, from the moment I laid eyes on him, erm… well… from the moment I read his description on the train, I knew he was a good guy and in the end, where you can suspect of him befriending Sirius (who you still think is a cold hearted assassin), I still loved the guy! But well… I’m special when it comes to Remmy… I find it so difficult to be objective about him! I’ll try anyway. What seemed to be the crucial matter of trust-worthiness in Harry’s third year, when it came to Prof. Lupin was his “condition”. Yes, the fact that he’s a werewolf seems to even be keeping him of getting a job before Dumbledore accepted him in Hogwarts and made Ron freak out when Hermione told them about it. Would this be also a taken into account when it came to his friends to search for a spy? Would they actually believe that it could affect his usual behaviour in anyway? I know as much as you do in the subject but we can know for sure is that at least, Sirius considered him the spy, for this of for another reason that is unknown to us. But at least we know as a basis that someone suspected Remus. But what if that someone turned out to be everybody?

Maybe, as Sirius, they had all grown up in wizard families and had this sort of prejudice against werewolves, like they have against giants with their aggressiveness. When Hermione told them in the Shrieking Shack that Remus was a werewolf, the one that was scared the most was Ron, coincidentally or not, the only one with a wizard up-bringing. That could have led the members of the Order to suspect of Remus too but that wouldn’t imply Lily, because, as Hermione, she was muggle-born, so this prejudice wouldn’t have affected her and as Hermione, she would have trusted him. This would finally lead us back to the statement of Prof. Lupin in the POA movie. MAYBE, everyone did suspect him after all except for Lily, who, far from being scared of her werewolf friend, grew closer to him in those foul days while everyone else was shutting him out of everything. This, of course, doesn’t mean that James (or even Sirius himself) was extremely consternated about thinking this of his own friend. Or that they didn’t trust him at all… I’m particularly sure Lily did talk some sense into James’ head but as everyone else may have been telling him otherwise, I can see him in the edge… partly believing Remus was the spy and partly trying his hardest not to accept this.

This second interpretation of Lupin’s conversation with Harry is, as you can perfectly appreciate, based in more daring theories… what I’m trying to say is that as I had to “re-build” more to come up with it, it has a wider range of percentage to turn out to be a nice little pile of dragon’s sh… well, you know, not true. The nice thing about these two theories is that even though they come taking into account the same sentence, they don’t necessarily have to be one or the other. They can perfectly be both of them or none! As usual, this could only be the constant rambling of a sick, sick fan’s little head and turn out to be nothing but the over-thinking of a not-that-relevant phrase but luckily enough for me, it could also be true.

Any more ideas to it? Or to anything else actually, my inbox is becoming more and more dusty and forgotten. Come on! Do not be lazy, my children and try to write a few lines, for this poor old Seer. At least to tell me to cut the Trelawney-writing cra… erm, style… I’m sorry; I’ve recently discovered I could have the mouth of a toilet seat if I don’t be careful enough. Anyways, now that all that needed to be said, was said, I bid you farewell, my dears and until we meet again, may fair fortune be yours!

Joy ^.^

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