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.: The Significance of Lily Potter - Part Two :.


The recent and long-anticipated release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has answered many of the questions that have been brewing in the minds of fans around the world. It has also conjured a whole new slew of queries and theories. Upcoming editorials will delve into those one at a time, but in this edition, we are going to take a closer look at one of my personal theories.

Before we begin, Snitchers, I must warn you- The theory is a little out there, some may laugh, some may call it downright loony, but I can�t stop thinking about it. To save my sanity, I must share it with the world. So, on that note, hop aboard my crazy train, tuck in, and allow me to explain to you why I think Voldemort isn�t the only horcrux maker we know...

One of the most popular theories since HBP is the �Harry Potter is a horcrux� theory. And while I agree that Harry is a horcrux, I don�t think he�s Voldemort�s.

Here�s why: Voldemort has repeatedly tried to kill Harry. By killing Harry, he runs the risk of destroying part of his soul. Since he has so many parts, maybe he�s willing to do that, but I don�t think so. Also, when that curse backfired, it was very unexpected. Remember, he intended to kill Harry, not make him a horcrux. I don�t think Voldemort had the time, nor the ability to react. Don�t get me wrong, I really like this theory and it would certainly add a twist to the final book...I just don�t think that�s the way it happened.

I think Lily Potter made a horcrux out of Harry that night at Godric�s Hollow. Let�s take a closer look at the possibility.

- You must commit murder to create a horcrux. Technically, Lily killed herself. She didn�t have to die. It is stated over and over again throughout the series. She sacrificed herself.

- Lily was very clever and she had a wand that was very good for charms. The act of making a horcrux is considered a charm.

- Lily plays a significant role in the seventh book and in what �Harry ends up having to do�. (If this makes no sense to you, see my previous editorial, The Significance of Lily Potter, HERE.)

- Lily was Slughorn�s favourite student. Slughorn was the one who told Voldemort about horcruxes.

- We know why Voldemort didn�t die that night in Godric�s Hollow, but why didn�t Harry. I suspect that the reason is slightly different, but essentially the same. We have always been led to believe that the mere act of Lily throwing herself in front of Harry resulted in Harry�s safety. In actuality, it was her sacrifice.

I think that Lily sacrificed her soul, or part of it, which is why the curse bounced off of Harry rather than killing him. Lily made Harry into a living horcrux. She poured a piece of her soul into her son when she died. Even though Voldemort performed the killing curse, Lily killed herself by stepping in front of Harry. She knew she was going to die. That�s why she did it. For Harry to live, she needed to die. She knew the only way to save Harry was to kill herself and give him part of her soul.

Until Harry, nobody has survived the killing curse. Why not? Surely, at some point, somebody has attempted to throw their body in front of a loved one to save them from the killing curse- �Take a bullet�, so to speak, for another. If we believed that someone has tried this with different results, then we must conclude that being a horcrux is what saved Harry. The protection that Harry has in his veins is Lily�s soul. Her love. Her sacrifice. Voldemort didn�t understand the concept and recognize it for what it was, because he views the act of creating a horcrux as a means of self-preservation. He doesn�t understand sacrifice, because he doesn�t understand love. Old magic at it�s best.

- Harry�s eyes are the big clue. The fact that he has his mother�s eyes has been stated repeatedly throughout the series. There has to be a reason for this. It�s not random filler. I believe that he has Lily�s eyes, because he has Lily�s soul in addition to his own. After all, eyes are the windows to the soul.

- Dementors feed off souls. Harry is affected by the dementors more than the average person. Is it because of the horrors he has faced in the past or is it because he has an extra bit of soul in him? Well, you know what I think.

- The final clue is Horace Slughorn. I suspect that old Sluggy shared info on horcruxes with not only Voldemort, but Lily as well. Maybe she asked, maybe he told her with no prompt. I�m not sure, but we do know that Slughorn is on the run and has been since Voldemort returned. Why? I suspect that Slughorn knows that Lily made Harry into a horcrux and also suspect that he fears Voldemort will figure this out. If Voldemort or his followers knew that Slughorn gave Lily the info that led to the Dark Lord�s thirteen year exile, they probably wouldn�t be too happy.

So there you have it, Snitchers, my favourite theory and the reasons behind it. Let us know what you think. Submit your thoughts on the comment board located in the news section or on the Snitch Chat forum. Or better yet, submit your own editorial in response. You can send it in via email. The address is

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