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I Spoke to Rupert Grint, Matthew Lewis (Neville) and Tom Felton, but was not allowed to take photos. Did also see Hagrid, Crabbe, Goyle, Dean Thomas, Alfonso Cuaron and a load of others, but no Dan Radcliffe, although he was on set.

They will be there all next week as far as I understand. You can watch a load of the filming as it is very near the footpaths; you just have to be very quiet when Cuaron says "action"!

I can confirm, that the Hogwarts students are still defintely wearing robes (and cream shirts!) - even though it was nearly 100 degrees there!! I know some people were a bit concerned because of the photos we'd seen so far. In fact Matt Lewis (Neville) had his robe practically shredded. Wanted to ask him why, but guessed he wouldn't tell me anyway!

Also can confirm that Malfoy/Tom Felton no longer has his hair gelled back.

Spoke to Ron/Rupert, Neville/Matt and Malfoy/Tom - all were really nice blokes, who were very willing to sign autographs and have a chat. Tom was so enthusiastic about the location and sounded like he was having great fun.

It was very strange to see signs for "Lupins" and see a model Hippogriff being moved by three anamatronics guys. We were so close to the filming that you could hear Cuaron say "action" and we all had to be silent and avoid walking behind the set - it was very exciting, even though I am old enough to know better.

On Set Pics ...

Thanks to Elizabeth