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TheSnitch staff members Diana, Laurie, Stefan and Raadhika went to Los Angeles in order to attend a variety of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix related events, such as a screening of the movie, the LA premiere and the LA press conference.

.: Screening Of The "OOTP" Movie :.

Date: Thursday 05th July, 2007 (PM)
Location: Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank
Staff Members In Attendance: Diana and Raadhika
Review: Click here for the review of Order of the Phoenix by TheSnitch staff members Stefan and Raadhika.

Diana and I attended a screening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on Thursday, July 5 at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California, we can tell you how amazing it was to go to Warner Bros. and how incredibly nice everyone we met there was to us!

Driving up to Warner Bros. itself was exciting. We were stopped at a red light and saw a huge painting of Bugs Bunny on an enormous wall right in front of us and just as we were about to make a left onto Warner Boulevard we realized that we were staring at WB's gigantic lot! We had made it (of course getting a little lost in Studio City and North Hollywood along the way)! As we drove to the gate onto the lot, we saw a huge image for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on a WB wall to our right. When we turned onto the lot we saw two things; an enormous WB water tower, which we took pictures of at night when we first got there and again at night all lit up when we left WB when the screening was over, and security guards. We handed them our ID and a few moments later we were allowed to drive farther onto the lot where we saw another security guard and parked. We didn't know where to go for the screening so we asked the security guard who pointed us in the right direction. We went into the building where the screening was being held, gave our names and met some very cool and friendly people from Warner Bros., we went inside the screening room! The theatre was really nice and the seats were very comfy and Diana and I looked through the reading material on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix that we had been given when we signed in. We chatted while we waited for the lights to dim...

It was all very exciting! And thank you so much to Warner Bros. for it all!

.: "Order of the Phoenix" LA Premiere :.

Date: Sunday 08th July, 2007 (PM)
Location: Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood
Staff Members In Attendance: Raadhika and Stefan
Footage: Videos – Stay tuned to TheSnitch for these!

The Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix premiere was held down Hollywood Boulevard, at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre to be precise. The whole street had been barricaded off for the day and this was done to ensure that no vehicles would enter during the proceedings. Moreover, the weather for the premiere was just what the doctor had ordered, due to the fact that it kept pleasant and sunny and warm all day, which was the complete opposite to the weather at the London premiere, which not only consisted of rain, but also thunder and lightning too!

To the right-hand side of the road, fans had begun to line up for the event from the night before (in order to get the best spots) and were located in various positions down the road. Moreover, fans were also positioned on three stands placed at various points down the road; this was done to ensure that all of the fans that wanted to attend the premiere could. Located frequently along Hollywood Boulevard, on the fan-side of the road, were various promotional Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie posters as well as music from the soundtrack; this truly brought a sense that this premiere was magical and ultimately a Harry Potter premiere.

The adjacent side of the road is where the red carpet was located; this was not only walked on by all of the Harry Potter stars, but also other celebrities as well as all their families and friends. Behind the barricades on the red carpet is where TheSnitch and all of the other media – broadcast, print and fan site press – were located; each press outlet had its own spot designated by a sticker. TheSnitch was right near the entrance to the theatre and was next to TheLeakyCauldron and also a pleasant local television company hosted by television personality, Jovanny Venegas.

While we were waiting for the premiere to start and for all of the stars to arrive, we had the fantastic opportunity to meet a few webmasters and web mistresses of other sites! The most memorable were our partners Page & Sharon from, our partner Laurie from Snitch Seeker, Michelle & Bobby from Harry Potter's Page, Sue from The Leaky Cauldron whom we stood next to at the premiere, Andy & Courtney from Harry Potter Fan Zone, and Matt from Veritaserum.
And now onto the celebrities...

After we took our places on the red carpet, the stars began to arrive! Melissa Joan Hart was there as was Miley Cyrus with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. Heroes stars Masi Oka and Greg Grunberg were there, too, and Valerie Bertinelli, Ashley Tisdale, Hector Elizando and more!

And then came the Harry Potter stars! First we talked to producer David Barron (who was so sweet and kind!) at length about the films, and producer David Heyman (who was very charming!) was brought over to us to speak about the film, and director David Yates (who was just so amazing and so sweet and so kind and so wonderfully fun to talk to and so insightful and warm and funny and... ok, I'll stop gushing!). And we also spoke to screenwriter Michael Goldenberg who was also very wonderful to talk to, and we had a few questions for Dan, too, who was funny and sweet while answering them.

You can view TheSnitch's snap shots at the LA Premiere by clicking here.

.: "Order of the Phoenix" LA Press Conference :.

Date: Monday 09th July, 2007
Location: Los Angeles
Staff Members In Attendance: Raadhika
Audio: Press Conference Audio (right click and select "Save Target/Link As")

On Monday, July 9th, Raadhika was in attendance at the Los Angeles Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Press Conference for TheSnitch. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson answered questions for thirty minutes and were followed by director David Yates, producers David Barron and David Heyman, screenwriter Michael Goldenberg and Imelda Staunton answering more questions for another thirty minutes!

Below are a few highlights:

^0^ Dan talking about the kiss with Katie and what music would accompany the fifth film well.

^0^ Dan, Emma & Rupert talk about growing up on films & the honour of having their hands, feet and wands immortalized in cement.

^0^ The Trio discuss working with Harry Potter fan Evanna Lynch.

^0^ The Los Angeles Tar Pits.

^0^ What it would be like playing a death scene.

^0^ The Harry Potter books.

^0^ Portraying the advanced spells used in the fifth film and the need for a choreographer.

^0^ Rupert says that his character Ron Weasley is not a wimp in this film.

^0^ Rupert talks about the romance he'll have with Lavender Brown in the sixth film.

^0^ Emma touches on the similarities between herself and Hermione Granger.

^0^ David Yates describes what it's been like working on the fifth film.

^0^ David Heyman says that Dan, Rupert & Emma are the same humble people they were now when he first met them.

^0^ David Yates says that the sixth film will be a different film from the previous ones and will contain "sexual politics".

^0^ The three Davids say that there are no ghosts at Hogwarts, meaning that nothing eerily strange has happened on set, although the roof does leak when it rains .

^0^ David Yates says that it would be crazy not to incorporate elements of Book 7 into the sixth film.

^0^ David Heyman says that the fifth film incorporates some foreshadowing of the sixth installment, such as looks from Ginny which indicate the relationship between Harry & Ginny in the sixth installment.

^0^ Evanna Lynch is a "veritable mine of information" about Harry Potter and probably knows more about the books than J.K. Rowling.

^0^ Deleted Scenes on the Order of the Phoenix DVD.

All these subjects can be heard in the audio download at the top of this portion.



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