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The Hand/Foot Ceremony is an event that has occurred in Hollywood ever since the 1920’s and was established in order to celebrate the achievement of actors and their contribution to the media world; plaques that are currently there include the likes of people such as John Wayne.

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint were honoured at this event by not only having their hands and feet immortalized in cement, but also their wands too, due to their immense achievements with the Harry Potter franchise.

.: The Hand, Foot And Wand Ceremony :.

Date: Monday 09th July, 2007 (PM)
Location: Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood
Staff Members In Attendance: Raadhika and Stefan
Footage: Click here.

The event started at around 11:30 and was conducted by the honorary Mayor of Hollywood, while Alan Horn (the President and COO of Warner Bros.) was in attendance of the event as a guest speaker, along with David Heyman too. Once the speeches occurred, the trio was introduced to the fans and press; this is when the main part of the ceremony began.

The dark grey cement was laid out on the floor ready for the trio to use; the top of the plaque was inscribed with the famous Harry Potter movie logo. The wands were the first objects placed into the cement, followed by the writing of the trio’s signatures; this was established by using the specially-crafted pens. Once the signatures were completed, the hands were placed into the cement and moulded into position; once the washing off of the cement from their hands had occurred, their feet were then imprinted. At this point in the ceremony, the honorary Mayor of Hollywood stated that the shoes the trio had worn would be placed into the Max Factor museum, to become part of the current display of shoes from previous nominees of this event.

The ceremony ended by the trio going off to sign autographs for all of the fans that had attended, along with the press getting a chance to take photographs of the cement block, before it was whisked away to dry.

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