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.: Ninth Prediction: Little Miss Weasley :.

Ah... my dears, how dazzling and confusing can the vestiges of the future be even to the trained eyes of a Seer! So much time passes in this rational and material world and to add things to come to anyone’s thoughts would be overwhelming!... NO! I’m not trying to justify Trelawney’s insanity! I’m trying to justify mine but as you see, I’m not succeeding. I’m such an idiot! I can’t believe I didn’t write on HER before! She’s such an intricate maze of thoughts and events that forged such an interesting personality to such a lovely persona. Of course you guys know who she is! Not only is it obvious... you read the editorial’s title!

Ginevra Molly Weasley... the littlest redhead... the family’s girly-girl... everyone’s frail, young and naďve sister! Can you come up with something further from the idea that Ginny has of herself? To her eyes, she’s not naďve, she’s not that young and she’s most definitely not frail! In fact, I can picture her with her arms in her waist and throwing me that infuriated Molly-like stare for the mere mention of the possibility of her not being as able as her brothers are. She’s proven her point quite impressively so far and I bet both my buttocks she’s gonna prove it further on even more impressively.

What is the base of my theory, you’re asking? I’ll be more than pleased to answer that. Let’s do it following the timeline order, shall we?
We’ll start by taking into account her earliest years. She was born the seventh to her parents and that’s already hard... now make all her older siblings males, I’ll put that again in capitals so you see the importance of the situation, BROTHERS... she has six of them, and they’re all older. I dunno how many of you are under a similar situation to our dear Gin-gin but one older brother would make you understand her to a certain extent. She has six, and she’s the only girl. I bet that probably they all just kinda lived wrapped around her little finger, due to the age difference and all. She was like the boys’s pretty doll and they would do anything to please her. I can almost see Bill and Charlie telling off Ron or the Twins for contradicting their little queen, but of course, until something the little queen said or did went against their own benefits... then the little queen became that pestering girl. That’s why I guess she adopted the damsel in distress character. To avoid being bullied. The bad side on that is that now she’s still considered the little innocent girl she once wanted them to believe she was, not that she ever was one, though. We’re looking at her first appearance in PS, here. All tearful and moaning about wanting to go to Hogwarts... but in COS, she did, after all, fight Tommy’s control over her to the point of throwing away the nasty little diary and being quite close of frustrating pre-Lord Voldy-poo’s plan... if only Harry wasn’t THAT nosy... *laughs* I’m just kidding, but think of it. She could have stopped him all by her little, frail and naďve self. And she was only eleven years old.

Then something happened in between GOF and OOTP because when we see her again, she’s not the same shy little girl. She’s somewhat friskier and doesn’t panic at the immediate sight of Mr Potter. On the one hand, she’s older and more mature and on the other... we can’t forget she got herself a boyfriend! That Michael guy... I know he’s gone now but I’m afraid she might have got out of her crush on Harry. Why am I afraid? Because I think they’re just P-E-R-F-E-C-T for each other *ducks shoes, vegetables and rocks thrown by Harry/Hermione shippers*. Evidently, this is a very personal point of view and there are others different than mine... If you didn’t get that, it means stop throwing things at me because I’m not saying you’re all crazy... although I still hope Jo agrees with my point of view! ;-) What we try and stand on is everything in COS that came to light in OOTP. I’m not only talking about her experience on being controlled by Voldemort (I really like the way she reminds Harry of that in St. Mungo’s when he thinks Lord Voldie controlled him to hurt Mr Weasley) but they also look incredibly lovely together! They remind me of Lily and James who are by far my favourite couple! The red hair looks just amazing with the messy black hair... *sighs*

Ok, back to our redhead... In OOTP Ginny takes on a sort of leading role when she joins the select group that went to the Ministry of Magic and she has proven, both there and in the DA that she’s almost as fragile and frail as a brick wall! If my memory still works, she was one of the last to fall along with Neville in Harry’s personal armada. "It's only my ankle, I can do it myself!" I remember her saying. She keeps thinking of the rest of the group before herself, while they still help and support her as the next sentence is "but the next moment she had collapsed sideways and grabbed Luna for support”.

Well... of course, you wouldn’t think she was made of bloody stone, would you? She still needs support and everything but she KNOWS she has it with her family and her friends and that makes her even stronger.

That would be about it, my children, until my material hands lie on my very desired copy of the Half Blood Prince and my inner self takes in all that much precious information! Just remember that if my theories are not true and you feel disappointed on my writings, remember you sorta enjoyed reading them, I hope you had some fun doing it and... well, it was just to pass the time *fidgets in seat*... or you can always complain to the Head of Editorials! (Remember I love you, Stef!).

Now, with all that needed to be said, said... I bid you farewell, my dears, and until you reach for the Half Blood Prince, remember me and my crackpot wacko theories and ... MAY FAIR FORTUNE BE YOURS!!

Joy ^.^

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