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.: Nevilles Luna Eclipse :.

Ah, good day to you all my Potter-Attics. Alas it has been too long, I do apologise, School, losing my vice-captaincy, exams and more work can make life pretty busy. However, how could I forget those who are in need of me fuelling their fire of Potter theories? Well, I feel that I have a bit of a habit of matching couples as of late, and this editorial is no exception.

Most people when they think Luna, there is always the connotation that she will get together with either Ron or Potter; but has anyone really thought about Neville all on his lonesome? Surely he must end up with someone. Now that someone won’t be Ginny, as at current she is dating Dean Thomas (OOTP pg 763), and only paired with Neville so she could attend the Yule Ball in GOF. But have many people seriously considered the Neville and Luna theory; it’s a real possibility. Both share the same ancestry situation (lost one or both parents); same sense of living in their own worlds of solitude, and Neville might just be the only one gullible enough to actually believe Luna’s theories!

Now just because Neville and Luna have shared the same loss of parents doesn’t mean that they should be choosing their wedding décor just yet. However it does mean that they have a common ground. To elaborate, it simply means that they share a common path that has shaped their attitudes, beliefs and perspectives on life. Although Luna’s mother and Neville’s parents exited on different terms, there is still a common void that they share, and for the rest of their lives they will be attempting to fill that void. Now with the same outlook on life, it is very possible (more probable) that they will share the same opinions, and will find it easier to get on. Although we may consider Harry and Luna as a possibility, I’m still on the idea that Harry will either die or become too incapacitated for any sort of relationship by the end of the series. However, we also know from reading OOTP that Harry, like Hermione, believes that Luna has lost most of her marbles.

Is it me or is it noticeable that Luna and Neville seem to be off with the fairies in their own worlds (Luna more so!). Neither of them is unintelligent (no matter how clumsy Neville is), but they seem to be persons who enjoy their solitude, and speak up only when their confidence raises and they feel their opinion and feelings need to be heard. However for the other times they do not speak, they instead seem to listen to the conversation, and silently develop their own ideas and opinions. Whilst they continue to do so, it leaves our minds to ponder what they could possibly be thinking about. However what they do think about during these times is unimportant, because I am only attempting to establish similarities between the two, to outline the possibility of a relationship in the future, because after all, similarities=common ground=compatibility.

Another similarity between the two is that they seem to be loners (and I don’t mean that in a bad way). I know that Luna has her selected friends, and Neville has his Gryffindor friends, but really, outside of those few people, few like or can get on with them. But the question is raised; do these friends really know all that much about them? For example, do many people know about Luna’s mother? No! Because if they did, don’t you think they would treat her differently, with a higher tolerance level for her quirkiness. This is also the same case with Neville, because honestly, no one but Dumbledore, The Order and the Trio really know what happened to his parents.

If people knew, there would be a higher tolerance for the both of them. If you are a person who is out there saying that tolerance would not increase, I have that corner covered too; what about POTTER? ‘Oh, poor boy, growing up with no parents’. Even though he was the ‘boy who lived’, he was also the ‘boy who lived without parents’. Ludo Bagman is a classic example of the tolerance. He didn’t treat Diggory the same as Potter. But it isn’t purely because Harry’s parents died that he was treated differently; it was just a contributing factor that helps give Potter the sympathy vote. To tie up this loose end, Luna and Neville are again similar, because they are reserved about their ancestry, and choose to be ‘loners’ rather than socialites.

Finally to my last argument, which is fairly weak, but all the same I found it rather amusing enough to include. Neville just might be the only one gullible enough to actually believe Luna’s theories and philosophies. To tell you the truth, I might be a bit of a Neville, but I believe that the Crumple-Horned Snorkack exists! In the Hog’s Head, as Luna rambles on about Fudge’s army of Heliopaths, Neville inquires as to what they are. Instead of Neville implying that he was gullible, it was Hermione who did so (the character that JKR said could say or imply anything that needed to be explained without sounding like a poorly written character). ‘They don’t exist Neville,’ said Hermione tartly. (OOTP pg 308) Hermione implies that Neville would be that gullible. Perhaps this would mean that Neville would be the only one gullible enough for Luna, hence the only one suitable for Luna.

So to end this editorial, I would like to pause for a moment to ponder what married life would be like in the Longbottom-Lovegood household ...... END MOMENT

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