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.: My Friends the Marauders :.

Good day to you all my Potter attics. I am sorry but it appears that I have been suffering from writers block for the past month, what with exhaustive exams and pathetic results. But alas, I have made time for you all, how could I forget the people who need me and the very outrageous ideas that I produce. However, we must keep this piece of work between me and you because my Food Technology teacher is gliding around the room constantly peering over my shoulder. Now forget my circumstances because I am about to indulge you in the world of Potter, and the outlandish idea today that concerns firstly the Marauders.

What do you think when The Marauders are mentioned to you? Do you think of an unforgivable betrayal, a tragic death, another tragic death of a man wrongly accused, and the poor life of a harmless werewolf (well it depends upon what time of the month you are talking about)? What I think when I hear The Marauders, besides their almost tragic endings is the personalities and characteristics that led to their life circumstances. When you examine these characteristics, you can see that they are almost stereotypes, and they are repeated in the next generation of Marauders: Potter, Weasley, Granger and Longbottom. However, that is not the only place that you will see these stereotypes, for if you think to your days of school and any sort of society in which you participate, don’t we all have a Marauder in and around us? I know that I certainly do.

Now the most famous marauder of all would have to be Mr James Potter of course! This gentleman seemed to be leader of the group of Marauders back in his Hogwarts days. This was the guy who had it all; that seductive charm and looks, no financial difficulties that are obvious, a seemingly normal family, without extremist parents, exam marks that are ok at school and a sense of confidence which many people lack. This guy, Potter, is the person that many guys want to be; after all he was a successful Quidditch player on Gryffindor, the team with it all! This was the stereotypical marauder of Hogwarts back in his day.
Hmm, now let’s ponder who could be the next generation Marauder… hmmm…. That’s not hard now is it? HARRY POTTER of course, his son! Although Harry’s life and perspectives may not be completely identical, he retains many similar characteristics to his father and his social position with his friends and at school remains relatively the same. For example, he seems to be the leader of his group with Ron, Hermione and Neville (although he may be debatable). Whatever Harry wants to do with his friends he gets to do. Since becoming a wizard, he has no sign of financial difficulties and is fairly popular within his society at school (in between being considered the heir of Slytherin and responsible for Cedric’s death etc). Many guys want to be him, while girls want to be with him. Is this not a striking resemblance to his charming father? Although he lived with the Dursleys since he was one, he real parents were fairly normal, and they stood up for what they believed was right. These similarities of course are expected.

The next marauder is one who seems tough on the outside, but really is a sweetie on the inside. The man of the moment of course is Sirius Black! Sirius Black is the person who won’t reveal his emotions easily and doesn’t exactly wear his heart on his sleeve. Black, like many other characters has something holding him back from being the best he can be; his family’s reputation for being very dark and lucrative. Black is the type of character who seems to not mind being the best friend of the leader of the group, but occasionally would appreciate the leadership position every once and a while.
This may shock some, and not surprise others, but I find Ron to be a very suitable parallel to Sirius the Marauder. He doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve very often, unless it comes to his family, and still you had to dig for a while to discover his true emotions. Ron of course is the best friend of Harry Potter, the leader of the new generation of the marauders. Ron usually doesn’t mind that Harry has the leadership and popularity, but we do see his character crack sometimes, and his true emotions are revealed, and he shows that he doesn’t always like being in the shadow of his best friend. After all, Gilderoy Lockhart says ‘Fame is a fickle friend’. The next similarity is that there is a circumstance with his family that he cannot control; their poverty. This poverty is what makes many people prejudiced towards him and his entire background. This poverty is what holds him back as a student, the ability to obtain a higher ranking in his social circle and quite possibly the future of him obtaining a job (no I don’t think that Ron will die! Not in a million years… or whenever!). Like Black, Ron values friendship highly, as he knows that his true friends won’t judge him no matter his circumstance. Is Black a famous marauder who is a ‘one off’ character, or does he fit the mould of stereotypical characters in fiction and society?

What would be a group of marauders without the bossy boots know it all who is always trying to look after their friends? Well these characteristics fit two characters, Remus Lupin and Lily Evans. Remus was the marauder who tried desperately to control his friends and keep them out of trouble, or at least he tried to convince everyone that he did! Remus is a caring person, who also values friendship highly! Remus had a secret, until he taught Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts! Remus is a werewolf, which prevents him from gaining much respect from society, and ultimately contributing to his unemployment. This prejudice from society as whole runs parallel to many happenings and racial prejudice present in today’s society.
Lily Potter, not necessarily a Marauder, but she has a very strong connection to them, as well as being a very recognisable universal character mould. Lily was the worrier of the lot. Lily Potter, a Mudblood, also had racial prejudices from her wizarding community, which made fanatic pure-blood wizards disregard any real talent that she had and a general disrespect towards her.
With these two characters in mind, who do they remind you of? You’re dreaming if you think it doesn’t describe Hermione. Who is the caring and most ‘mature’ friend of them all? Hermione of course! And who is the bossy boots? Hermione is the next generation marauder for Lupin, with a twist of Lily intertwined, a brilliant mixture I think!

The last marauder we are going to look at today is the disgraced Peter Pettigrew, who in my opinion deserves to die! Anyways, Peter, in his school days, was the scrawny little boy who was trying to fit into a crowd. He didn’t have it all, didn’t have good looks, a good intellect, no common sense and no real defined style and personality of his own that would make him recognisable in a large crowd. Peter was always the person trying to fit in, and his thirst for social acceptability is what has driven him to where he is today. He tried so desperately to fit in with the Marauders, desperate to be respected and valued. When he found that he was at the bottom of this group, Peter went looking elsewhere for a higher appreciation which he found with the Death Eaters. Being close to Dumbledore and the Potters is what made him important. He felt he was recognised for his efforts and had been congratulated for them; however he had to go into hiding once the marauders found out. Pettigrew was lost and abandoned again, when he found the Weasleys, people who took him in and appreciated him. This thirst to prove himself is what led to his ‘evilness’! However it is the choices that he made which led him to his current path in life; however I feel that Neville will make much better choices, as I find him to be the next generation marauder.
Neville Longbottom has a striking resemblance to the Pettigrew in his Hogwarts days. Neville is desperate to find a crowd to fit into, or at least he was until Order of the Phoenix. He found refuge with the marauders, much like Pettigrew. Neville is also extremely timid and very easily influenced, much the same as Pettigrew. However, I feel that Neville will not ever pick the dark side, purely because of his life circumstances; his parents being stuck in St Mungo’s and his Gran would be on his case for ever if he chose to take the dark path. Neville has a lot of talent which he is about to show us I believe, and now he is in a comfortable environment with friends he trusts, and his abilities will be recognised in this environment.

Now what would be a fictional story without the token person who is just pure evil for no reason? Snape, not a marauder of course, but closely connected to them; he is their arch enemy. Snape is the type of character who has a permanent chip on his shoulder against people who have a better life than him. By better, I mean a warmer family. In OOTP, we are taken into Snape’s memory of his parents fighting (didn’t you just feel really bad for him when you saw that?! I know I did! Aww!). Snape, not the prettiest or nicest of people, found it hard to be accepted into the good society. His family position didn’t command much respect, so Snape tried to earn it by making people fear him. His nasty attitude is from many years of family problems and most likely abuse. It is no wonder he chose the dark side!
One word… DRACO! Draco Malfoy of course is Snape’s modern parallel. Draco has had a similar up bringing to Snape; a cold family with little love. Draco too has chosen the dark side of the tracks, but because he is young I feel that there is still time for reform. Draco is the enemy of the next generation marauders, and always tries to sabotage their plans for anything. Does Draco remind you of anyone in your life at all, or in any books you have read? He is a familiar character to all of us, but you have to look between the lines to notice it.

What is the point of this editorial you ask? I have written it so you can see the characters for what they really are; created from universal moulds of 2D characters. You have the hero, the one who wants to be the hero, the smart one, the clumsy one, the evil one etc. JKR has made all these characters from universal moulds, and has given them their own little world to live in and networked all their relationships; the working of a very talented writer, but then again we already knew that didn’t we? I now beg of you to look into your own society, whether it be at work, sport, school or home societies and see if you can find a marauder in the people around you. I can tell you I have a marauder in all the teachers at my school, eg, the principal is the evil one, the head teacher administration is the clumsy one, my year advisor is the hero (SICA YOU ROCK!) and my legal studies teacher is the smart one. So delve into your own society and discover what marauder you can see!

Until next time my Potter-Attics

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