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.: Kenneth Branagh To Return To Wizardry? :.

Actor and Hollywood director Kenneth Branagh has spoken for the first time about a possible return to the Harry Potter movie franchise. According to the Belfast born movie man, who played Gilderoy Lockhart in the big screen adaptation of ‘Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets’, a return may be on the cards if the much vaunted ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’ gets into production in the timescales expected. Speaking to MTV, in the United States, Branagh said that he would be more than up for reprising his part as Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts.

Die hard Hogwarts fans and general movie goers who enjoyed the franchise alike have been all of a flutter since JK Rowling announced the extension to her novels in what is neither a prequel nor a sequel, as mentioned by The Snitch. When you bear in mind that the eight Harry Potter movies have brought in no less than $7.7 billion worldwide, it is hardly surprising that Warner Brothers’ boss Kevin Tsujihara was so keen to secure a new screenplay that could add to the canon.

"It will be fascinating to see how this all works out," Branagh said. He went on to joke that if the producers could use really interesting techniques to make him look a little younger - about a hundred years younger - then that would maybe be a good thing.

However, Branagh admits that he does not know anything substantial about the project yet. He said that the producers of the Fantastic Beasts film have his telephone number should they wish him to be involved. Set seventy years in advance of the first Harry Potter film, there is no guarantee that he would reprise his role, but the possibility is certainly intriguing and Branagh appears to be making the right noises, so far as his fans are concerned, at least. Until Rowling finishes her script, then everyone concerned in the enterprise remains in the dark – at least for the time being.

Many think that the movie will be ready for release by 2016. However, Potter fans fear that another big movie release, Batman vs Superman, may push its launch backwards. Nevertheless, insiders reckon that it will be movie shown in IMAX at an enabled cinemas, like those at Cineworld. Fans of the fantasy genre and Imax screenings have the second instalment of The Hunger Games too look forward to, however. According to Cineworld, this one should reach their Imax cinemas by November 2015.

In the meantime, Branagh has also spoken – even if a little tentatively – about at his time spent directing Thor for Marvel Studios. He said that he looks back fondly at his time there and is open to the idea of returning one day. Branagh added that seeing both Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston become two major movie stars is a really great pleasure for him and that he was very proud to have been a part of it.

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