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TheSnitch reviews the Harry Potter Interactive DVD Game Hogwarts Challenge

.: Interactive DVD Game Hogwarts Challenge Review :.

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Harry Potter Interactive DVD Game Hogwarts Challenge (2007)

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Review By: Raadhika Madala

Published: December 15, 2007

Stars: Jim Dale

Release Date: December 11, 2007 (US)


To accompany the release of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix DVD, Warner Bros. has created a new game that can be played using a DVD player and remote control!

Gameplay begins with getting sorted into your Hogwarts house - you have the option of either choosing which house you would like to be in or of having the Sorting Hat decide for you. After you've been sorted, you can start attending classes and play quidditch. The game follows students through their first three years at Hogwarts, and in each year, classes include Potions, Charms, and Transfiguration. And watch out - some of the lessons are really difficult to master! And you must do so, otherwise the game will not advance.

Extracurricular activities are also included such as teaching your owl how to navigate while in flight, and you can earn house points if you complete them successfully! And sprinkled throughout the gameplay are chance episodes, which feature video clips from the first three Harry Potter films. If you're doing well, the clips reflect that, and if you're not...well then they reflect that too! They can also add or take away points.

The game offers the option of playing in single player or multi-player modes. If you are playing with other people, definitely keep in mind that once someone has been sorted into a house, another player is not allowed to be sorted into that same house - so if you have your heart set on being in a specific house, then make sure that you pipe up and claim it for your own before it goes to someone else! You can also choose which level of difficulty that you would like to play the game at: easy, medium and hard. The audio and video of the DVD are great. And one of the best things about the game is having Jim Dale, the narrator of the American Harry Potter audio books, follow you along on your journey through Hogwarts.

Special Features

Trailers: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chill Out Scooby-Doo!

Final Thoughts & Rating

Overall Rating: A

This game is a fun way to experience attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, either playing alone or with family and friends! It also makes a great addition to the Harry Potter videogames that you probably already own!

Thank you to Warner Home Video for providing TheSnitch with a review copy of the DVD Game.


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