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.: Helena as Bellatrix and Bellatrix Herself --Contains Spoilers! :.

As one of few American fans of Helena, I thought that I’d add my input as to her new upcoming role. Helena has not had much history playing a villain. She, however, has a great deal of history playing a mad woman. In fact, the only role that I could come up with in which she was a villain was in “Wings of the Dove”, and even in that she wasn’t a full-fledged villain. If you’re interested in hearing about some of her odd roles, other than the well-known, read the following:

A Room with a View: Co-starring our lovely Professor McGonagall. She does have my hair in this and some pretty dresses, but otherwise it’s a bore.

Lady Jane: One of her best roles co-starring the great Cary Elwes. Not very historically accurate, but a good story. Another of her earlier films.

Hamlet: The one with Mel Gibson that is nowhere near as good as the one done by Kenneth Branaugh. But she does play a good crazy Ophelia.

(Plane Movie?): Don’t remember the title of this one, but she co-stars with Kenneth Branaugh when they were still together. She plays a woman in a wheelchair who can barely move or speak, but wants to have sex before she dies. A really great movie.

Margaret’s Museum: This one is not for the faint at heart. It’s an excellent movie, if you can take it, but you have to be able to stomach some gore. Her best role yet in my opinion. Takes place in a coal-mining town in Scotland, and is about her coal-mining family.

Helena definitely has the crazy dark hair, the fair complexion, and those amazing dark eyes that are vital for this role. She is a very versatile actress, and I think will excel in this role, especially with the awesome cast that she will be able to work with. Believe me, her part in this will not be disappointing.

I’ve been considering Bellatrix as a character, and I’ve come to a few conclusions. She first comes into the HP timeline in the torturing of the Longbottoms after the downfall of Voldemort. Presumably, this happened because her and her fellow Death Eaters knew that Voldemort was after either Harry or Neville, and having learned about his unexpected downfall with Harry, they didn’t want to believe it and were hoping that he had moved onto Neville. Neville’s parents may or may not have know about all of those interesting secret keeper issues, but I imagine that they would have been overjoyed at the hearing of Voldemort’s infamous meeting with Harry. Their joy would have infuriated Bellatrix and her comrades, so much so that they tortured them until there was no sense in their brains left. Bellatrix was so desperate for any sign of Voldemort that she lost control. I think that she also may be in love with that creep, and that might be another part of it. But she lost control so badly that they were captured, and sent to Azkabahn, where she awaited news from her lord.

When she finally got out of there, she expected to be viewed as his most faithful servant. But, it seems, there’s someone else who was in Voldemort’s favor a little bit more: Severus Snape. Snape gave Voldemort the dish on Dumbledore. Snape was playing the very dangerous “double agent” game. For this reason, Voldemort would have seen Snape as a more vital member to his team than dear Bellatrix. Bellatrix who had suffered so long in Azkabahn waiting for her master’s call.

So it’s no wonder then that there is animosity between Snape and Bellatrix. Bella just doesn’t trust him, and she’s smart, and she’ll figure out his true game soon enough.

I firmly believe that Snape killed Dumbledore against his own wishes because of the Unbreakable Vow. He had to do it, and thought that maybe there would have been some other way out of it. But there wasn’t, and despite how much killing Dumbledore may grieve him, it did do one thing to help their Cause: finalize his loyalty to Voldemort. No one will question him now that he killed Dumbledore, except maybe Bellatrix. I have a feeling that she will continue to keep a close eye on him.

We know that Harry has to kill Voldey. But Harry, as great as he is, will need help to do it. And, I think that his help will come from the most unlikely place: Severus Snape-the man who killed Dumbledore and has treated Harry horribly ever since they first met.

Severus has had to live and breathe this double-agent thing. And part of that is knowing that Voldemort will be monitoring his thoughts and actions from time-to-time, and Voldemort would want to see Snape mistreating the kid that brought on his downfall. The biggest hole in that theory is with the Occulmency lessons, because there Snape really should have tried to help Harry block his mind, shouldn’t he? I believe that Snape had to tread around that whole ordeal very cautiously, and didn’t want Harry to see too far into his thoughts, for then Voldemort would have seen more of the true Snape and all that Snape had been trying to hide for so long. And Snape could put some of them into the pensieve but not all. With the connection between Voldemort and Harry, I have no doubt that Voldey can ready Harry’s mind, and if Harry thought “I hate Snape,” that would have been exactly what Voldemort would have wanted to hear. I am still not entirely satisfied with this explanation, but let’s just leave it for now.

Since Dumbledore is gone now, I believe that the next great wizard after him to help Harry is Snape. We know that he was an extremely bright pupil especially in Potions. Also, with coining the name “Half Blood Prince,” it sounds like he’s proud of not being a Pure Blood doesn’t he? And he wrote that in his book long before ever become a spy, and it could have been just something that he kept to himself. He created his own spells after all. And Dumbledore always trusted him no matter what. And we still have to trust Dumbledore, even after all of this. And when Snape killed him, he was so angry. If he really wanted him dead, he would have been madly crazy ecstatic, a much different emotion.

So Harry will go hunting for His Horcruxes, keeping in the back of his mind “I need to kill Snape.” They will confront each other eventually, and what I’m hoping will happen is this great amazing revelation between the two, and Snape goes off to see Voldemort, who trusts him implicitly now, and then him and Harry will finally GET HIM, and Harry has a new wonderful father figure. “The Scar” will be there as the last two words of the book because it will mark all that remains of the evil Lord Voldemort. But who knows what will really happen.

I was trying to think of someone in the Order who Snape could confide in who wouldn’t kill him on the spot. The only one that I could come up with who wasn’t too connected with Dumbledore was Tonks, and that might be another route. Also, Snape may kill Bellatrix, as you know she’s going to figure out his true plan eventually, in front of Harry so Harry’ll finally know the truth.

I just love Snape the character. I love Luna more, but Snape does make things interesting doesn’t he? Also, the actor is really hot. I still believe it possible that we will witness a miraculous rebirth of Dumbledore, maybe sort of like Voldemort’s rebirth but not as gruesome. I guess that it’s just hard to accept that he’s really and truly gone. But his death did give Harry the focus to know exactly what he needs to do.

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