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.: Harry as a Horcrux --Contains Spoilers! :.

Let's start with this:

7 Horcruxes:
1. Helga Hufflepuff-Cup
2. Salazar Slytherin-Locket
3. Heir of Slytherin-Diary
4. Marvolo's Ring
That leaves...
5. Gryffondor, and Dumbledore says that the only one from Gryffondor is safe in his office--Sword. This could be where he substituted Nagini for Harry's Horcrux.
6. Rowena Ravenclaw (he has to have one from the "cleverest house")
7. In himself so he can maneuver admist his vicious ways.

Why did Voldemort go to see Harry on that Fateful Night? Something like this happened:

Enter Snape.
"Lord, I have news that may interest you."
"I went on an errand to seek a job as a Professor at Hogwarts, just as you instructed me to so that we could keep a closer eye on Dumbledore."
"Upon the errand, I overheard something that I thought would be of vital importance to His Lordship."
"And. What was that?"
"He was speaking with Miss Trelawney. You know that Seer in the shawls? And she delivered a Prophecy in a voice that wasn't her own. I really believe that it was genuine M'lord."
"And, what exactly did she say?"
"Well, you have to understand, I caught this midway through..."
"WHAT did she say?"
"That a Boy rises. A boy with the power to destroy you. And neither shall survive while the other lives. A boy born to the 7th month to a family who has thrice defied you. And, I've looked it up."
"You have, have you."
"And, there are two possibilities: The Longbottoms 1st born, or that of the Potters."
"We could go after them both of course, whatever your Lord wishes. However, I have cermized the following reccomendation: between the two, I'd say the one more than likely to cause you harm is the Potter boy. Call it a hunch. Call it a result of my foul dealings with the Potters. But, that is my reccomendation. Do with it what you will."
"If this Prophecy is genuine as you say it is, it will be placed in the Hall of Records at the Ministry of Magic."
"Where it can only be opened by who it was to and who it was about. That is, if Dumbledore chooses to keep the Memory and send it there."
"Do you think he will?"
"I believe he might."

Even in the Magical World, I highly doubt that the Prophecy just showed up to the Hall of Records of its own accord. Dumbledore had to choose to send it there, as a way of driving Voldemort into the Ministry of Magic. This theory is further affirmed by the fact that all of Albus's many initials were used on the bottle. How many people in the world could have possibly remembered them all?

But now, the issue for Voldemort is not how to get to the Prophecy, the issue is how to get to the baby who potentially threatens him. And, at the moment, the only one who could stand in his way is Peter Pettigrew. I believe that Sirius may have signed on initially for the job, but backed out at the last minute for whatever reason. A reason that he will regret and that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Peter is easily swayed by Voldemort's cunning tactics, so Voldemort is able to sneak in and go after them.

He had intended to use Harry as his Final Horcrux, so he had to have had the item that he wished to use in his possession when he visited the house in Godric's Hollow.

James died first. Then he went after Lily, as Lily shielded herself over her baby. Voldemort asks her to step aside. That she doesn't have to die. This is a little strange because in Voldemort's previous dealings he just blasted through everyone else. But he got stopped by her pleading for the life of her baby. After she was gone, he got stopped by the baby himself.

How did they know that Voldemort had been destroyed? We know that the house had been blown up presumably by the hexes that had flung between James and Voldemort. Could there have been a body? Everyone is rejoicing afterward. People came out of their spells. How did they definitely know?

Sirius was the first on the scene with his giant flying motorcycle. Then came Hagrid. Sirius was upset and offered to take the baby. Hagrid said that Dumbledore wanted him to take him. He did stop a moment to comfort Sirius though. And then he flew off with the baby and his scar etched on his forehead.

The Scar is lightening-shaped like a spell caught in its tracks. And where does it stop? At Harry's eyes. At Lily Evan's eyes.

So Harry, we know, did stop the Avada Kedvra curse, as he is The Boy Who Lived. But that curse had to be linked to he Horcrux somehow, as that is the only way that it would have worked making his death into a Horcrux.

Voldemort didn't miss fire so much as he was blocked by Lily's protection. But, we only know that the Avada Kedvra part of the curse was blocked, not necessarily the Horcrux part. We also know that some of Voldemort's powers were transferred to Harry, as "He will mark him as his equal."

Severus and Harry in the Order of Pheonix (Amer. 531):

"So he could know what we're thinking right now? Sir?"
"The Dark Lord is at a considerable distance and the walls and grounds of Hogwarts are guarded by many ancient spells and charms to ensure the bodily and mental safety of those who dwell within them," said Snape. "Time and space matter in magic, Potter. Eye contact is often essentaial to Legilimency."
"Well then, why do I have to learn Occulemency?"
Snape eyed Harry, tracing his mouth with one long thin finger as he did so.
"The usual rules do not seem to apply with you, Potter. The curse that failed to kill you seems to have forged some kind of connection between you and the Dark Lord. The evidence suggests that at times, when your mind is most relaxed and vulnerable--when you are asleep, for instance--you are sharing the Dark Lord's thoughts and emotions. The headmaster thinks is inadvisable for this to continue. He wishes me to teach you how to close your mind to the Dark Lord."
"The important point is that the Dark Lord is now aware that you are gaining access to his thoughts and feelings. He has also deduced that the process is likely to work in reverse; that is to say, he has realized that he might be able to access your thoughts and feelings in return--"
"And he might try and make me do things?" asked Harry...
"He might," said Snape, sounding cold and unconcerned.

At the end of Half-Blood Prince, Harry mentions wanting to go to Godric's Hollow so that he can see where it all started. Will Voldemort's body be there? The Horcrux that could have been maybe?

So here's a theory on how parts of Book 7 will play out. Harry will go on his quest for Horcruxes. He will find Helga's Cup, something for Ravenclaw, and kill Nagini. The last Horcrux, other than the bit left in Voldemort's self, will be in Nagini or in a Gryffondor relic. Maybe it was something that was in Lily and James's keeping. Something passed down from James's family perhaps?

But Harry will destroy the 6 Horcruxes he can find, and then go after Lord Voldemort himself. He will undergo training similiar to his DA training and his training for the maze, with Hermione and Ron's help. But, in the end, he will have to face Lord Voldemort alone. If he manages to kill Voldey prior to figuring out that he's a Horcrux, then Voldemort would attempt to possess him. Now, he may not even be able to as Harry is strong, and he has too much love inside of him. Voldemort may not be able to even endure such sort of possession. Or, if he can, it may be up to someone else to kill Harry/Voldemort. And that may be where Neville comes into play.

"Neither can live while the other survives"-Prophecy
Finding out that a bit of Voldemort is still kept alive inside of him will drive Harry insane. There must be a spell to shed it, as it is a form of possession. Maybe Hermione will find something so poor Harry doesn't have to kill himself to rid the world once and for all of the Evil Lord Voldemort.

I don't want to say that J.K. will kill off Harry, but I have to admit that it's a definite possibility.

Another Horcrux that I find intriguing is the one of Ravenclaw. If Luna's mother was in Ravenclaw too, what if it was something in her mother's possession, and her mother was killed for it and made into a Horcrux? When I initially heard that Luna didn't have a mother, my first immediate impression was that she died of cancer or some common muggle illness. But that doesn't make sense in the wizarding world. Luna and her father are extremely close. I think the reason why she carries so many strange objects around with her is because she has been preparing for battle all of these years.

But for more on Luna, you'll have to wait for my next article. :)

Another intriguing aspect of this is to think over what Voldemort is missing whilst having his soul so strangely segmented. Some cultures believe that when a soul is segmented, you loose not only bits of yourself, you loose memories. I am starting to believe that maybe Voldemort not only was trying to make himself immortal, he was also forcing himself to forget certain dark aspects of his life, like growing up in the orphanage and later meeting his wayward relatives, and severe them from his body. For, what a better way to get rid of bad memories than to completely separate them from your body? Voldemort could have been normal and used a pensieve like everybody else, but we've already proved that he was not normal. And the idea of doing anything that was particularly unique appealed to him. The Sorceror's stone made him dependent upon the stone, and wasn't unique. Creating seven different Horcruxes is.

But if it's true that Voldemort's soul is tied to memories, that I believe could be to Harry and the Order's advantage when fighting him, as he is so far from his "total self".

Since this discussion is so confusing, I like looking at it in terms of a graph:

Avada Kedavra~ Killing Curse
Horcrux~ Segments the soul due to a violent act.
Killing didn't happen, so soul couldn't be segmented?

Avada Kedvra~~Kill--Horcrux--segment---partial horcrux?

Does a Horcrux have to come from Avada Kedvra? Couldn't it come from Crucio? Like making the person jump off of a bridge for instance?

So then it would be...

This means that Horcrux is not inextricably linked to Avada Kedvra. Which means that they are separate. If they are separate, then one can happen without the other.

If one can happen without the other, then can Harry be a Horcrux without being killed?

If you still say that he's not a Horcrux, answer me these questions:
1. Why were Voldemort's powers transferred to Harry? Like Parsel tongue?
2. Why can Harry and Voldey read eachothers' thoughts/feelings, even if at a great distance from eachother?
3. Why did they pick the same wands?
4. How come the Sorting Hat was driven to put each of them into the same house?

If Harry is a Horcrux, that totally answers questions 1-4. I know that Dumbledore answered these questions in Chamber of Secrets, but his answer isn't sufficient enough for me. So, if Harry isn't a Horcrux, how else would you answer them?

If Harry is a Horcrux, there is no way that Dumbledore would tell him. Dumbledore told him about the Horcruxes that he had some hope in getting rid of. There is no sense in telling Harry about the one Horcrux that he can't help. Dumbledore will only tell Harry what he can do. He won't tell Harry about the things that Harry has no control over.

And if Voldemort unmistakably made Harry a Horcrux, a living breathing Horcrux, and also made Nagini one too, as Dumbledore firmly belived, that also means then that there is a possibility that there are 8 Horcruxes, not 7. Would that make Lord Voldemort mad? Yes, indeed it would. Unless, one of his Horcruxes was spent when he performed the Avada Kedvra curse on Harry, as he was considered to be "dead" by so many. If that is true, we are still at 7.

I also don't think that Harry, if he is a Horcrux, he wouldn't necessarily have to die at his own hand, as that may not even work with the sort of curse that he's trying to rid his body of. He also may not be the one intended to kill Lord Voldemort. That job maybe still up to the most unlikely character in the series: Neville Longbottom. Remember that the Prophecy could have been referring to him as well. And I honestly don't believe that J.K. would have included that information if it didn't mean something. And, in Mrs. Rowling's universe, everything means something.

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