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.: The pay-off will be big for the few Harry/Parvati Shippers! Here's why: :.

I am a Harry & Parvati shipper and am 100% confident that they are going to be one of the final romantic pairings at the end of Book 7. Here are canon clues that I've seen for Harry & Parvati and in very much the same way that I've seen the clues for H/G, R/Hr, etc., as well as my take on Harry & Parvati's future in Book 7.

One of the main reasons why I ship Harry & Parvati together is because I see "anvil-sized" hints - and ones that I feel have been there all along, since Book 1 - that this pairing is going to happen in Book 7, and that it will be one of the final romantic pairings in the series.

I think that after HBP the Harry & Parvati ship is sailing stronger than ever. In fact, everything I was hoping in development for this ship in HBP happened, and I really do think that it's the only Harry ship that actually has a chance of being the final Harry pairing in canon.

Bear with me, this might get long, but I'd like to point out the clues I've seen for this ship starting in Book 1 through Book 6, and what I think will happen with them in Book 7. So, Book 1:

I think in the flying lesson scene when Pansy Parkinson says to Parvati that she never thought Parvati would like "fat little crybabies" isn't because they knew each other before Hogwarts, but because the sorting line is alphabetical, and so they were standing in the sorting line together and Pansy overheard Parvati saying to her sister that "she thinks that boy with the black hair and glasses is cute". Harry's name hadn't been called out yet, so not everyone knew who he was yet, and so I think that shows that Parvati would be interested in Harry even if he wasn't "famous Harry Potter". I think that's important on its own, but especially after Book 6, when a lot of girls want to date Harry for his fame.

And Pansy is always listening in on things - for example, in Book 4, when Harry's talking about Rita Skeeter's article on Hagrid, Pansy's eavesdropping and Harry stops talking about it because of that.

Also in Book 1, during the flying lesson scene, Parvati sticks up for Harry, saying that it wasn't his fault for flying when they weren't allowed to be, and I think that's foreshadowing for something that will happen in the 7th book - I think in Book 7, Parvati's family won't like her dating Harry because it's dangerous, and I think that she'll tell her parents that it's not Harry's fault that he's in the situation he's in and will carry on dating him regardless of what her family thinks. Notice how her parents aren't in the Order, and also in HBP how she had to convince her parents to let her and her sister come back to Hogwarts this year, and also at the end of Book 6 she and her sister are taken away immediately after Professor Dumbledore's death - her parents seem very afraid and not ones to ask for danger, which I think they'd view dating Harry Potter when Voldemort's out there as being.

And throughout the books she gets in trouble at the same time Ron gets in trouble and for much the same reasons - sticking up for Harry during that first flying lesson is one example; another is in Book 4, when they both get in trouble with Professor McGonagall for their appearance when they're waiting for the carriage from Beauxbatons to arrive. Also, Ron and Parvati seem to have the same sense of humor - when they both make fun of Professor Umbridge in the sorting ceremony in Book 5, for example. All of this shows to me that Parvati is a lot like Ron, like Harry's best friend, and shows that Harry and Parvati would get along very well, just like Harry and Ron do.

Also in Books 4 and 5 I noticed two things that show Harry and Parvati have things in common - in Book 4 they both like the same music, because during the Yule Ball it says that Harry "lied" when he says to her that he doesn't like the fast song, the one that she says is a good one, because he just doesn't want to dance any more. And in Book 5, Harry and Parvati both use spoons to check their appearance. I don't think those things are coincidences, I think JKR did that intentionally. Also, in Book 6 it's stated that both she and Harry feel exactly the same way about the Ron/Lavender relationship, when Parvati and Lavender come to dinner and Harry could tell that she "like him" was embarrassed and annoyed by Ron and Lavender's behaviour.

And in Book 5 Harry admits to himself that he sees her point about Hagrid not being a great professor, and we all know that he did, in fact, wind up dropping Hagrid's class in Book 6.

And we see that she's smart and good at magic, which would be important to Harry. In Book 6, Parvati's not only in NEWT Divination, but she's also in NEWT DADA, NEWT Transfiguration and probably NEWT Charms, too.

In Book 2 we see that she's very smart when she suggests that the Chamber can only be opened by using Dark Magic, because she's right. Also in Book 5 she seems to have an exceptional memory, because in the History of Magic OWL I think that Harry's starting to show signs of being a Legilimens and that he actually does see her thoughts/answers to the question about the Trolls, and they were pretty spot on, weren't they? And in Book 6 she remembers who Hermione's been dating over the last few years just like that, off the top of her head.

Also in Book 5, Parvati notices the message on the notice board about Divination having been moved to a different classroom - she notices things. I think her ability to notice things and her exceptional memory and her ability to put two and two together will be important in more ways than one, but I think the way it's important in showing that she and Harry are right for each other is because it shows that she is indeed intelligent and not a fluff-brain, which I think would appeal to Harry.

And in Book 5 Harry sees her as being very compassionate and warm towards Professor Trelawney when Professor Trelawney's upset with Professor Umbridge. He also sees her comforting Lavender over Binky in Book 3, and I think those things are qualities that Harry would like and need in a girlfriend. And she's optimistic, too - in Book 5 she says that they only have four exams left, not like Hermione who thinks four exams is a lot, and I think Harry could definitely use someone optimistic in his life at this point.

And in Book 5 Harry's just noticing her more overall - she seems fun to study with when she and Lavender are making their pencil cases race each other when they're practicing Motor Charms, she takes her schoolwork seriously, in Divination class with Firenze she's brave when she says that she would go back into the Forbidden Forest, after she'd been afraid when she'd once been in there for Hagrid's Care of Magical Creatures Class, and she's also cute and sweet when she sticks up her hand in Divination class with Firenze - all of which show that she and Harry are a good match. And in Book 6 Harry and Parvati finally have a good conversation together, when they talk about how her parents wanted her to leave Hogwarts/what happened to Katie Bell, etc.

And I think it would be cute if in Book 7 Harry takes her to one of Professor Slughorn's parties to make up for the Yule Ball fiasco. He has to make it up to her, and she seems to want to go to one of those parties.

And in Book 4, after the Yule Ball fiasco, she's not at all afraid to snap back at Harry, is she? No. She speaks angrily to him after Care of Magical Creatures when she'd said that Professor Grubblyplank is a really good professor and he says angrily to her, "What about Hagrid?"

And in Book 5, I think we see that Parvati knows the real Harry a bit, because she doesn't think he was lying about Voldemort being back to get himself a bit of fame, and I think that's because after the Yule Ball she understands that Harry's not an attention-seeker and, therefore, that he wouldn't lie to get attention.

And I think Parvati is a true seer. I think in Book 4 she didn't have a date until Harry finally got around to asking her because she had a vision that he would ask her and she wanted to go with him, so she turned down all of her other offers and waited for him to ask her. It's odd that she's the best looking girl in their year, according to Dean, but that she didn't have a date until Harry finally got around to asking her, and I think that's the reason why she didn't have a date and I think we'll find out all about that in Book 7. And in Book 5, during Divination lesson with Firenze, she says that people need to be careful when handling hot things right now - and she's right, because they were working with Mallowsweet fires right after she'd said that. And she is in NEWT Divination now, which must have been hard to get into....

I think in Book 7 she'll have a vision and that it will concern Voldemort and Egypt - I think the fact that her boggart is a mummy is a big clue to that, and also that she can do an awesome Reductor curse and that she blew up the table carrying all the Sneakoscopes to dust with it - it's sort of foreshadowing of her blowing up a mummy...Not to mention Harry's thoughts straying to remembering her doing it...Or that Hermione was reading a book on Hieroglyphs in Book 5. Maybe Hermione's Arithmancy, which was mentioned very much in Book 6, will be important in regards to a trip to Egypt, too, maybe she'll be able to locate a pyramid that they need to get to by using magical arithmetic? Because the ancient Egyptians were fascinated by numbers - I think it was really even them that invented the Pythagorean Theorem and the value of Pie, wasn't it? - and isn't the Great Pyramid built along the Pythagorean Theorem?...Not to mention all of the complicated angles, etc. of each pyramid....

Anyway, I think that Parvati will be brave about going to Egypt and having to face her biggest fear - the mummies - so that she can help in the fight against Voldemort, and I think bravery and wanting to fight evil are important traits for a girl to have if Harry's going to be interested in her. And in Book 6 we're reminded of Parvati's fear of dead bodies/mummies, when she asks about the Inferi in DADA. I think the reason why Egypt will come up is because Voldemort has always been obsessed with immortality, and that he'll be even more so once he realizes that his Horcruxes are being destroyed, and since ancient Egypt and immortality/Phoenixes have always been linked, I think a source for immortality will have been discovered by Voldemort to be in Egypt, and that, of course, he'll go after it. Or send his Death Eaters to go after it for him.

I think it's important that Hermione believes in Divination at the end of Book 5, because I think if Parvati has a vision in Book 7 and tells Harry about it (which I see happening sometime in the first half of Book 7, before Christmas, when I think they'll be getting closer and talking and spending lots of time together) that people might not believe him when he says he believes her, because they'll know how he feels about her and think he's just saying he believes her because he doesn't want to have her being upset with him. But they'd believe Hermione if she said that they should take Parvati's vision seriously.

Which leads me to the budding friendship between Parvati and Hermione, which would be important if Harry and Parvati get together. In Book 6 Parvati's upset that she laughed at Hermione and tries to apologize, which is sweet, and also it seems like Parvati's outgrowing Lavender as a friend - she's embarrassed and annoyed with Lavender's behaviour with Ron, and she's also smarter than Lavender, because Lavender does come across as a ditz in Book 5 when Harry can tell she's thinking of a herd of cows in Divination class with Firenze, and we all know that Parvati really is very smart - and I think her outgrowing Lavender will carry over into Book 7. I think Parvati's spending time with Harry will upset Lavender, who will feel it's a betrayal of sorts after what happened with her and Ron in Book 6.

And in Book 1, Parvati and Hermione hug after the Quidditch match, which looks like foreshadowing of a close future friendship to me. I think Hermione will help Parvati in Book 7 by believing her vision, and that Parvati will wind up helping Hermione in some way in return and that they'll wind up becoming good friends by the end of the book because of all of this, and I think that Parvati will give up Lavender to be with Harry. In Book 6 Harry says he understands how friends can sometimes go their separate ways, and it's written in the text of Book 6 that Parvati and Lavender are "best friends," which to me seems like JKR wants you to know how close they are so that a parting between them is that much more poignant.

I think in Book 7 Parvati will wind up giving up not only her friends for Harry but also her family for Harry too, because I think that her family won't like her being with Harry and making her and her family targets of Voldemort's because of that. I think the fact that Parvati and Padma are identical twins is very important and not just thrown in there as an afterthought of JKR's - I think that at the end of Book 7 there will be a case of mistaken identity and that Padma will be taken by Death Eaters instead of Parvati to get Harry to fight Voldemort, and I think that Parvati's family will be horrible to her about that having happened. In Book 4 we're reminded that Parvati and Padma are identical, and in Book 6 we're reminded twice that they're twins.

I think Padma will be saved by Harry, but I think that Parvati's family will tell her that she has to choose either them or Harry, and that she'll choose Harry. I think that choice will match the strength of Harry's love for her, which I think we'll be able to see when he saves Padma, thinking it's really Parvati. I think that after Parvati says she chooses Harry, her family - who have probably been horrible to her all the while she's been dating Harry, which I think they'll find out about through Padma, who will have been spying on them because she's jealous of her sister for dating someone famous, which I think is a character trait of Padma's shown in Book 4, when she's very interested in Ron after he's got a bit of fame, even though he was horrible to her at the Yule Ball and never apologized for it - will tell her that they've always liked Padma better because they think she's smarter than Parvati, and that they value cleverness more than they value bravery. Maybe Harry will punch Parvati's father for saying that, and Hermione will say Parvati's really very clever, because maybe Parvati's memory and her ability to notice things and put two and two together help Hermione or the fight against Voldemort or both or whatever, because Parvati really is very clever.

I think a Harry/Ginny relationship was good in bringing about the ability to care deeply for someone in Harry, which I think can and will grow into something stronger and deeper for Parvati in Book 7. I think something will happen to make Harry act on those feelings and start a relationship with her, even though Voldemort is still out there, and also since he's not with Ginny any more anyway, which is a relationship that I don't think is right for either of them at this stage in their growth any more anyway. I think, too, that Parvati will be dating Dean in the beginning/first half of year 7, since he probably did ask her to the Yule Ball in Book 4 but she said no - which is when I think we'll find out about Parvati's vision of Harry asking her to the Yule Ball and that she turned down Dean because of that, because she wanted to go with Harry - and so Parvati and Dean are giving it a shot now. And I think that Harry will be jealous of Dean all over again in Book 7, but this time because Dean's with Parvati - I think that would be cute, wouldn't it? To have Harry be jealous of Dean again? Dean would be like, WTF, Harry?! Leave me alone!

Also, something else that I think is a huge clue that it's going to be Harry/Parvati: in Book 6, Ron's eaten three love potion spiked chocolate cauldrons and then confesses his undying love for Romilda Vane and says "I don't think she knows I exist" and "have you seen her hair? It's all black and shiny and silky...and her eyes? her big dark eyes..." Professor Slughorn, after a quick look at Ron, says that love potions can strengthen over time, and the love potion in those chocolate cauldrons had indeed strengthened, since those chocolate cauldrons were months old. I think that's foreshadowing of Harry saying those same exact words to Ron about Parvati in Book 7, and that he'll be worried that she doesn't know he exists because she'll probably be with Dean in the beginning of the book and not showing any signs of wanting to date Harry, even though the rest of the girls at Hogwarts do, which I think is cute, that Harry would want to date the one girl that doesn't seem interested in him. And I think that love potion scene with Ron in Book 6 and it playing out that way for Harry in Book 7 is one of the ways that JKR will convey the strength of Harry's feelings for Parvati; that it's love, and that it's very strong.

I think that after dating for most of the first half of the year in Book 7, Parvati and Dean will just break off because it's purely physical, and I think Parvati will realize that she wants to be with someone who likes her for more than her face, which Harry does and she'll know he does because the two have been spending time together and getting to know each other (and which we all know he does because he's been noticing her personality more and more in all of the previous books). I think when Parvati and Dean are feeling that it's time for them to go their separate ways, that she'll have her vision of Egypt then and tell Harry about it, who's probably already told Ron all about how he feels about Parvati and all about her black, shiny, silky hair and her big dark eyes and how he thinks that she doesn't even know he exists. And Dean will have fallen for someone not based on looks by that time, because I think that Dean needs to learn not to go for looks alone, just like Harry and Ron. And I think that Parvati's already realized that it's silly to date someone for their fame - I think her date with Harry at the Yule Ball woke her up to that fact and she's grown up because of that. But I think from the flying lesson in Book 1 we can know that she would have dated Harry even if he wasn't Harry Potter, which is important to Harry. I think that somehow in Book 7 we'll find out the truth about Pansy's statement from that first year flying lesson - maybe she'll make fun of Harry and Parvati dating, like she made fun of Cho dating Harry in Book 5, or of Harry liking Parvati when she doesn't seem interested in him but she was once, back in first year, and it will slip out then and make Harry love Parvati even more. So, I think Harry and Parvati will officially get together sometime just before Christmas.

And, of course, the most vital and important and meaningful clue of all, Harry's actually attracted to her. He thinks she's very pretty during the Yule Ball, and we all know by now that Harry likes long hair and Parvati certainly has very beautiful hair, hasn't she? I think Harry would definitely agree about that. I do think it's cute and incredibly romantic writing when Harry's staring at the "tiny golden lights that glisten in Parvati's long dark hair" during the History of Magic OWL. And that bit of writing gets its own paragraph, too; it's the next paragraph that I think he's seeing her answers for the exam. I don't think it was singled out by JKR just for the heck of it - or even put in at all in a book that's already so massive that the last thing it needs is superfluous information that will turn out to be nothing more than a red herring, or maybe not even that at all.

Also, I think it would be cute if JKR paired up Harry, who's English, with Parvati, who's Indian. And nothing in canon or in interviews has ever contradicted this ship, as far as I know. I really do think with all of this evidence that this is the final Harry ship. Not only for their compatibility, how it shows characters maturing, etc., but in how this pairing helps bring about the defeat of Voldemort, and how it still leaves Harry as the main character, as the main person who will bring down Voldemort.

And I think it would be cute for Professor Trelawney's prediction about Harry having 12 children to come true, because then Harry and Parvati can make their own family together, after both having lost theirs....

I think that this Parvati, the one that I've just written about, is easily someone whom Harry can fall in love with and will, because I think that this is the real Parvati in the books and also what's really been going on in canon and what will be happening in the last book. I really do believe that Harry & Parvati is the final pairing. And I think that Harry & Parvati is a pairing that's really sweet, complimentary, one that shows how much they've each grown up throughout the books and is fun - but also with some sad and serious aspects to it - and a romantic relationship that's just good for the both of them.

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