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.: Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup :: Reviews :.

Name: Lauren Townsend
Location: Indiana, USA
Format: XBox
Overall Score (/10): 6

Gameplay: The concept of this game was a great idea. I think at the point when this game came out, people were desperate for any Harry Potter games. So, coming out with this game was brilliant

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good. They get into big detail on each character and stadium.

Sound: I love the comentators and how they have it set up so that the comentator says everyone's name as the quaffle is passed to them.

Value: I don't think this game was worth the money when it first came out. It is probably worth the money now, if you are a big harry Potter fan.

Personal Opinion: Overall, I enjoyed this game. The reason I gave it a 6 is because each game gets a bit repetative. Sometimes it seems to take forever to get enough points to release the snitch and catch it.

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