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.: Fred and George Go Golfing :.

An exclusive interview with Fred and George Weasley regarding their latest outing together with News Correspondent for the BBC Sandy Pindwitin.

Sandy: You guys golf?

Fred: Yes, we golf.

George: Not normally.

Fred: No, Not normally.

George: This was special.

Fred: Yeah, this was special.

George: See, it was a good cause and...

Fred: We've made so much lately in Wheezely Wizard Wheezes that we thought...

George: We thought that it was time to give something back.

Fred: Yeah, that's it.

George: So we got our golfing outfits.

Fred: Yeah, we actually went into a real muggle store.

George: Yeah, that was really wild.

Fred: Harry had to come and help.

George: We didn't know what to do with the money.

Fred: Ron was there too, but he was no help.

George: Yeah, he met a girl.

Fred: Some bushy-haired blonde chick.

George: Wait, don't we know her?

Fred: I think we might.

George: She seems awfully familiar.

Fred: Wait, isn't she the girl who wouldn't let us test on the 1st years?

George: You're right, she is.

Fred: Don't remember her name though.

George: No, we're not good with names.

Fred: But anyway.

George: What were we talking about?

Fred: Golf store I think.

George: Yeah, Golf store.

Fred: We wanted to get plaid on plaid.

George: The store guy told us that we would be laughed at.

Fred: Normally that would have been okay.

George: Yeah, usually we would have just worn it.

Fred: But this was a special cause.

George: Yeah, we didn't want to attract too much attention to ourselves.

Fred: Us playing real muggle golf on a real muggle golf course and all.

George: Mom told us that if we wore anything that would draw attention to ourselves, she would...

Fred: She would cut our hair.

George: Yeah, that was low of her.

Fred: Really low.

George: We've just been working so hard on our trademark red-headed-freak look.

Fred: And everyone knows us by that.

George: To have it cut off would have hurt business.

Fred: Also, our opportunities with the Ladies.

George: Yeah, of course, we can't forget that.

Fred: So, we got our outfits, Harry paid with the money. It took us a while to find him though didn't it?

George: Yeah, that was wierd.

Fred: Where was he anyway?

George: Let me think.

Fred: Oh, that's right. Ginny was there.

George: Yeah, she got a new outfit didn't she. From a muggle store down the street. Hot Topic or something.

Fred: She was in black lace and had white makeup on. She left her hair long and red.

George: She said she was Goth whatever that means.

Fred: But as soon as Harry saw her, he just got really pale and started knocking stuff over.

George: That was so funny.

Fred: Then, when we were deciding what to get with Ron, well with Ron and that girl anyway, we didn't see them for like what was it?

George: At least twenty minutes.

Fred: They came out of that back room didn't they?

George: He did something with Ginny?!

Fred: No, no, Harry would never do that!

George: Whoosh, I was worried for a second there.

Fred: But yeah, we got our clothes, went golfing. It wasn't too bad.

George: Better if we could have made the balls fly though.

Fred: We did hit that big pond a bunch of times.

George: Yeah, we started nailing geese. It was sweet!

Fred: They got so mad at us though. They said, what did they say?

George: They said that "That is not the point of the game." Very stuffy like. It was rather annoying.

Fred: We had fun though.

George: Yeah.

Fred: The game of golf isn't so bad.

Sandy: So you guys would go back then?

Fred: Definitely.

George: Yeah, Definitely.

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