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.: Eighth Prediction: The Last Little Push :.

Oh, children of magic and electricity... my dears of the mundane cyber world! Back I am one more time to try and enlighten you with the wise of the Prophecies and the timeless knowledge of Divination but, alas! This time is different. I know I had promised to write about the houses of that dear school of ours but even the timeless knowledge of Divination can screw it up sometimes *grins* Several unexpected particulars including the fact that I cannot place two words together and make them sound neither right nor coherent have driven me to reconsider my editorial to the point of this being the twelfth I start writing since my last one.

This was by far the worse writerís block Iíve ever had but it has also helped me realise a couple of things. Firstly, that I must push my good old self to keep on writing no matter what because this is what I want to do for the rest of my life and secondly... that I still havenít enlightened you regarding little Miss Weasley! Shame on me, I know, but thatís the writerís mind... a darn mess. Iíll report on her next time for I have something else to tell you before HBP is out (I canít believe itís only one figure of days away!) and believe it or not, this realisation number one of mine has to do with it or does it have to do with my realisation? Anyways theyíre related.

As some of you know, Iíve just finished high school and started university but without really knowing what I was going to do with my life... I was particularly lost in that matter but luckily your constant support and some (very few) reviews I got have pushed me to accept the fact that writing is what I love and I might even be a bit good on doing it :-) I even faced my parents and let them know about this decision of mine and let me tell you... thatís a weight that has been moved from my shoulders... but it wouldnít have been removed if it wasnít for you. Yeah, you, you know Iím talking to you, Iím talking to everyone that has ever supported me and if youíre reading this, thatís a way of supporting me so, thank you for reading! Ok, Iím going to stop now because youíre probably bored and Iím either beginning to sound like an idiot or confirming your theories that I am one. But do not worry, my children! I am getting to the point!

My point is that Harry also has a weight over his shoulders... a few thousands of tones heavier than mine, but a weight anyways and he still hasnít noticed the whole pack of people backing him up or hasnít come to the critical moment where he necessarily will have to face his nemesis, Lord Voldemort (I just didnít say Voldie to make it sound more melodramatic). I had to finish school, and be in the verge of a life with absolutely no meaning at all before I noticed that all I needed was just standing there in front of me, in the monitor of my computer. And I can almost assure you now that that is whatís going to happen to our dear Hero. He still has some way to fall before he flies higher than he ever did before. The loss of Sirius (come on, guys, you all know there is no coming back from that so we might as well face it) was a hard blow, I wonít deny that... but Voldemort will strike harder on him. Harry now knows his duty and realises what he has to do... but heís still only sixteen years old! He knows the fate of the world as he knows it lies in his hands but he still needs one last little push. Thatís what HBP is going to be. Voldemortís last little push. What actually makes Harry want to kill Him and be done with the whole bloody thing.

And he also needs to realise that he has you. I think he doesnít see everyone supporting him and standing by him shoulder to shoulder just yet. For even though we all know he has to do it ďon his ownĒ, Harry will never be alone. He has friends and people that actually care for him. Not just for being ďthe boy who livedĒ or the boy who is supposed to get rid of the nasty megalomaniac wizard threatening us... but for the human being he also is.

Cheesy, I know... but true! So you all know what to expect now... Expect tension for an attack will come; expect casualties for the attack shall be successful and expect the final mood swing in Harry until he lays hands on Lord Voldie... for the final rage of the boy who lived shall be grand and it shall be overwhelming for everyone either standing with him or against him.

And wanna know something else? Not many people will understand him. This was proven by the reaction of the mass for the Prophetís articles on OOTP. They doubt him but letís also see their lack of information... they donít know of the Prophecy or many of Harryís heroic deeds so allow them to doubt a sixteen-year-old wizard will somehow be a worthy opponent to the one that killed muggles and wizards with extent training in defence and combat. Even some of us, fans, think he wonít be able to do it and that heíll perish in his task (Jo forbids!) so we must understand others that knowing half of what we know think that way too. Donít start branding ĎSNEAKí on everybodyís foreheads just because they are not gifted enough to see what we do... and yeah, Iím talking about Marietta and no, I donít like her but we must try to see everyoneís point of view, mustnít we?

I must leave you for today, my children, but Iíll be back incredibly soon because there are some things Iím hoping to tell you before the next book comes round and also because my anxiety levels are so high that I either write or hyperventilate!! *giggles* Eeeek! Hang on to sanity, my dears! So little time for it to be within our grasp!

May fair fortune and a copy of the Half blood Prince be yours!

Joy ^.^

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