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The following set of rules and regulations have been established, in order to create a pleasant atmosphere within TheSnitch chatroom.

Each member that uses TheSnitch chatroom automatically accepts the rules and regulations and must abide by them in due course of their time in the chatroom.

.: TheSnitch Chatroom Rules And Regulations :.

Adult Content
TheSnitch chatroom must not be used to display any adult content or links to websites featuring adult content.

TheSnitch chatroom must not be used to advertise any websites through the main chat window or through Private Messages.

This chatroom has been provided for free by CentralChat. In addition to accepting TheSnitch's terms and conditions, by using this chatroom you also accept CentralChat's terms and conditions. To read them, click here.

TheSnitch chatroom must not be used for flooding. Please try to limit the amount of emoticons you use per message, while the use of capital letters must not be used to write your whole message(s). Please be reminded that TheSnitch does not tolerate any "chains" for example "Press 123 if you like Harry Potter" and excessive use of characters such as exclamation marks - "I love Harry Potter!!!!!" will not be tolerated either.

TheSnitch chatroom must not be used for harassment of any kind. TheSnitch requests that you refrain from using harassment or hostile behaviour towards any users of the chatroom.

TheSnitch chatroom requires you to have Java installed before you can use the application. To download Java, click here.

TheSnitch chatroom must not be used for cursing or inappropriate language. TheSnitch requests that you talk in Full-Standard English and refrain from using slang words and phrases when using the chatroom.

TheSnitch chatroom is moderated by members of staff that can be called on for any problems that may arise. Moderators can be identified via the little green blob at the beginning of their username. Please do not ask to become a moderator, since TheSnitch's staff members will ask people to become moderators on a personal basis, if need be.

TheSnitch chatroom must not be used by users for spamming in any shape or form. To clarify spam is illustrated as "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages."

TheSnitch chatroom must not be used as a "Spolier Central." Spoilers or information about pre-released or just released books and/or films can only be discussed on the chatroom is approved by the moderator and all users.

TheSnitch chatroom must not contain any users with offensive usernames. This includes usernames that are degrading to others, have foul language in them and those that are all in capital letters.

.: TheSnitch Chatroom Consequences :.

Failure to comply with these rules will either result in a ban from the chatroom or a ban from the whole website. Each ban will usually last for a total of one week, however a ban may be extended if a moderator decides to do so.

Please ensure that you have read the rules and have understood them before you proceed to enter the chatroom.

.: TheSnitch Chatroom Login Screen :.

To use TheSnitch chatroom type a nickname into the box,
and then press the Connect button to start chatting!

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