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This part of the website takes a look at J.K. Rowling's masterpiece Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

.: Book Four - Goblet of Fire :: Chapter Summary - Part Two :.

Chapter Twenty - The First Task

As the first task nears, Harry and Hermione research ways to subdue dragons, but to no avail; Harry is terrified and considers leaving Hogwarts, but decides against it when faced with the alternative of returning to the Dursleys. The day before the task, Harry warns Cedric about the dragons, since the other champions must have heard from their school-heads by now. Cedric is suspicious, and Moody pulls Harry aside afterwards and commends his decency in evening out the field. Then he advises Harry to play to his strengths, nodding when Harry muses aloud "Quidditch." Harry realizes through this conversation that he must fly past the dragon, and therefore he must have his Firebolt broomstick. He and Hermione spend the rest of the day and night practicing the summoning charm, "Accio!"

The morning of the task, the four nervous champions are led into a tent in the forest, allowed to pluck from a bag a model of the dragon they are to fight, and told that their goal is to get the golden egg. Harry is to go fourth and fight the Hungarian Horntail. He listens as the crowd reacts to the work of the other three champions, and when his turn comes, he walks into the enclosure, summons his broomstick, and flies around the dragon, feeling at ease for the first time in the whole tournament, and getting the egg in what Ron afterwards tells him was the best and fastest of the four methods. All of the champions got the egg eventually, but Cedric and Fleur were charred a bit, and Krum causes his dragon to step on several of her real eggs. Ron and Harry are reunited afterwards, as Ron was terrified for Harry's life and realized that Harry would never put himself in that position just for attention. The champions are told that their golden eggs will clue them in on the second task, which will take place in three months. Harry is relieved and happy as he walks back toward the castle with Ron.

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Chapter Twenty-One - The House-Elf Liberation Front

Harry sends a letter to Sirius describing the triumph over the dragon. He goes into the Gryffindor common room, where a great celebration ensues. At one point, Harry is persuaded to open his golden egg, but only a garbled shrieking comes from it. Everyone is merry, especially Fred and George, whose Canary Creams turn Neville temporarily into a giant yellow canary. Harry goes to sleep feeling grand.

Days later, while Harry is helping Hagrid tie up ten angry Skrewts, Rita Skeeter drops in and asks to interview Hagrid. She beams at Harry, who does his best to ignore her. Divination is fun again, now that Harry and Ron are friends again. After class, Hermione drags the boys down to the kitchens, where, amid a hundreds of house-elves offering food and tea, Dobby appears and greets Harry. He and Winky now work at Hogwarts, and although Dobby is delighted by his freedom and his ability to earn money for his work, Winky is not; she misses Mr. Crouch and feels disgraced. Dobby, now that he is free from the Malfoys, confides in Harry that the Malfoys are dark wizards; Winky weeps sloppily and refuses to speak ill of Mr. Crouch, although she does mention that Ludo Bagman is a bad wizard. As the students leave the kitchens, Dobby promises to visit Harry, and Hermione feels confident that the other house-elves will soon envy Dobby's freedom and demand better standards for themselves.

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Chapter Twenty-Two - The Unexpected Task

During Transformation class, Professor McGonagall announces that the Yule Ball is fast approaching, and that the Champions and their dates will need to open the floor for dancing. This means that Harry must find a date. He would rather face a Hungarian Horntail. Several girls ask Harry, but he declines each one. He wants to go with Cho, but as she is always surrounded by giggling girls, he postpones asking her.

During class, Harry finds out that Hagrid's interview with Rita Skeeter consists mostly of her asking him questions about Harry. Most classes at this point have relaxed quite a bit, as the teachers move into holiday spirit. Only Hermione is still intent on working hard, and she encourages Harry to spend some time figuring out his egg clue. He says lazily that he has loads of time. Meanwhile, everyone around them is getting dates; Ron comments that if he and Harry wait much longer, they'll wind up going with a pair of trolls. Hermione is offended and leaves the common room.

The castle is decorated for Christmas, with singing suits of armor, icicles hanging from the staircase, and twelve trees in the Great Hall; everything is ready for the Yule Ball except for Harry and Ron. Finally Harry asks Cho, who answers very apologetically that she just agreed to go with Cedric. Meanwhile, Ron has asked Fleur, who simply ignores his question. Defeated, the boys sit in the Gryffindor common room racking their brains for dates; Hermione enters the room, and Ron spouts out, "you are a girl and you can come with one of us!" Hermione snaps that she already has a partner, and that other people noticed that she was a girl significantly before Ron did. She does not tell them who her date is, nor will Ginny Weasley, who is also in the common room and has agreed to go with Neville. Finally, Parvati Patil, a pretty but annoying Gryffindor girl enters the common room; she agrees to go as Harry's date, and to set her twin sister up as Ron's.

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Chapter Twenty-Three - The Yule Ball

As the Yule Ball approaches, students grow more and more antsy. After Malfoy insults Hermione's teeth one evening, Harry notices that her teeth look smaller; she confides that when Madame Pomfrey was shrinking the curse teeth in the hospital wing, Hermione allowed her to make them slightly smaller than they originally were.

On Christmas day, Harry is jolted awake by Dobby, who has crept into his room to give him a gift of homemade socks. The students open their presents, loaf through the morning, and have an elaborate snowball fight, which Hermione leaves early in order to prepare for the ball. At the ball, Harry and Parvati are seated at the head table with the other champions, including Cedric and Cho, as well as Krum and a beautiful girl who turns out to be Hermione. Ron, who has annoyed his date by staring glumly at Hermione all night, accuses Hermione of fraternizing with the enemy.

Percy Weasley attends the ball in place of Mr. Crouch, who is ill; and Harry and Ron ditch their already annoyed dates and rush outside to avoid listening to Percy. On their walk, they overhear Snape and Karkaroff deep in some mysterious discussion, and then they find Fleur in a rosebush, passionately involved with her date. Finally, Harry and Ron overhear Hagrid confide in Madame Maxime that he is half-giant, like her. She yelps at this accusation and leaves, insulted. As he accidentally overhears, Harry tries to focus on a small black beetle that is flying around them. They return to the dance, which is not much fun, and as they leave, Cedric quietly advises Harry to listen to his egg while taking a bath; he offers the Prefect's bathroom for this purpose. Harry enters the Gryffindor common room to find Ron and Hermione in a heated fight, which ends with Hermione shouting, "Next time there's a ball, ask me before someone else does, and not as a last resort!"

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Chapter Twenty-Four - Rita Skeeter's Scoop

When Harry informs Hermione that Hagrid is half-giant, she is unconcerned, claiming that the hysteria about giants is a dumb prejudice. Her relationship with Ron is tense at this point. In Care of Magical Creatures, Hagrid is absent, and in his place is Professor Grubbly-Plank, who introduces the girls in the class to a unicorn. The boys shuffle around uselessly during the lesson, and Malfoy shows Harry and Ron the newest article by Rita Skeeter, which reveals that Hagrid is a half-giant, the son of the giantess Fridwulfa. Fridwulfa was quite dangerous, and Skeeter says that Hagrid is a fearsome, irresponsible teacher. Harry, Ron, and ultimately Hermione are furious, and although they bang on Hagrid's door, he does not answer.

During the next Hogsmeade visit, Ludo Bagman, who is sitting in a corner of the Three Broomsticks pub with a hoard of vicious-looking goblins, offers Harry assistance with his egg, which Harry turns down. Bagman confides in Harry that Mr. Crouch has stopped coming to work entirely. Then Rita Skeeter appears in the pub, chatting about an article in which she is planning to destroy Bagman's reputation. Hermione, Harry, and Ron turn on her furiously for the article about Hagrid, and she angrily snaps at Hermione to stay out of it. She leaves, and Harry has a sinking feeling that Hermione is next on Rita's attack list. The three friends run from the pub to Hagrid's house, where they find Dumbledore consoling him. They beg Hagrid to return to teach, and he tearfully agrees; he then asks how Harry is coming along with his egg, and Harry knows that it is time to take Cedric's suggestion, wary as he is of Cedric after seeing that he is now paired off with Cho.

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Chapter Twenty-Five - The Egg and the Eye

That night, Harry gathers the golden egg and the Marauder's Map, and in his Invisibility cloak, he sneaks into the prefects' bathroom. It is extraordinary: there are piles of fluffy towels, walls of white marble (one of which holds a painting of a beautiful, sleeping mermaid), and a swimming-pool sized tub with hundreds of jeweled taps that spurt out various kinds of bubbles. As soon as Harry has undressed and gotten into the water, he is joined by Moaning Myrtle, who suggests that he listen to the egg underwater. He does this, and he hears a song telling him to find something he has lot underwater. He deduces that he must reclaim something from the mer-people in the lake. As he thanks Myrtle and returns invisibly to his room, he notices on the map that Bartemius Crouch is inside Snape office. In surprise, Harry steps on the trick stair, getting his foot stuck and dropping both the egg and the map.

Filch appears and grabs the open and scratchily singing egg, thinking it is some doing of Peeves. Soon Snape appears and accuses someone of having been in his office. Before anything else can happen, Moody arrives, and his mad eye is clearly able to see Harry under his cloak. Moody figures out what is happening and he takes the map and the egg, and he sends the other two observers off to bed. Then he asks Harry, who has removed his cloak, whom the map showed in Snape's office, and Harry replies that it is Mr. Crouch. Moody seems alarmed, mentions that odd things have been going on lately, and asks if he can borrow the map, which Harry agrees to let him do. As they head up to bed, Moody says that Harry is a sharp boy, and tells him to consider a profession as an Auror.

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Chapter Twenty-Six - The Second Task

The next day in class, Harry confides everything to Ron and Hermione. They speculate on whether Moody or Mr. Crouch has been hired to keep an eye on Karkaroff and Snape. That night, Harry sends a letter to Sirius, updating him; he responds, wanting to know the date of the next Hogsmeade visit. Harry writes back, telling him when. Harry, Ron, and Hermione do not know how Harry can survive for an hour underwater. Hagrid returns to teaching, and he seems deeply confident that Harry will win the tournament.

The evening before the second task, Harry spends the night in the library, poring through books that could offer help; he is alone, because Ron and Hermione have been mysteriously summoned away to Professor McGonagall. Harry drifts into sleep and is awakened ten minutes before the second task by Dobby, who offers him a ball of something called gillyweed, which supposedly will allow him to breathe underwater. Having no other alternative, Harry runs down to the lake, eats the gillyweed, and dives into the water with the other three champions.

Harry grows gills, and can swim quite easily. At the bottom of the lake he finds the village of the mer-people, and he sees Ron, Hermione, Cho, and a girl who must be Fleur's younger sister, all asleep and tied together. Harry uses a rock to free Ron, and he waits to see if the others will be rescued. Cedric eventually comes for Cho, and Krum for Hermione, but Fleur never arrives. So Harry fends off the ugly, broken-toothed, oddly-colored, aggressive mer-people with his wand, and carries both Ron and Fleur's sister to the water's surface. He is the last to arrive, and he feels foolish for waiting around underwater when he could have come up first. A mermaid swims to the surface and informs Dumbledore that Harry was the first to arrive, but waited to make sure all four hostages were rescued, so Harry receives very high marks from the judges on his completion of the second task. Fleur is grateful and kisses both Ron and Harry. Hermione is so preoccupied with Harry that she ignores Krum as he plucks a water-beetle from her hair. Harry is immensely grateful to Dobby, and plans to buy him pairs and pairs of socks.

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Chapter Twenty-Seven - Padfoot Returns

In the aftermath of the second task, Ron becomes a hero, and Harry receives an invitation to meet Sirius in Hogsmeade the coming weekend. In Potions class, the Slytherins are giggling over Rita Skeeter's "Witch Weekly" article, which says that Hermione is toying with the famous hearts of both Harry Potter and Viktor Krum. While Hermione laughs, she also wonders how Rita could have gotten some of the details she mentioned, including Krum's invitation to visit him in Bulgaria over the summer. Snape separates the three friends as punishment for speaking in class, and from Harry's new seat at the front of the room, he overhears a dialogue between Snape and Karkaroff, who interrupts the class. Karkaroff seems frightened at the appearance of something on his upper arm-but Snape shoos Harry away before he can hear more.

At Hogsmeade, Sirius meets them disguised as Padfoot, his animagus dog form. They trot off to a nearby cave where Sirius has been hiding and living off rats. After a debate as to whether Winky or Bagman was more likely to have conjured the Dark Mark at the World Cup, Sirius confides in the students that Mr. Crouch was ruthless in his crusade against Voldemort, and he was chosen as the next Minister of Magic as a result. However, his own son was convicted as a Death-Eater, given a short trial, and imprisoned in Azkaban, where he soon died. Sirius adds that Mr. Crouch lost everything then, and perhaps hoped now that if he caught another Dark wizard, he could set his career back on track. Sirius seems puzzled about the fact that Mr. Crouch had his elf save him a seat at the World Cup but never showed up to take it. Sirius finally suggests that Ron write to Percy to try to find out more information about his boss. The students part ways with him.

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Chapter Twenty-Eight - The Madness of Mr. Crouch

The following morning, Harry, Ron, and Hermione send an inquiring owl message to Percy, and afterwards visit the kitchens to give Dobby several new pairs of socks as thanks for the gillyweed. Dobby is ecstatic, and all of the house-elves are delighted to see and serve them, except for Winky, who is sitting in a corner, filthy, miserable, and drunk from Butterbeer. In a few garbled sentences, she says that her master needs her to help protect his deepest secret. The other elves are embarrassed about Winky's behavior. Hermione is upset and wants Winky's misery to me ameliorated, not ignored. Before they leave, they procure from the elves some food to send to Sirius.

Hermione is receiving hate letters for supposedly breaking Harry's heart, and Hagrid is busy teaching the students how to use nifflers, animals that dig for gold. Ron collects the most Leprechaun gold, and upon realizing that it disappears, asks why Harry didn't mention that Ron owed him for the Omnioculars. Ron is feeling embarrassed about being poor, and Hermione is upset about being persecuted for what Rita wrote. They discuss how she could have overheard the conversations she writes, and Harry suggests that she has somebody bugged. This is impossible within Hogwarts, so Hermione continues to brainstorm.

One evening after Easter, the champions are called down to the fields to hear about their next task, which will be a maze and obstacle course with the Triwizard Cup at the center. On the way back toward the castle, Krum pulls Harry aside into the Forbidden Forest and asks if he and Hermione are romantically involved. Harry tells they aren't, and Krum seems relieved. At that moment, a shabby, ill-looking Mr. Crouch appears in the forest, talking to himself, to trees, and to Harry with an insane sort of desperation, saying in garbled phrases that Bertha Jorkins was his fault, that the Dark Lord was getting stronger, and that he had to see Dumbledore. Harry leaves him with Krum and runs to fetch Dumbledore, but when he and Dumbledore arrive in the forest, they find Krum stunned and Mr. Crouch gone. Hagrid and Moody arrive, followed by Karkaroff, who accuses Dumbledore of treachery, infuriating Hagrid. Harry is sent back to his dorm under Hagrid's supervision and told to remain there all night. Hagrid warns him gravely about associating with foreigners, such as Krum.

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Chapter Twenty-Nine - The Dream

At daybreak the morning after Mr. Crouch attacked Krum, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are at the Owlery, sending an update to Sirius and discussing possible and unlikely explanations for the strange events of the evening. Fred and George enter the Owlery discussing blackmail and preparing to send a letter, and the five students regard each other warily; ultimately none of them reveal their purpose. Later that morning, Harry, Ron, and Hermione visit Professor Moody, who reports that Mr. Crouch did not show up on the Marauder's Map-very odd indeed, as he did not seem in the sort of state where he could have escaped the premises quickly. Moody warns Harry to be especially careful; soon after, Harry receives a letter back from Sirius, also warning him to be especially careful, as somebody who is obviously very dangerous is at Hogwarts and may be after Harry. Sirius warns him further to prepare well for the third task, which he does, with the help of his friends.

Several days later, in Divination class, Harry falls asleep to the heat and to the droning of an insect, and he dreams of flying on an owl into a house, inside of which Voldemort is reprimanding Wormtail for having made some mistake, noting that some unnamed "he" is dead, and foretelling that soon he would have Harry Potter dead and ready to be fed to his pet snake. Voldemort then applies the Cruciatus curse to Wormtail, causing Harry to wake up screaming and clutching his scar. Harry leaves the room and charges towards Dumbledore's office, where he can hear Cornelius Fudge and Moody arguing with Dumbledore. Moody sees Harry through the door and announces his arrival.

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Chapter Thirty - The Pensieve

Harry waits in Dumbledore's room while the three adults examine the grounds for clues; as he waits, he observes Fawkes, Dumbledore's pet phoenix, and he also notices in a half-open cupboard a basin containing something silvery and swirling. Harry studies it, pokes it with his wand and looks closer, ultimately touching his nose to it and falling in; he lands in a courtroom, where he is an unseen observer among a grave audience (including a slightly younger Dumbledore and Moody). Harry watches as Karkaroff is strapped into a chair at the room's center and questioned by Mr. Crouch, who has agreed to set him free from Azkaban in exchange for the names of other Death-Eaters. Karkaroff gives many names, including Snape-but Dumbledore stands up and vouches for Snape, who had left Voldemort and agreed to work as a spy for the good side. Suddenly the room dissolves, and Ludo Bagman is sitting in the same chair, pleading that he didn't realize that he was working for Voldemort's supporters. The audience votes to forgive him, presumably due to their admiration of his Quidditch abilities. The room dissolves a third time and reveals Mr. Crouch's son in the center of the room, pleading to be let go, while his strict father accuses him of many awful things, including subjecting the Longbottoms to the Cruciatus curse. Mr. Crouch's wife is weeping in the audience as Mr. Crouch sentences his only son to a lifetime in Azkaban.

Dumbledore pulls Harry out of the room and back into his office, where he explains that the basin is a Pensieve, a holder for excess thoughts and memories. He does not seem at all upset that Harry was poking around in his office. Harry tells Dumbledore about his dream, and Dumbledore expresses his belief that the dream is probably true, that Voldemort is near and dangerous, and that the three recent disappearances of Bertha Jorkins, Mr. Crouch, and a Muggle named Frank Bryce, may be traceable to Voldemort. Harry considers this, then asks whether the Longbottoms mentioned were Neville's parents. Dumbledore replies bitterly that they are, and says that they were very popular Aurors who went insane after being subjected to the curse, which is why Neville lives with his grandmother. Harry asks also whether Bagman or Snape has been convicted of any Dark activity since that time. Dumbledore answers, with conviction, that neither has, before bidding Harry goodbye and good luck on the third task.

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Chapter Thirty-One - The Third Task

Harry tells Ron and Hermione everything he has seen in the Pensieve (leaving out the part about Neville's parents), and they discuss it at great length. In addition, they spend a great deal of time in empty classrooms, helping Harry practice hexes. On the morning of the third task, Rita Skeeter writes an article describing how Harry fainted in class and is possibly disturbed and dangerous, and the students read it over breakfast. Harry wonders how Rita could have overheard what happened in Divination, and suddenly Hermione jumps up and runs to the library, saying that she has figured something out. After breakfast, the families of the champions arrive at Hogwarts to watch the final task, and Bill and Mrs. Weasley come to watch Harry; they stroll the grounds all afternoon, and at dusk, the champions are placed at the entrances to a giant hedge maze, at the center of which the winner would find the trophy.

Harry and Cedric are currently tied for first place, so they go first into the maze, followed by Krum and Fleur. Harry's path is remarkably quiet. He runs into a boggart disguised as a dementor, which he passes easily, and at one point he runs through a mist that temporarily turns the world upside down. He hears Fleur scream, and as he runs forward, he encounters one of Hagrid's Skrewts, which is ten feet long and aggressive. Harry passes the Skrewt. He hears Krum mutter, "Crucio", and hears Cedric scream. Harry burns a hole in the hedge and saves Cedric by stupefying Krum. The two Hogwarts boys continue, shaken, through the maze. Harry passes a sphinx, answers her riddle, and sees the Triwizard Cup ahead. He and Cedric both run for it. They are barred by a giant spider, which together they defeat. Harry breaks his leg in the process. Unable to decide who should have the trophy, since they both helped each other out numerous times throughout the tournament, they decide to touch it at the same time, both winning. They do, and the Cup, it turns out, is a portkey.

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Chapter Thirty-Two - Flesh, Blood, and Bone

Harry and Cedric land in an eerie graveyard far away from Hogwarts. Coming towards them, they see a hooded man carrying what looks like a baby. Suddenly, Harry's scar sears with pain, as he hears a cold voice say, "Kill the spare." The voice is followed by a second, which says, "Avada Kedavra." Cedric is killed instantly. As Harry stares at Cedric, horrified, the hooded man ties Harry tightly to a tombstone of a man named Tom Riddle. Harry recognizes the man in the hood as Wormtail. Harry watches as Wormtail boils water in a giant cauldron, unwraps the bundled object (which is scaly, red, and has a flat snakelike face) and drops it into the cauldron. Harry hopes silently that it will drown.

Wormtail begins speaking. He summons dust from Tom Riddle's grave to renew his son. Wormtail says "Flesh of the servant," and slices off his right hand, dropping it into the cauldron. Finally, he draws blood from Harry's upper arm, adding "Blood of the enemy" to the cauldron. From the cauldron's simmering depths, a tall, thin man rises. Harry knows that Lord Voldemort has risen again.

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Chapter Thirty-Three - The Death Eaters

Harry watches as Voldemort examines his new body, and presses a red tattoo-the Dark Mark-on the weeping Wormtail's upper arm. Voldemort paces the graveyard, musing aloud to Harry about how he killed his Muggle father, who left his witch mother before he was born, leaving him in an orphanage when his mother died giving birth. As he speaks, wizards begin Apparating in a circle around him, each of them hooded and masked. Voldemort welcomes his Death Eaters and notes that they seem, as a group, guilty for having betrayed him when he needed them. One of the men throws himself at Voldemort's feet, begging forgiveness, and Voldemort laughs mirthlessly and performs the Cruciatus curse on him. Voldemort then publicly rewards Wormtail for returning by giving him a new right hand. One of the Death Eaters, Harry notes, is Lucius Malfoy, Draco's father. Voldemort promises the group that he soon will call Azkaban's dementors, his natural allies, into his confidence, as well as the prisoners in Azkaban who once loyally followed him. Voldemort notes that many Death Eaters are missing, either dead, imprisoned, or having fled out of fear. He says that one of the missing people, his most faithful servant, is at Hogwarts, and through that servant's efforts, Harry Potter has been brought here tonight.

Voldemort then discloses his history since he last encountered his Death Eaters. He attempted to kill Harry and he failed, due to the old magic of sacrifice. Harry's mother died to protect Harry, causing the curse to rebound. This ripped Voldemort from his body, and forced him to flee to a faraway forest where he inhabited the bodies of snakes to stay alive. Then, four years ago a foolish future Hogwarts teacher (Quirrell) wandered across his path. Voldemort inhabited his body in order to come to Hogwarts pursue the Sorcerer's Stone, where he was thwarted by Harry Potter. Voldemort was alone and weak when his servant Wormtail returned to him, bringing with him Bertha Jorkins, who informed him of a faithful Death Eater who would be able to help him. He killed her, and with Wormtail's help he used her information to find the faithful servant, and ultimately to bring Harry Potter to him to ensure his rebirth-he adds that Harry's blood was more potent than any blood, since Harry's mother's protection could now reside in Voldemort's veins. He turns to Harry and says "Crucio!" placing Harry in more pain than he has ever felt before. Then he commands Wormtail to untie Harry and give him back his wand.

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Chapter Thirty-Four - Priori Incantatem

Harry feels his injured leg crumple under him as he stands up, wand in hand. Voldemort challenges Harry to a duel, and Harry thinks fretfully that the only dueling spell he knows how to do is "Expelliarmus," which disarms the opponent. Voldemort places Harry again under the Cruciatus curse, hurting him terribly. When he stops and asks whether Harry wants him to do that again, Harry refuses to appease him by answering "No." Voldemort places Harry under the Imperius curse, and commands Harry to say no. Harry has learned to fight this curse, and still refuses. Voldemort is furious. Harry, after ducking behind a gravestone to dodge the Cruciatus curse again, stands up straight and tall to die fighting, like his parents and Cedric did. As Voldemort cries "Avada Kedavra," Harry cries "Expelliarmus," and the light from the two wands meet in midair, lifting both Harry and Voldemort into a golden, dome-shaped web of light. Harry hears the beautiful sound of phoenix music whispering to him not to break the connection. Harry's hands are weak and shaky from holding his wand. He watches a bead of light traveling across the thread connecting him to Voldemort. He concentrates to force the bead toward Voldemort's wand and away from his.

When the bead touches the tip of Voldemort's wand, an incredible thing happens. A shadow of a hand blossoms out of the tip of the wand, followed by a shade of Cedric, then an old Muggle (Frank Bryce), then Bertha Jorkins, then Harry's parents. They crowd around him, each of them telling him to hold on, and finally his mother tells him quietly that once he lets go, they will linger long enough to give him time to touch the portkey and return to Hogwarts. Cedric asks that Harry take his body back to his parents, and Harry nods, pulls his wand away from the connection, causing the light dome and phoenix song to disappear. The shadows of the victims remain and close in upon Voldemort while Harry runs to grab Cedric. Just as Voldemort is approaching him ready to strike, Harry summons the Triwizard Cup to him, with the "Accio!" charm he learned for the first task. He grips Cedric's body and feels himself spinning away, and in the distance he can hear Voldemort's cry of fury.

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Chapter Thirty-Five - Veritaserum

Harry falls into the grass at Hogwarts, still clutching Cedric. Dumbledore gently commands him to let go. Around them, cries of "Diggory's dead!" sound in the air, and Dumbledore leaves to talk with Cedric's parents, after instructing Harry to remain where he is. Harry is grabbed by a pair of hands and dragged toward the castle, and only once he is there does he recognize his carrier as Moody. Moody sets Harry in his office and asks him what happened. As Harry explains in panic that Voldemort is back, Moody seems interested in knowing whether Voldemort forgave the Death Eaters who left him. Harry explodes with the information that there is a Death Eater at Hogwarts, and Moody assures him that it is not Karkaroff, who fled once he felt the Dark Mark Burn on his arm, but rather that he himself is the supporter. He says that he placed Harry's name into the Goblet of Fire and fired the Dark Mark into the sky. He claims that he alone remained faithful to Voldemort while everybody else left his side, and that he rigged the tournament so that Harry would be sure to reach the portkey Cup first.

Moody explains that he had nudged Hagrid into showing Harry the dragons, that he gave Neville a book about Mediterranean plants, including gillyweed, in hope that Harry would ask him for help, and finally that he had spoken loudly about gillyweed in a place where Dobby was sure to overhear. Moody says that in the maze, he stunned Fleur and placed the Imperius Curse on Krum, instructing him to finish off Cedric. Moody then raises his wand to finish off Harry, saying madly that he will be cherished as a son by Voldemort. The door bursts open. Dumbledore, Snape, and McGonagall enter, stupefying Moody.

Harry has never seen Dumbledore look so angry and so powerful, and he understands in an instant why he is the only wizard that Voldemort ever feared. Dumbledore says that Harry must not go to bed until he understands everything that has happened, and he begins by telling Snape to fetch him a strong truth potion—Veritaserum—and to summon Winky from the kitchens. He tells McGonagall to tell a large black dog to wait in his office. Then he takes a key-ring from the stupefied Moody, and he begins opening the seven locks on the trunk in the room. He and Harry see a sleeping, disheveled man-the real Alastor Moody. Dumbledore explains that the impostor Moody had been making Polyjuice potion from the real Moody's hair (which is missing in chunks), and drinking it from his hip flask at every hour, thus giving him Moody's appearance. Time passes, and the sleeping figure changes from Moody into a pale young man whom Harry recognizes from the Pensieve as Mr. Crouch's son.

Suddenly, Snape returns with Winky, who flings herself onto the sleeping man, crying "Master Barty!" Dumbledore drops some of the Veritaserum into the man's mouth and wakes him up, asking him to speak. Young Barty Crouch explains that as he was in Azkaban, his dying mother persuaded his father to switch bodies with her son, so with Polyjuice potion, they did. The mother, appearing to be young Barty, died soon after and was buried, while Barty himself lived under an invisibility cloak under the watch of Winky. Nobody knew he was alive except for Bertha Jorkins, who entered their house on business and figured out what was going on. The elder Mr. Crouch modified her memory, but Voldemort broke the charm when he encountered her in Albania.

At the Quidditch World Cup, which Barty was allowed to attend under his invisibility cloak, he spied a wand sticking out of a pocket of the boy in front of him—Harry—and he took it. When the Death Eaters who escaped Azkaban were levitating the Muggles, Barty grew angry and cast the Dark Mark into the sky to remind them of whom they had betrayed. Then, after Mr. Crouch fired Winky, Voldemort came to his house one night, told him what he had found out from Bertha Jorkins, and advised him to disguise himself as Moody and go to Hogwarts to rig the tournament. He kidnapped Moody the morning Hogwarts term began and he has been here ever since, keeping Moody alive to use his hairs for the potion, and to learn his ways and mannerisms. Meanwhile, Wormtail and Voldemort had moved into Mr. Crouch's house, where they kept Mr. Crouch under the Imperius Curse and instructed him to go about business as usual. Somehow, Mr. Crouch escaped and ran to Hogwarts to find Dumbledore. In the forest, Barty, disguised as Moody, found Mr. Crouch on the Marauder's Map, stunned Krum while Harry was gone, killed his father, transfigured him into a bone and buried him. He hurried over the help when Dumbledore, Harry, and Fudge congregated near the forest, wondering that had happened. While Winky sobs inconsolably, Barty grins insanely after finishing his story, he and says that now that his master has returned, he himself will be honored beyond all dreams.

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Chapter Thirty-Six - The Parting of the Ways

A disgusted Dumbledore ties up Barty Crouch, sends Alastor Moody to the hospital wing, and takes Harry into his office, where Sirius awaits them. Harry doesn't want to think about what has happened, but he agrees to tell Dumbledore and Sirius everything while the memories are still fresh. Dumbledore explains the connection of the wands with the words "Priori Incantatem," meaning that the wands were not able to properly battle against each other because they were made from identical feathers from the same phoenix, Fawkes, who during this conversation has come to rest on Harry's knee. Once the twin wands connect, one forces the other to regurgitate its spells in the reverse order in which they were performed. As Harry explains what the shadows from Voldemort's wand did, Fawkes cries on Harry's leg, healing his wounds with phoenix tears. At the end, Dumbledore commends Harry's bravery in reliving the events, and he sends him to the hospital wing to sleep, accompanied by Sirius, disguised as a dog.

The Weasleys are waiting in the hospital wing, and Dumbledore instructs them not to question Harry. Madame Pomfrey gives Harry a potion for dreamless sleep, and he sleeps, only to be awakened in the night by an argument between Cornelius Fudge and Professor McGonagall. She is furious with him for having allowed a dementor to accompany him to see Barty Crouch, and to administer the fatal dementor's kiss, thus sucking out Barty's soul. Dumbledore enters and joins in the reprimands, as now Barty will not be able to testify for what he did. Fudge doesn't seem to believe that Voldemort has risen again, and he accuses Barty Crouch of being a lunatic, and Harry of hallucinating in his visions of Voldemort. Dumbledore then advises Fudge to take necessary precautions against Voldemort's return to power, such as removing Azkaban from dementor control, since dementors are natural allies of Voldemort; and such as resuming contact with the giants, who could be of great service against Voldemort, unless Voldemort gets to them first. Fudge refuses to do any of this, and Dumbledore accuses him of being blind to what is going on, and of being cowardly in his unwillingness to act. Dumbledore finally says that if Fudge refuses to ally with Dumbledore in a fight against Voldemort, then they must part ways.

Fudge is disbelieving, even after Snape shows him his own Dark Mark and explains that it burned that night, signifying Voldemort's return. Fudge leaves the room in a huff, after depositing Harry's Triwizard winnings, a thousand galleons, on his hospital bed. Dumbledore then asks Mrs. Weasley to beckon her husband and join him in his battle. He asks Sirius and Snape to make up, which they grudgingly do. He also asks Sirius to round up old friends, including Lupin. He says gravely to Snape to do what he knows he must. Everybody leaves except for Harry and the Weasleys. Harry doesn't want the money he has won, and he tries to give it to the Weasleys, who refuse to take it. Mrs. Weasley hugs him, and Harry feels on the verge of crying before he finishes his sleep potion and leaves the night behind him.

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Chapter Thirty-Seven - The Beginning

The following morning, Harry has a painful meeting with Cedric's heartbroken parents; he offers them the gold, but they refuse. Several days later, Harry, Ron, and Hermione visit Hagrid, who had made up with Madame Maxime and is planning to spend the summer with her, doing a mysterious task for Dumbledore. Hagrid says wisely that what will come, will come, and that all anyone can do is rise to meet it. On the night before leaving Hogwarts, the Great Hall is decorated in black to mourn Cedric, and during the dinner Dumbledore announces to everybody that Cedric was, in fact, murdered by Voldemort, and that Harry Potter risked his life to bring back Cedric's body. He says further that the time has come for everybody to understand the true merit of the Triwizard Tournament, which is to promote magical ties and understanding. He adds that Cedric was a good, brave, honest person who died unnecessarily at the hands of Voldemort. He says to think of the death as an example of how dangerous conversions to Dark Magic can be.

As the students bid each other farewell and prepare to board the Hogwarts Express back to London, Ron asks Krum for his autograph. On the train, Hermione shows Ron and Harry a beetle in a jar. She has caught Rita Skeeter, an unregistered animagus, who had been buzzing around Hogwarts collecting information for her untruthful articles. Malfoy and his cronies enter the train compartment at this point, and he says that Harry has picked the losing side, because Voldemort will triumph. At the same time, Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Fred and George strike them with various minor curses, knocking them out entirely. The Weasley twins explain the blackmailing fiasco, saying that Ludo Bagman paid them their winnings in Leprechaun gold, and that he was deeply in financial trouble with quite a few people and goblins at that point. At the end of the train ride, Harry pulls the twins aside and gives them his gold, telling them to use it for Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, and also to buy Ron a new set of dress robes. They accept the gift gratefully, and Harry returns to live with the Dursleys for the summer.

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